idea dump - we had lofty ideas about which ideas would take off in blockchain. We thought the killer apps would be identity, predication markets and more aspirational stuff: turns out the killer app was tokens & NFTs - it is **still** all NFTs and tokens - we're only thinking about zk through the rosy lens of research: better for privacy-preserving tech, people should care about privacy, people - we should look at which efficiencies zk can bring about, which viral distribution mechanisms can be used - when was the last time cryptography was used for viral development? -> PGP, a little, but mostly *https* because it allowed online commerce to flourish. People gave zero fucks about e2e encryption of communication over the internet, they had *nothing* going on with the Internet, no business to be had, nothing to lose. But add e2e encryption and sunddenly Visa is interested, suddenly you can pay online, suddenly you can buy rare baseball cards dumb app ideas - P2P games that can create NFTs that can be minted onchain - local currencies & p2p payments