# 4 Obstacles a Child Face while leaning Vocabulary Reading to your child at bedtime is the essential thing every parent does for his child. The prime reason parents like to read stuff to their children is to help them develop their language skills. Some children face different difficulties in learning the language skills than others. Some children face difficulties in reading comprehension skills as well. While learning new words for your child can be a little more complicated than it seems, you can quickly help them by just putting a little more effort into learning the reasons your child is facing while learning vocabulary. 1. Trouble with Language- Some children face difficulty in learning the language in general, leading to difficulties in learning vocabulary. Children with these difficulties find it difficult to learn new words and express their thoughts and emotions. Children with these difficulties tend to find it difficult to understand things they hear or read. You can quickly notice these things in your child at an early age. 2. Limited Exposure to words- One of the reasons a child finds it challenging to learn new words is that there is not enough exposure to new words in their daily life to develop their vocabulary skills. There are many devices available online that helps in [enhancing vocabulary development and reading comprehension](https://readingscholar.com/product/quad-reader/) skills of your children. Another option to help your children learn new words is to start adding new words to your daily conversation. You can also ask your child to read things aloud, and you can define each new word that they can’t understand. 3. Trouble with reading- Some children face trouble while reading, and it is one of the reasons children find it challenging to learn new words. Children who tend to read slowly because of their reading disabilities might seem more focused on the words themselves than the meaning. Children who struggle with these problems can start avoiding learning and reading altogether, which might be another reason while learning vocabulary. 4. Developmental Delays- Some children face developmental delays, and it is another reason some children find it challenging to catch up with words and try to learn new words. These children might need special requirements to learn new words. With some help and support from the parents, a child can improve their vocabulary skills. You can hire a speech therapist to help your child learn things better. It is always a useful option for such children. There are many - [enhancing reading comprehension devices](https://readingscholar.com/store/) that you purchase that can help your child.