# Raghu Meka | [HOME](http://www.raghumeka.org) | [RESEARCH](https://raghumeka.github.io/research.html) | [TEACHING](https://raghumeka.github.io/courses.html) | | -------- | -------- | -------- | --- | I am an Associate Professor in the CS department at UCLA. I am broadly interested in complexity theory, learning and probability theory. See my publications and talks for more details. I am part of UCLA's [theory group](http://web.cs.ucla.edu/~theory). | ![](https://i.imgur.com/thwetyX.jpg =1000x)| | -------- | -------- | :::spoiler Contact raghum@cs.ucla.***, Engineering VI 463. ::: :::spoiler Short bio I got my PhD at UT Austin under the (wise) guidance of David Zuckerman in 2011. After that I spent two wonderful years in Princeton as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study with Avi Wigderson and at DIMACS, Rutgers. After that I spent an enjoyable year as a researcher at Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley Lab. I had a great time on sabbatical visiting the MIT math department from 2018-2020. ::: :::spoiler [CV](https://ucla.box.com/s/1w93q0jyxnfhzk8dmceh855y9ybcgjs2) ::: :::spoiler Students I am fortunate to be working with my current students [Ashutosh Kumar](https://www.ashutoshk.com/), [Hadley Black](http://web.cs.ucla.edu/~hablack), and Yimeng Wang. :::