# QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working? Try These Solutions People all over the world use the bookkeeping software QuickBooks to make accounting easier and more comfortable. QuickBooks is definitely the best bookkeeping software out there. One of the most noticeable technical problems makes you wonder why is my **[QuickBooks scheduled backup not working](https://dataservicesolutions.com/blog/easy-fix-for-quickbooks-scheduled-backup-not-working-issue/)** when setting up automatic backup. This trouble could also be caused by a QuickBooks company file that is damaged. But it's essential to fix the error by using the troubleshooting solutions in this article. > ***If QuickBooks backup not working Windows 10 for your company file, it can be hard to fix it on your own. If you need professional help, dial TFN [+1(855)-955-1942](tel:(855)-955-1942), and you will get all the information you need right away*** ## Causes Why Your QuickBooks Enterprise Automatic Backup Not Working One of the many things why QuickBooks not Backing up Automatically is when data in the company file is corrupted. Read the following points to find out about all the other causes. * It could be because the scheduled backup in QuickBooks was set up wrong. * Sometimes, it could also be because of the incompatible version of QuickBooks Desktop. * The QuickBooks database server manager doesn't have the necessary admin rights. * The company file name is too long for QuickBooks to work with it. * Another possible reason is the large size of the company file. > ***[QuickBooks Desktop Won’t Open? Try these Ways to Fix it](https://www.backlinkget.com/blog/quickbooks-desktop-wont-open-try-these-ways-to-fix-it/)*** ## How Can You Fix the QuickBooks Point of Sale Scheduled Backup Not Working Issue? Once you know what's causing the QuickBooks Pro Automatic backup not Running issue, you must use the solutions below to fix the problem. ### Solution 1: Turn on Compatibility Mode on Your Computer and then Open the QuickBooks Program To open QuickBooks in compatibility mode, do the following. * Press **Windows + R** together to launch the run window, then type ‘winver’ into the search box to proceed. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to launch the program. * Next, **right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon** and click ‘**Properties**.’ * After that, go to the ‘**Compatibility**’ tab and click the ‘**Run this software in compatibility mode**’ option. * From the drop-down menu, select the Windows version you are using. After you choose ‘**Apply**,’ you must press ‘**OK**.’ ### Solution 2: Run the Tool to Check the Data on Your Machine and Rebuild it To launch the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility, implement the following steps. * Click on the ‘**File**’ tab once QuickBooks is up and running. * Now click on the ‘**Utilities**’ tab and select the Verify Data option to check your data for any damage or issues. * If a warning message appears that states ‘**Your Data has Lost Integrity**,’ close it. * Go back to the ‘File’ menu and choose the ‘Rebuild Data’ tool from the ‘**Utilities**’ section. * When you see the message ‘**Rebuild is completed**,’ press ‘**OK**.’ * Run the ‘**Verify**’ tool again to make sure that there is no more damage to the data. ## Conclusion Here we conclude this blog, and we hope that the above troubleshooting steps will help you fix the ‘**QuickBooks scheduled backup not working**’ issue. But if the issue keeps bothering you, feel free to get in touch with Data Service Solutions' Experts team at TFN **+1(855)-955-1942**. **Recommended to read- [How to fix QuickBooks error 15222](https://dataservicesolutions.com/blog/receiving-quickbooks-error-15222-know-the-causes-and-solutions/)**