# PyGMT Community Calls 2022 ## 2022-01-20 (UTC 20:00) Youtube recording: https://youtu.be/iRtZifDiCxU Participants (please add your name): - Claus-Peter Rueckemann - Wei Ji Leong - Will Schlitzer - Andre Belem - Meghan Jones Agenda: 1. PyOpenSci reviews 2. PyGMT Release v0.6.0 plans 3. EGU Session ### Discussion - PyOpenSci reviews - Place for people to review software, Python focused - Two reviewers went through PyGMT docs, install, etc. - Both reviews were positive - Some comments are small - Main issue is examples for each user-facing function - Currently missing examples for data processing functions - Overall feedback about GMT syntax - Translating GMT examples to PyGMT - need to try to make it reproducible - Need to reorder some of the unit test documentation sections so that they run properly for newcomers (main problem Simon had was not having ran `dvc pull`) - Timing of addressing reviews relative to regular maintenance - can quickly address easy comments - v0.6.0 release - Not a ton of new features since the last version - Try to get release by early March (no rush since EGU has been postponed) - Discussion about which new features are in progress - Everyone is working on wrapping some new GMT functions (grdhisteq, triangulate, etc) - Andre thinking about having releases with notebooks showcasing how to do something (e.g. time series analysis) - Blog posts might be helpful with workflows that use new features from releases - E.g. https://towardsdatascience.com/easily-plot-earthquakes-data-on-top-of-the-topographic-map-in-a-few-steps-c165673035b4 - Need to get community input on pythonic syntax for GMT arguments (e.g., pen RFC) - Need to review/finish bug fix with spaces - Someone mentioned bug on gmtselect being limited to lines shorter than 4090 bytes - Also legend crashes when >100 symbols are plotted using GMT 6.3 compared to GMT 5 - Plan for March 05, 2022 (Michael as release manager?) - Track wrap GMT modules using project boards. Use GitHub issues to track some component of wrapping a GMT module - EGU workshop planning - Schedule conflicts - tell us about it - Most of us will do this remotely, Leo said he might go in person - Would be good to have tutorials for the remote sensing features if they are completed before May - Tasks before May - complete content but most will be recycled - Andre suggested using Mars data for the tutorials since that was a very popular topic at AGU including atmospheric Mars data - AOB - Will asked about new earth datasets - Meghan said should be due soon as most of the testing has been completed, probably next week-ish. Might break about 20-50 tests in PyGMT