# moderation concept ###### tags: `manyverse` `ssb` a concept using liquid democracy concepts to deal with flagging and conflict resolution - [ ] blocking, muting. social blocking (refer to [object relationship](https://www.figma.com/file/uGZ7pXXoDsOUXva3qXpdMl/object-proximity?node-id=0%3A1)) - [ ] find path to conflict resolution - [ ] write flagging with cblgh - [ ] write scenarios to run against - [ ] bottom-up flagging? top-down flagging? how does it affect language? - [ ] other people with relevant experience, how to find them ## Meeting notes *"How to deal with harassment / misinformation / recruitment?"* **Outcomes:** recommendations for moderation in SSB, implemented in Manyverse. **Things we need:** contact / check with other groups, women, sex-workers, indigenous, black, etc. Watchdog group that already exists, who can give a seal of approval. * We described how liquid democracy of "knowledge authority" works * Semantics of block, secret block, "cold shoulder" * How "out of reach" messages show from blocked people