# Porter Dev Meeting Minutes Bi-weekly developer call with the Porter maintainers and contributors :::info - **Agenda:** https://porter.sh/dev-meeting/ - **Zoom:** https://porter.sh/zoom/dev/ passcode `77777` - **Calendar:** https://groups.io/g/porter/calendar - **Time:** Every other Wednesday at 1-2pm Central Time - All Porter contributors and new contributors are invited 💖 - Attendees can add agenda items before a meeting - All attendees are encouraged to sign in and add add their name to the participants list - 🎥 Meetings are recorded ::: ## Future Topics * Demo of Porter Operator for Kubernetes ## April 7, 2021 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Jennifer Davis * Vaughn Dice **Agenda** * Update about hosting situation * Discuss remaining v1 milestone suggestions * Carolyn will update the v1 milestone to match the document https://hackmd.io/@porter/v1-planning ## March 24, 2021 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Ralph Squillace (Microsoft) * Vaughn Dice * Joshua Bezaleel * Jennifer Davis (Google) * Simon Davies **Agenda** * What would a v1 look like https://hackmd.io/@porter/v1-planning * bar would be focusing on reliability and stability * track areas that need additional documentation * mixins by default not included by porter installation * exec mixin updating with porter install * * Proposals Repo: https://github.com/getporter/proposals ## March 10, 2021 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Mohamed Chorfa * Vaughn Dice * Simon Davies **Agenda** * Continue discussing dependencies changes * Prevent reinstalling on top of an existing installation * Simon: Porter configuration allows for specifying different plugin config by namespace? * Mohamed: I have a dependency on foo@v1.0.0 and I get installed. Foo is then upgraded to v2.0.0. * I upgrade the main bundle: we have a lockfile of dependencies, we don't re-resolve dependencies. * What if I upgrade a bundle and that introduces a new dependency, we do resolve that and update the lockfile and then install the dependency. * Do we want to enforce another installation's dependency version range when upgrading a dependency. Soft warning. (need more scenarios to understand if we should ) * Document the dependencies and rely on the lockfile, make that visible. * Add to doc that ref and version need to match for existing installations * I had a dep on mysql v1, then I upgraded the bundle and bumped by dependency of mysql to v2. What happens? Do I upgrade mysql too? * We need to rely on the dependencylifecycle definition and always allow the user to override and tell porter what to do. * Add owner (installation) flag to resources so we know who installed it. * We want the other feature of tracking users to actions ## February 24, 2021 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Vaughn Dice * Mohamed Chorfa **Agenda** * Walk through of Proposals * [Mixin Versioning](https://github.com/getporter/proposals/pull/7) * Ask Ralph about using helm3 mixin with arm https://github.com/MChorfa/porter-helm3/issues/15 * We should list the mixins used by the bundle in `porter inspect` not `porter explain` * We should verifiy the digest of the runtime mixin before executing the bundle steps * [Resolve Dependencies by Namespace and Labels](https://github.com/getporter/proposals/pull/8) * Split polymorphic dependencies into a separate proposal * Common github settings for getporter organization * We now have github.com/getporter/.github where we can put common settings such as labels and branch protection rules * We should add issue and PR templates to this repository * We should use the t-shirt size github app and label so PRs are automatically sized for us ## February 10, 2021 * Cancelled ## January 27, 2021 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Simon Davies * Vaughn Dice **Agenda** * Making this a public meeting. * Porter Operator ## November 4, 2020 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Vaughn Dice **Agenda** * magefile.org - Transition to mage from make. ## October 21, 2020 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Vaughn Dice * Jennifer Davis * Simon Davies **Agenda** * Carolyn with get a CNCF zoom with a passcode, not waiting room * Supporting bundles with Windows container * Jennifer: Presenting on how to contribute to open source at user group presentation for powershell users using Porter as an example. Doing a hacktoberfest/open source stream on the Porter project (what is Porter, what does it solve, share the project, and talking through issues) * Vaughn: Wants to start on items from bundle versioning epic: https://github.com/getporter/porter/issues/1151 ## October 7, 2020 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Jennifer Davis **Agenda** * Let's go over docs! * When we say get started, who is "getting started" ? Currently we intermix between authors of bundles and end consumers of bundles. We want to change over to focus on consumers of bundles to begin with. * Get Started -> "explain porter concepts" at the beginning. (Foundational concepts about Porter), credentials, parameters, dependencies (nearly all of the author bundles concepts) * Explain why porter in Get Started, what is bundle? * Link to carolyn's talk here * Links to other short videos/blog posts * Quickstart: * getporter/porter-hello instead of having folks create use image. * Key Concepts: Tags, Bundles are found in registries (like docker images), Registry * Install * Upgrade * Uninstall * List * Examine * (NOT how to find a bundle) * Landing page that Docs goes to "docs.md" * Welcome * How documentation is organized * Quickstart -> Tutorial style * Topic Guides "about specific topic" * Tutorial Progression * Using bundles * Quickstart - commands for managing bundles (explain/install/upgrade/invoke/uninstall/list/show) * Parameters `porter install --param color=blue` * Credentials * Outputs (looking at `porter installation output list/show`) * Authoring Bundles * Quickstart - create/build/install without tag * Mixins - declare mixins, define bundles actions (install/upgrade) * Declare Parameters/Credentials/Outputs in porter.yaml * Use Parameters/Credentials/Outputs in the template language * This is the existing page that does these two tasks https://porter.sh/wiring/ * Images, Custom * Dependencies * Required (Docker) * Vaughn/Carolyn main updates to documentation ideas * split out implementation (nitty/gritty) from how-to * remove some implementation details * We should go over the left hand nav at some point in the medium term future, we do want to migrate eventually to something more aggregated around specific topics versus having the specific porter functionality. * Ideas for raise.dev stream sharing porter project * FAQ page needs updating (Incredible high value) * Asking folks if can reuse content (don't need to ask Porter maintainer, assumed good) but can pulled from GitHub issues, or comments from Slack channel * update the FAQ page to actually refer to this, and update the community page to say this as well. * Blog * Anyone can submit content for inclusion on the porter blog. ## September 23, 2020 **Participants** * Reddy Prasad * Carolyn Van Slyck * Jennifer Davis * Simon Davies **Agenda** * Review [PR 922](https://github.com/getporter/porter/pull/922) with Reddy, associated [Issue 1080](https://github.com/getporter/porter/issues/1080) * Maybe using VS Code extensions to give a better experience for missing/broken configurations * CNCF transition * @getporter/porter-contributors who used to have triage. * Thank you to vdice for all the awesome work on the transistion to getporter organization! 🎉 * Dual Publish to GitHub Container Registry and Docker Hub * What happens with Docker Hub images that aren't pushed frequently? * It is possible and we are aware could get out of sync because of different ways of managing artifacts. * We want to dual publish to ensure we have a backup in case of any "issues" with a registry. * CNCF Zoom coming soon. * Groups * private mailing list for CNCF to Porter maintainers * porter mailing list - open mailing list that anyone can join * Maybe need a third mailing list for maintainers? * Trust/Credibility * balancing ease of use and availability of bundles with implied trust/credibility * Status (vdice; missing this week's meeting) * Helped w/ getporter org move, docs, license updates, etc. * Testing Porter + GitHub Container Registry (as is Squillace!) via personal [bundles repo](https://github.com/vdice/porter-bundles). * Gives me ideas to improve Porter's [GitHub Action](https://github.com/getporter/gh-action) -- most ideas already [tracked](https://github.com/getporter/gh-action/issues). * Ticket to start publishing Porter example bundles to ghcr: https://github.com/getporter/porter/issues/1280 ## September 9, 2020 **Participants** * Simon Davies * Carolyn Van Slyck * Vaughn Dice * Jennifer Davis **Agenda** * CNCF Transition https://github.com/deislabs/porter/milestone/17 * Demo: https://cnabtoarm.com/api/generate/cnabquickstarts.azurecr.io/porter/kubeflow/bundle:0.1.4 ## August 26, 2020 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck **Agenda** * v0.28.0 release 🎉 * Meeting cancelled since no one showed ## August 10, 2020 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Vaughn Dice * Gauri Madhok **Agenda** * Change meeting time to a mid-week day, 45 minutes long every other week * Scratch commands - https://hackmd.io/@porter/scratch-commands * (Add our agenda item here) ## August 3, 2020 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Vaughn Dice * Gauri Madhok * Simon Davies **Agenda** * CNAB meeting prep * What are you working on? * Claims release update * Azure auth for the plugin * (Add your agenda item here) ## July 27, 2020 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Vaughn Dice * Gauri Madhok * Jennifer Davis **Agenda** * Porter LB * [Claims Release](https://github.com/deislabs/porter/pull/1145) * https://sched.co/Zet9 - Chris Crone showing off CNAB with Docker App or Porter on August 19, 2020 at KubeCon Europe 2020 * GitHub Apps * https://github.com/deislabs/porter/pull/1168 * https://probot.github.io/apps/triage-new-issues/ * assign-myself https://github.com/carolynvs/assign-myself * Doc updates! * Docker for packaging vs manifest * Jennifer will meet with Carolyn tomorrow to work on quickstart * First release of Docker mixin!!! 🎉 Working on the blog post this week. https://github.com/deislabs/porter/pull/1145 * Blog posts **Action Items** * @carolynvs - Fix zoom permissions and co-hosting ## July 20, 2020 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Vaughn Dice * Gauri Madhok **Agenda** * Bug review * This week's release ## July 13, 2020 **Participants** * Carolyn Van Slyck * Jennifer Davis * Gauri Madhok * Vaughn Dice **Agenda** * Keep meeting minutes for the weekly dev meeting (here) and archive to a github repository as the document gets too long. * Working on a new Porter logo design * Targeting a new release this week with bug fixes for --tag overrides and hopefully [#1130](https://github.com/deislabs/porter/issues/1130) * Discussed Gauri's docker mixin design. Looked at the Terraform mixin that used the arguments flag to define version and +1 Gauri's initial design. ###### tags: `Meeting`