# ~~L2E meeting notes~~ Ethereum Cat Herders Website Reference document - [Learn2Earn Challenge](https://hackmd.io/@poojaranjan/Learn2Earn) ## Meeting June 19 - [ ] [Update Cancun EIPs](https://github.com/ethereum/execution-specs/blob/master/network-upgrades/mainnet-upgrades/cancun.md) - [ ] [Deneb](https://github.com/ethereum/pm/issues/783) - [ ] [EIPs list](https://github.com/ethereum/pm/issues/809) - [ ] Update text on webge for Deneb & Cancun and links to checklist. ## Meeting 50 - [ ] Remove "_resources" from https://www.ethereumcatherders.com/eip_resources/ - [ ] Pooja to buy ethcatherders domain - [ ] Moving to ENS? - Upload to IPFS - Cons: - Longer time to update - Immutable ## Meeting-49 May 15, 2023 - [ ] Add more EIPs for Shapella - [ ] update [Shapella](https://medium.com/ethereum-cat-herders/welcome-to-the-ethereum-shapella-upgrade-3c6f90d5fcf?source=collection_detail----cb99bef2c5dc-----0-----------------------) card - [ ] Fix link About Us page ## Meeting-48 May 08, 2023 - Created a new branch - need a test side of the branch - created a PR - Updated the n/w upgrade page to update Shapella - Move EOF to Prague - Update EIPs list as per https://github.com/ethereum/execution-specs/blob/master/network-upgrades/mainnet-upgrades/cancun.md - Add 4844 Devnets details https://github.com/parithosh/pm/blob/30b5c50d55769721819051618ca06aa5ba1fea22/Breakout-Room/4844-readiness-checklist.md#eip-4844-readiness-checklist ## Meeting-47 May 01, 2023 - [ ] Discord member on homepage - [x] Add resources - [x] shortening the page link to Dencun - [x] /home going to old page - [x] Move Shanghai to Network upgrade - [x] Dencun page should be visible with every tab - [ ] https://www.ethereumcatherders.com/ech_youtube - link it to the playlist. - [ ] Latest video should be the most recent video (Home page) also check the tab https://www.ethereumcatherders.com/ech_youtube - [ ] Add playlist EIP Editing Office hour. - [ ] Look into the way to have the "Latest video" - [ ] Website Analytics ## Meeting-46 - made progress on Dencun page for the EIPs website. ## Meeting-45 Superbase for data base - starts free to $25 Crreate the tables to how to store the dat. Based on table, generate the API easy to write query A lot of re-writing to make the change. Is it worth re-writing? How much time will it take. 30-40 hrs. Application - OpenSource projects directory - Who's implemented 4337 & 1271? Which application supports that. - SELFDESTRUCT standard incorporated in the project, reach out to us. - ## Meeting-44 March 27, 2023 - Moralis cost is going to be 99 USD from next month - George will take a look into to migrate data Issues - updating the creation flow, creating new courses - will paused the issue now as the direction may change Might look into superbase and firebase for database. Start working on Cancun page for ECH ## Meeting-43 Feb 13, 2023 - Documentation added - Quiz creation process will take a look next week Testing environment of the ECH website - George will take a look at the codes - Optimization of the websites - Analytics for ECH website. - Better developer flow ## Meeting-42 Jan 30, 2023 - [x] George will document the process to make a PR, to reduce some confusion. - [ ] updating the quiz creation flow new quizzes - Withdrawal EIP-4895 - Proto DankSharding - EIP-4337 - EOF proposals - KZG Ceremony ## Meeting-41 Jan 23, 2022 - Need to add more quizzes - 6 more with popular EIPs - 4844 and ERC Versions - Design a new process. - Contributors tries to merge to main but it should be to develop branch. - [ ] George will document the process to make a PR, to reduce some confusion. - Samarth did a confetti implementation, currently on the develop branch, test branch - main branch from to the fork repo to main branch to developer branch and not on the main to not go into the production. - he didn't update his branch with latest changes before PR - instead of pulling all the commits he continued working on the same branch Current Process Flow - PR to develop branch > George will test it locally or and on the testing site. - Then PRs from develop branch goes to Main branch after already fixing in the develop branch. We don't expect too many changes on contract, just breaking webpages if ever. Issut 27 - Improve course creation page still needs to be fixed. For L2E we preview at Vercel and then move it to the production branch. Would be interesting to have it for ECH Website. Vercel has charge by seat. We do have a room to have one more project but GitHub should be able to stage that. ## Meeting-40 Jan 09, 2022 Recording - https://youtu.be/whnbgygEWaE Updates - Blog post ready, will publish by Jan end. - Plan to keep the testnet? - Deploying on Mumbai was to detremine the best name format. - We should move to Polygon before publishing the blogpost. - Analytics won't be affected. ## Meeting-39 Jan 02, 2023 Recording - https://youtu.be/nwtrjnkF23Y - All caught up with custom NFT integration - deployed on Mumbai testnet - not been merged to production branch yet - NFT for each courses now - Merged the PR for Twitter integration (to a separate branch) - Minor UI tweak - Develop branch is open to public as main branch next steps - need to deploy on Polygon - then we can move everything on develop branch the public branch = develop for new contributors quiz master can be accessed by admins using develop branch. locking the main branch for any PR needs approval. (check recording) (Fuliggine) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1HPZBo2jP0K8_Ul3mgp-rqJGIrvzICN-JkcX9pvpi0ds/edit#slide=id.p check on Mumbai Test site: https://learn2earn-dev.vercel.app/ - share feedback developer version of Quizmaster: https://l2e-quizmaster-dev.vercel.app/ keep it on testnet for a week (7 days) Blogpost - Be ready by next week. Draft is there. Multisig - george has the factory contract, deploy address - multisig has to be created, that will own all the smart contract - use the defployer address, will transfer the ownership - the multisig should be able to deploy new contract. timeline - 1st quarter ## Meeting-38 **Date: Dec 19, 2022** - Progess on migrating to own NFT - Frontend to add contract is added contract-UI - remaining touches to be done - making sure connecting to the right n/w - having early on Polygon testing (~~Goerli/~~ Mumbai) - Be able to deploy to the actual code - Should be done this week. - Twitter PR looks good, ready to be merged. **Next steps** - Will be dev mode and regular mode - Blogpost (Early next month) ## Meeting-37 **Date: Nov 21, 2022** Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/t0g_lwploXXjw5gi7c_L75cGGjzzwyCXoM18hNU6FL-o8k6_71hrTx-ILdbckDDcdAjvTW1Y0o3OA-7F.w2Paqk6WN2PLsVTc Passcode: 5iMXvd=k Updates - Contracts are done - testing seems to be okay, ready to be deployed on the Polygon - First deploy on "Mumbai" for actual app UI - updtated the main app to allow people to mint NFTs - How to fetch that info and functions to go with that and reward page are all updated - Pending item - Making updates to quiz master as well. - discussed how to deploy new NFT contract through Gnosis safe; can be done using wallet connect - Update the UI to replace POAP with actual NFT - Almost production ready updates - Further updates will be made on the new branch - After we deploy the contract. **To dos** - create a gnosis safe - NFTs will be live by Dec - Jan 2023 announcement for version 2.0 L2E update (Blogpost by George) ## Meeting-36 **Date: Nov 14, 2022** Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/OPr_mMVRTK2miwnF4ZhtMeMFSaeI8zAYNfLJJBTvFUhrhuSkx_MzFJvwXg68O7isM1vDH_ojeyNE94jj.HP6akrOHcyQHuwae Passcode: n3$Bqk^2 Updates: - Created Issue on the GitHub for Twitter card [Issue -24] - Migrating to own contracts - Looked through the contract - Forked of a project done before - Will make some revisions of earlier MVP project - will make a proxy clone of OpenZappelin - we will be able to make update as & when we need with multisig - It doesn't limit us to deploy the whole new contract. - If there is a bug or an issue, we can pause it. - Re-entering guard. Re-entrecy attack will not be possible. - These new implementation require more testing before deploying. ### Issue 24 - ECH website resource is working on this issue - Will need access to process.env - Application id - May need recaptcha secret key - Server url ### Multisig for contract - William S. , Pooja & George could be on the multisig - George will have to do some research on how creating new NFT contract will be interacting with the multisig ### Progress on creating new NFT contract - Close to testing phase ### New quiz - Will announce on ECH meeting to get bounty for creating new quiz ### Distinct features from ethereum.org - animation - variation - Firework and confetti - better UI - Sharing on Twitter - Sharing on Lens? - ECH's seems to have a good base ### L2E Launch 2.0 - Add minting number with the new NFT contract - Direct them to Polygon faucet ### Next steps - Group chat for (a) Multisig (b) New contributor - Geroge will continue testing & research - Hopefully by next week we should be with the first set of NFT contract - Depending on the progress, we will estimate the launch announcement for the 2nd version. ## Meeting-35 Date Nov 7, 2022 - We will have own NFT for the reward to quizzes. - We will have a separate multisig for contract deploying - Spam control will be another advantage of using multisig Updates - Contract ready to deploy - make some modification - EOW it should be on chain (Polygon) - Check with William S. - `Twitter API using for the Tweet to be shared by the users - [ ] George will create an Issue. Date Oct 31, 2022 - [ ] NFT of our own rewards for quizzes on Polygon - [ ] Only cost of deployment will be by ECH, users have to pay their minting gas fee. - [ ] deploy one factory contract, may need to upgrade if needed. - [ ] NFT contract for each course - [ ] each user will get a user id - [ ] Add some clause - [ ] not more than one minting allowed/course per address - [ ] ### Next steps - [ ] Add new quizzes every 2 weeks - [ ] Peer review of quizzes - [ ] NFT distribution - [ ] Same collection (Class) (array of mint link) - [ ] Uploading to Quiz master will be more or less same. - [ ] EOA was for the paymaster; maybe ignored when users are paying the gas fees. - [ ] Multisig will probably be the best for deploying contract. - [ ] On polygon a new multisig wallet - [ ] George will create a list of issues that needs address in Issue. Date: Oct 17, 2022 Features to be added - [ ] may have to proceed with our own version of POAPs as we are running out fast. - [ ] Tweet about the POAP - [ ] Analytics - [ ] Refill button (Import is for new course) ## We ran out of POAP - George will create request for adding new POAPs - (Pooja needs to understand the process of refilling and reach team to refill) **Funds for own version of POAPs** - 10 xDAI for 3000 - 10,000 mints * Upload a new NFT on Quizmaster * format the same was as POAPs * Secure on contract that we are the only one to update it. On a contract side, it will be - whenever we deploy one course - with multiple courses **Issues reported on ECH Discord** - Issues with the quiz - Originally uploaded, two options were same and it throw error - fixed by changing option - wrt 721 - both were on Quiz master side. **Analytics** - google analytics or mix panels - To check on the past analytics with Moralis - maybe look into it **Moralis Subscription** - check for the subscription - should be monthly and by default renew. **Feedback form** - 2 responses ## Meeting-34 Date: Oct 10, 2022 **Recording**: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/Cikz0LAlrJd2nHQxpL_ru5S0m5aiJNCYI87o7t8_GWpt1FdhTYr0WAozI9tpsvNqfrd-QxqA5Ir3u6O1.uq6HtbwFpto3GcQP Passcode: j=K1xk7F ### To Do (Before the announcement in ECH meeting on Oct 11, 2022) George - [ ] finish up the cleanup of the announcement blogpost - [ ] Extra resources for existing courses (Post-launch) George - [ ] Add timer to quiz (10 mins) - [ ] Track Analytics - [ ] Button color of Quiz master Pooja - [ ] Connect with POAP teams to increase the number of POAPs link to 100 - [ ] Add quiz using [QuizMaster](https://l2e-quizmaster.vercel.app/) - [ ] Run end to end app to ensure everything is working as expected. ### Updates since the last meeting - [ ] George has drafted an announcement blogpost, Pooja completed review - [ ] George has added Pooja's wallet to Quiz master - [ ] George added a feedback form to collect response and corrective suggestion. ## Meeting-33 Date: Sep 26, 2022 - Wallet Connection issue for Pooja - Unidentified issue - Maybe a browser issue, will have to revisit - Courses have been uploaded to Quizmaster - 4 courses are up - 5 WIP - 1 course still needs some clarity on answers - POAP - 1 POAP Assigned to MEV & Flashbots - 3 other POAPs for SIWE, 3675, 721 are waiting approval. - 1 POAP flagged (an issue) - May need to contact support - George - Considering own version of POAP for Leran2Earn if the approval process slows down then will look into alternates. - Bug fix - Uploaded all courses at once and kept running into a value error - Uploading single course working fine - It doesn't stop from uploading courses. **Next steps** - [ ] Resolve the POAP issue - [ ] Extra Resources needs to be added - With Quiz Master it can be populated by itself - For already added courses, George will add more. - [ ] Announcement blogpost - [ ] Feedback form - [ ] Continue adding quizzes - [ ] George will share the formatted version of sheets for courses - [ ] L2E Domain on Go Daddy ## Meeting-32 Date: Sep 22, 2022 - Confirmed subscription of Moralis production server (month to month). - Pooja having issue to log in to Quiz master - George - [x] will connect with the moralis team for the working of the app - [ ] will look into Quiz Master issue with Pooja's wallet - [x] draft an announcemnet blog for the launch of L2E - include - About the app - A little bit on the background why we chose POAP & Guest user - How to use the app - Link to Feedback form for user experience & improvement suggestion ## Meeting-31 Date: Sep 19, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/Nl3POnkoSY7kNyyEzQXv71svXgoYJIOcZIgScAwfB9fFasF1zDPKYIfKRuKf1y39JRVHYm83I1oa4Kel.5EsOfd-ZNMEsntIP Passcode: sm5+r&2S **Next steps** - [x] George will check on env set up and inform iMan - [x] iMan will be connecting to the quiz master and upload more courses - [x] Pooja & George connect on Thursday to settle subdomain for L2E on Ethereum Cat Herders website - [x] reminder to Stefan to update one qn., with multiple answers **Updates** - Isolated case with our server - George spin up the new server on a new ECH account (Support catherders email will have access) - Transition API keys to env. variable - to do - moving some courses and POAP - Upload more than one course https://learn2earn-ten.vercel.app/ **How to upload quiz** - transfer quizzes to a separate google sheets - cell specific orders to be maintained for adding quizzes. - Readme on GitHub suggests the documentation process ## Meeting-30 Date: Sep 13, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/3KVG-lzK9Kgq0PKnmNb0Qz-mEQicIL5VsgFwn_YneUtblaAo6wcGEnZXZ5KVtaTxgvjrscQfsPIwwKte.wifZkvg81Nrd8Nig Passcode: PD^%10nz ### Next steps - [x] George will create a new account for ECH for Moralis server. - [x] Upload the test course for community to test - [x] Provide access to iMan to upload more courses **Updates** since the last meeting - Issue reported - Unable to find content without connecting wallet. - George updated - It seems like an issue with Moralis, not the app issue. - it isn't allowing to access the Moralis server for some unknown reason. Possible solution - Run a new Moralis server and a new email - If Moralis will not work, then moving to a new server; but that will be additional work and delay the app release. To be done before the launch - linking the app to the ECH subdomain - add the domain record - have a dedicated Moralis server on ECH account (not George's) - Codes are already on GitHub - Uploading other courses Moralis hosted to self hosted Cons - lost of codes are moralis specific - may need to rebase the codes ## Meeting-29 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/QE73Y-kRk_Vn6ftnCOxNmbMwlyC1hienEGoCba2xAi8Ml8poOHQuPHNIRRiEtzOZ30-GF-h8sghjYctG.cvQQEFz4SlB6Q-Wk Passcode: 3@jiHQ3Y George - Pull request on the `main` branch - one feature left out. - Almost everything is checked out - Adding the courses are to do https://learn2earn-ten.vercel.app/ ^app Quizmaster: https://l2e-quizmaster.vercel.app/ Quizmaster screen - Connect with a wallet, no id pwd - tab for adding new admis - buttons are white, might want to change it , not a big concern - Doesn't work with ENS name - resolver can be added (future) - changing the answers **Add new course** Upload xlsx sheet (mandatory) - google sheet/csv aren't enabled (may look into future) POAP manager - select course - import a new one - Font color & bg are same, might want to make it in contrast - Add ne POAP are doubled, may want to remove Qns. - Ans - we need to provide access to wallet in advance - Adding is possible but removing admin isn't available, has to be done with the backend - doesn't involve gas, just signing - Same with POAP No on-chain record as no tx is created. Only at the time of claim, onchain tx will take place **Access to POAP** - Connect with wallet - See the POAP Quiz> course > Submit ans >POAP Get the link for POAP claim **Next steps** Someone has to - [ ] upload courses - [ ] upload POAP - Where to add the - (Add a new POAP in the Quiz master) - [ ] For POAPs getting to an end - [ ] need to add this feature in the POAP manager - [ ] George will verify fields of google sheet for courses to be uploaded - [ ] **iMan's update** All POAPs have been added to the google drive. Soft Launch date : next Monday Public launch - A week after that (before Merge upgrade) ## Meeting-28 George - [ ] wrapping up the app - UI - [ ] next steps Bug fixes iMan - [ ] Updates shared in the last - [ ] next steps - added to the google drive - [ ] Links for claiming POAP Decision from the meeting - Finalized design and colors for POAP For launch - Blog post - About the app - A demo on 31st Aug - A video for how to take the quiz and claim the POAP A tentative date - **5th September** for closed launch for invite only for issues, and bugs and testing purposes. Open to community around the Merge upgrade. Timeline - 5th September for closed community - 12th or 14th september open for community. Linkes shared - https://hackmd.io/@georgeh/HJ9VrQF0q ## Meeting-27 To do - [ ] iMan - one of each category POAP - [ ] George - checklist for the release of the app George - working on Quiz master UI - trying to finish in the next week or two - looking fwd to get people engaged with app iMan - Beautiful collection - 1080 X 1080 Idea: to share it on the social (Twitter) with a link - doable - connect with the each quiz master - can be shared with a link **Mint number of POAP** On the frontend we will be having the POAP claim number. - POAPs are transferable - Creating a secondary market for #1? ## Meeting-26 Date: Aug 08, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/WSufQ6MwYPP-MXuK1nIJhRKV5qEcMiCuhFywSWJ7qC9IOw71YpSSs8TJiv-1vUnzw8UyYjHzTxvn3Ejv.LopaaQ3kdBWDW1P0 Passcode: z&gA4D07 **George's update** - light mode/dark mode is completed - darkmode is default - Added design implementation from iMan **To do** - any other bug test for app - adding new changes suggested by iMan - also implementing design and new additional layer - minting number (Still to look into) **Proposal** - When a quiz is finished, you can mint a POAP - verification by the admin team to show POAP on their wallet (My POAP), when connected - Faded POAP (claimable POAP) - Last date to cliam **Minting** - External link - Copy to clip board **iMan's update** - center based - 77 charecters - fonts from ECH assets Next steps - More templates base on categories - with different color schemes - with different assets Connecting with a wallet isn't mandatory now, but can be a feature in future. ## Meeting-25 Date: Aug 02, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/X9FM_AQIbmNG_ZY_WBh99EDLtDV-rjJw-B1qxSuHyG9EORtlrLQwiPpkV8JeZrEa6bsDVYnxdydgpRqm.MOxP37YsfgMmm9Et Passcode: r!enN3Cp - Quiz master side - general log in page is done - POAP need a bit of working - Course/ video details can be added - Extra resources - only comes in dark mode - Token design - Created some designs - Token generation approach **iMan can help with POAP generator.** **next step**: - try POAP with text and other color schemes **Links shared**: https://www.figma.com/file/EXWQ9N6d5GdhMgxueIk9m3/Quiz-Master?node-id=0%3A1 ## Meeting-24 Date: July 26, 2022 Recording: not available - subdomain at ECH website - or a separate domain? - Deploy it with Netlify or Marcel - Entirely own subdomain? - App.ECH.com. - Reach out of William Schwab Future requirement - Maintainer of the app - further development, bug fixes, POAP, uploading & maintaing content - Content creator - Popular content creator may get on-top incentives - POAP creator (design) - POAP maintainer, flags email notification - DevOps ## Meeting-23 Date: July 18, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/aEZt6Z75bRNaPfNNvG2O7VN1gQ0bK56ehidsOrhbypPaZzdkt_D8bkGLaVbYPX-WZfJs5BWYlEFY-sex.PpT6My8dkGw3gHbP Passcode: c%+h99d+ **Updates since the last meeting** - George - Added documentation for the Quiz master, hopefully helpful - UI looks really okay. - iMan - Started working on Quiz master - bits and pieces missing, working on putting them on Figma board - sticking on the dark theme - generally does the work it is suppose to do. **New thoughts for Quiz master** - adding the mint number to the POAP, possibly part of the POAP, George may look into the POAP data - layered renderring of POAP - perimeter be of different color (based on the index number of the POAP code) - Course - Data tracking for who edited last and when - George will check the parameter to add th info. - database for created & modified timestamp **POAP design** - use ECH assets - Use props like panda for Merge, block design etc for creating different POAPs ### Attendees - George - Pooja - iMan ## Meeting-22 Date: July 11, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/x7fpwjtpW3ihHn7pgCT_uuZOADT372eCpXeODGieNLFBYPUzIjnG55ZZ_vBYgZeKUhco365x3fjiLCNU.ujafvoCRnK4_-5io Passcode: QnIba0&? **Updates since the last meeting** - George trying to add transitions - iMan has issues in running on the local set up - George may Send the screenshot of Quiz master and iMan will continue on UX of quiz master - George will add some documentation in README **Design for POAP** - iMan can help us with that. **Next steps** - [ ] Pooja will share some designs for POAP for is for inspiration - [ ] iMan will work on UX design & POAP - [ ] George continue developing, documentation to run on local ### Attendees - George - Pooja - iMan ## Meeting-21 Date: June 21, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/fQNHl3TVq1HTRkmhqppK4GUU6Ax82ooVyNxwDnYhjmr3BBMhXgIY6ECgNwtZa_5plnSTffvbNVHQgaGo.I3Ir24AfUJUYCr9N Passcode: i6MDB&T= - Light version of UI is ready - Option selection - currently just the dial and not the text - could be added to bold text - iMan has to test the current L2E on local - May need to setup a moralis server - George will share that with iMan ### Next steps - [ ] iMan will look into Quiz master - [ ] George will work on coding light/dark mode for UI. ## Meeting-20 Date: June 13, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/UXFmw0_Sapqp8Kkso2TEnkyeqjzHlCvgjfteytGjt6qtf9eQ95TC8j_eRvlSYqGitRU7ePlYialJKFA6.LHkNKqqcuI0iDQSe Passcode: TJrQ?33D - iMan can look into - Quiz master - Managing POAP page on the quiz master - function to add more links - Upload info to POAPs and txt file - [x] We can have a preview image of POAP - Creating Quiz - Put up the resources for quiz - Additional resources parsing ## Meeting-19 Date: June 13, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/rtt_ZhBVr3gH2rFBBiHQ2nXRRJNeMfOJ60iGP1pG1WdseUc6xGCBKk8sVAfoeJmJD1IqI7RR7jEE7qbs.K_3wFw_CRodC2vSS Passcode: &40ZNC58 - George gave a demo of the project build so far - Additional resources tab is still empty - from YouTube - add a field in Quiz mastar To be done - Twitter Avatar - with twitter icon (add twitter handle) - try parsing from the description - still in dark mode, have to talk to iMan for light mode - color scheme preferences? ## Meeting-18 Date: June 06, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/2PVEe8xZ49gN9VigjPz53s4X3bufKTmM-TimP-dbmXneC7PSQsiQTD7ns4G4x8XO.mXnm6YxP6nHbn_D9?startTime=1654542022000 Passcode: J3!KKaGa George - fixed issues with the POAP - overall the whole process is done with POAP distribution, minor bug - issues with couple of assets to figma - dark theme is implemented, lightmode is wip - questions page - almost there ### to be done User taking quiz - bug fixes - page for extra resources - page for POAP - fetch and render images of videos - profile of guest (link to Twitter) Admin - Adding new quiz - add resources tab Help needed with - nit pick, cleanup - Optimization ## Meeting-17 Date: May 24, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/5bdxQQuVpKxAXzE_jh8bM8b2sGBJV368PrtUo0DkMqPLthyYT7nuSbObGSlZ1qXJV7QBYYksFxs7v3aZ.rPKMDCvXXZGlv4ck Passcode: xwaF!9FU #### Next steps - [ ] pop up quiz hint - [ ] Adding pause the video option to checkout questions - [ ] Warning msg for Guest user mode " You may be able to take quizzes, but may not be able to mint POAP when continued as Guest." ### Updates since the last week - iMan shared figma - George will try to integrate by next week - bug in POAP minting page - added security measure to POAP - Resubmission of POAP form is not possible to mint the POAP for same quiz. The video can still be interactive - pop up quiz hint - Adding pause the video option to checkout questions Roadblocker - How to time stamp the video to make it interactive? - can be a future feature implementation If logged as a registered user, chances are quizes will be the same. But in Guest mode, sequenece of questions may change. #### Links shared - https://www.figma.com/file/p1tmc0kD0ehUtllt1bIM6j/L2E?node-id=0%3A1 ### Attendees - George - Pooja - iMan ## Meeting-17 Date: May 16, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/ZxGc--XgdtKRHdvBA-u3yOPJN0SXntHP_wrmChsTxMPpvGJUUNXLDTFX6VEfuR40.xpUt0lDcCHIhKcBB?startTime=1652727619000 Passcode: 54^RX+=u #### Next steps - [x] iMan share the design with George - [ ] George incorporate them in the app codebase ### Updates since the last week iMan - shared a figma design for User's UI - discussed some improvement suggestions ### Attendees - George - Pooja - iMan ## Meeting-16 Date: May 09, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/4FxfP_vU5MWYIwA1RyHFx1W1dGBx1kUEFK1L09m_qsVVVOPZRUQeOde_r_4LckvOBYmaJQHiN8QIKoKn.FMmvEtW7ic4GnmfT Passcode: pbeKba*0 #### Next steps - [ ] Need POAP maintainer - [ ] Jay, iMan & George will collaborate to improve frontend design - [ ] iMan add more quiz - [ ] Explore H5P format - [ ] George will check if description can be scarped from the YouTube - [ ] Clean up [Issues](https://github.com/ethereum-cat-herders/L2E/issues) to have active Issues listed Anything else need to be done on coding side (App) - Open notes quiz style - Adding time stamp on question ### Updates since the last week George - updates as last week - 95% done, UI clean up - Need recaptcha for bot protection - Getting the POAP link on the main app works Suggestion - Add `Go back` button - Place holder for additional resources - Option to skip the video, go to the quiz, directly - A pop up on the video displays - Potential quiz question #### Resources shared - H5P.org learning library for HTML ### Attendees - George - Pooja - Slava - iMan ## Meeting-15 Date: May 02, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/plgct4CoRmbjpK09b0mELkYGahJbXn_SD2CRvpk6ZKeZq7mBEnKt0o7Kv9KLx2KUfGfyTvSB3db_c_Rt.VicRFTkG0-tCQhON Passcode: #1RpWK$x #### Next steps - [ ] Keep looking for a POAP maintainer - [ ] Jay & George will collaborate for frontend design ### Updates since the last week George - Quiz master is finished (code wise), deploying will be done soon, requested Github access. - Created a test POAP, tested on quiz master, have to be tested on the main app - Collected resources for development of captcha Slava - shared info on GitPOAP (https://www.gitpoap.io/) as an option for integration with the app Jay - shared collections of theme for the app - proposed an enhancement suggestion of integrating with Discord for advance users #### General opinion - The group thinks GitPOAP maybe good for rewarding ECH contributors to repo and continuing to work on L2E. - May not be good for L2E app in particular. #### Enhancement ideas (Feature iterations) - Open up different channel in Discord based on level of expertiese - Wallet integration ### Attendees - George - Pooja - Jose - Slava - Jay #### Weblinks shared on the call - https://www.figma.com/file/tB5If4aq8GRB0cAsnxkyek/ECH-Learn2Earn?node-id=0%3A1 - https://rabbithole.gg/ ## Meeting-14 Date: Apr 25, 2022 ### Next steps - [ ] George will deploy Quiz master this week. - [x] George will look into captcha - [ ] George will create Moralis account and share for quiz master - [ ] Pooja will find someone or create POAP for testing. ### General update - Testing POAP is not available yet. - A shared Moralis account will be needed for adding quiz - Quiz Master has to be deployed - Proceed with captcha testing assuming Shashank may have been occupied. ### Attendees - George - Pooja - Jose - Tusshar ## Meeting-13 Date: Apr 18, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/UWp3oOZkeI6PhrC-trcnMYux4ksi6tjE1dnGoY8RrWQcDKAv8cL5boyxSxGBRbjXEFOMaiwb8gNIbxFB.iqERzAg_htjQeACW Passcode: 33.=QYz= ### Next steps - [ ] George will deploy Quiz master by the end of the week. - [ ] Follow up with Shashank, Prad, Stefan for progress - [ ] Pooja will talk to new resource for images and designs ### Progress from the last meeting - Adding a POAP to a course Create course - upload new file? - link can be added from the excel sheet - bit of coding needed to embed the video - editing a course after it is uploaded (To do) - Add the courses - Quiz master can be done and deployed by the end of the week. UI is not too much of a concern, can be released as is. design is okay, just need the functional part. The API - blocker. - migrating the existing code to the backend. - Shashank is currently working on that. Prad creating a sample POAP, will be great to share? Help on Graphic & images would be appreciated. [Pooja will talk to a new resource interested in this.] ### Attendees - George - Pooja ## Meeting-12 Date: Apr 4, 2022 Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/msgSDRBzfj0vQF92r1vj47F-YBdaoa6x306YUJIyhZa-ReZlvKvVaQim4gTwgsei.7JzU_A7J1daOvsav?startTime=1649098832000 (Passcode: &T5#&5xF) ### Next steps - [ ] Shashank will create API docs for George - [x] George continue **UI without sign-in** option - [ ] SW continue building the database - [ ] test user quiz - [ ] work on quiz master - [ ] POAP - have at least one POAP to work on - POAP testing is needed - playing around with a natural ### Progress from the last meeting Yalamanchi - worked on the capatch part, still wip - where to place - end of quiz? - working on answer validation part - created an API - Proposal of using nextJS for cloud function instead of Moralis? - is there any change in state? No - is there a way to add collaborator in Moralis - maybe in paid version George - where to place - quiz or results or poap page? - started buildingthe quiz master - UI in figma, not ready to push yet - working on basic form - video url - add questions ### Estimated timeline - A week on quiz master - frontend - may use some changes, mostly done (within a week) - 2 weeks more for development ### General consensus - Captcha will be with the submit quiz to avoid spam. - Quiz should have at least 10 questions for each video to shuffle them everytime a user is try to attemp new quiz. - There will be no sign in option in MVP. - Sign-in with Ethereum wallet can be added to the list of enhancement. ### Attendees - Pooja - George - Shashank ## Meeting-11 Date: Mar 28, 2022 **Meeting Recording**: ### Update since the last week - provided update for the progress till date - Pradhumna worked on Bankless Academy - mint for every season - Prad will create different POAP for different quiz - DB? - create an endpoint to manage the database - push the used POAP code link to a different database with codes - decide on a min level to trigger POAP code link - check it manually first and eventually add to codes - expiration date - can not be changed - Art work can not date. Notification to admins - could be an email msg - Check with Shashank - Prad may also look into it. Is there a websocket for POAP minting? - that there is only 50 POAP left , get us more - (Further research, check with Yalamanchi) - Prad can look into websocket option Reading POAP data (using Moralis) ### Next steps - [ ] Prad will create an issue to cover POAP related tasks. - [x] Collect feedback on wallet connecting as an optional method #### Attendees - Pooja - George - Pradhyumana ## Meeting-10 Date: Mar 21, 2022 **Meeting Recording**: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/aYsyfVA4bTH9CjkFfFAvldAVo5VJWPNgVrVyx8XXHnZTnVBsTnJDelimBUooK5_j.JuwdjcxeDqT0pqbn?startTime=1647889211000 (Passcode: rawAr?8K) ### Next steps - [ ] Shashank will look into integrating Captcha - [ ] will keep the PR open for another week for feedback and then merge - [ ] Shashank will look into Validation on backend - [ ] George will look into quiz master using Moralis - [ ] Start making a list of enhancements ### General consensus * We will move the validation in the cloud (answers of quiz). Will show the result and a link to POAP if elligible. * Will not have any SignIn mandate in alpha version of the dapp. Will push it in the enhancement (beta version). * In L2E, we will use captcha to stop bots claiming the POAP ### Update since the last 2 weeks * George summarized the two weeks development work and the [PR](https://github.com/ethereum-cat-herders/L2E/pull/18) * He didn't check the POAP part yet, if anyone is terested in testing, will be nice to have * A suggestion from Yalamanchi to move some of the validation in the cloud (answers of quiz). Right now we are exposing the entire course material on client side. #### Signin - Ethereum sign in? - Log in at the time of taking quiz - For POAP, we can have the save for later option - Refreshing browser may loose data, so SignIn will be helpful - Someone may use bot to drain POAP Link. Sign in will help - identification - user don't spam and claim POAP - authentication to earlier quiz Other options - Adding captcha to avoid bot cliams - adding https://magic.link/ (it uses email). #### Quiz Master - add users manually - may not have too many people to enter quiz #### Attendees - Pooja - George - Yalamanchi ## Meeting-9 Date: Mar 07, 2022 **Meeting Recording**: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/arQgytkPmQRLG2ZaShj8alGOW90NeFyDKZ1_ZMZMh6iTY-wGOgb_wNE5WVb77tk0.N7HYe1-bRSvVD87T Access Passcode: 8P&7rzx= ### Next steps/Action items - [x] George will be creating sample course on Moralis to see if it interacts well - [x] George will share the priorities task list for people to ### Update since the last week - George giving summary so far - working on UI - looking into different functions - will be looking into Moralis server on this weekend - more to be done on the backend - looking into cloud function will be helpful - iMan and team is open to support on anything that may be considered for a high priority. - adding reading material - transcript of videos - ottr (transcript) - YouTube cc - extra resources - With the present layout, video is embedded in the app, no access to description, but can be added. - closed caption will work, though. ### General Agreement - make some room in the design for adding additional reading material - Design is basic right now, keep looking for desiger to beautify the app more. iMan may look into assigning someone from the team. ### Links shared in the call - CoinExperts's work - www.ncoa.com. - PEEPanEIP playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4cwHXAawZxqu0PKKyMzG_3BJV_xZTi1F - Questions doc - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1imBq6_vukRAdyu9SA-Pmj9_eK-I15rJIvqJkk6FAO6I/edit?usp=sharing - Figma - https://www.figma.com/file/tB5If4aq8GRB0cAsnxkyek/ECH-Learn2Earn?node-id=0%3A1 - #### Attendees - Pooja - Stefan - George - iMan ## Meeting-8 Date: Feb 28, 2022 ### Next steps/Action items ~~[ ] George: A Front-end (user) functional prototype by next meeting~~ - [ ] Shashank will figure out how would quiz master would like. - [ ] Designers - check out the figma, bankless, our dry run to get some inspirations for designs. - [ ] George - add figma to GitHub README - [ ] Shashank will add more issues to GitHub ### Update since the last week George - started developing the actual app to acquire POAPs - set up a Moralis server to connect to the dApp - easy login method to connect the dapp to see the home page to see log in To do - Moralis database - store answers in Moralis - have a guide to follow and set it up Shashank - 2 parts of the L2E project - User part - Quiz part - work on the quiz part first, then will work on the user part, next Build the prototype - Moralis has option to add content, storage - has the master key - we can make it private Shashank explained the project - watch recording ### General Agreement - Both agree to work on front end user first - build a prototype to link all the four components to ensure if this works. [by next week] #### Attendees - Pooja - Shashank - George ## Meeting-7 Date: Feb 21, 2022 ### Next steps/Action items - [ ] George will add Issues to [GitHub](https://github.com/ethereum-cat-herders/L2E/issues) for tasks that will be added to the project board. - [ ] Stefan will upload "Questionnaire" at google drive - [ ] Pooja Will create a playlist for video for quiz. - [ ] Shashnk will be coordinating with George for tasks of high priority. ### Update since the last week - Introduction Xuanling11 by Pooja - Shashank presented a live demo - Google Form with the sample questions - Google Form is linked to a google sheet - Automation Script that runs everytime a submission happens (Hit submit button). - If everything correct -> Message "everything correct" - If wrong answers are submitted -> Message "Better Luck next time..." - Email is sent to the provided email address - Answers are logged - George - Email is mandatory for now, may have to consider other channel of communication. - Discord can be an option. - Stefan shared the short video and questionnaire. - Randomize the quiz from the backend. - Add more questions in the script for a topic and a user will get different questions everytime he/she is trying to attempt quiz. - Adding timer may also increase complexity. - Whitelist address? - may not be necessary ### General Agreement - Randomization in the MVP - Timer in enhancement - Inspiration link -https://app.banklessacademy.com/ #### Attendees - Pooja - Xuanling - Shashank - Stefan ## Meeting-6 Date: Feb 14, 2022 ### Next steps/Action items - [x] Pooja will provide "Write" access in L2E GitHub to George. - [x] George will create a project board to add tasks and track the progress and will review the PR before merging. - [x] Anyone interested in contributing will be pointed towards the project board to pick up the task. - [x] George will add his documentation to the ECH GitHub. - [x] Stefan will look into some options on how to create content/feeds for quiz. (Current videos are too long for this project.) - [x] See shortened [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9CDIDBgdns) - [x] See [sample questions](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YPVGB1LTBJisYThuocVuFkXKu1MrSC0E/view?usp=sharing) for that Video - [ ] Drop link of google form in ECH Discord to get some feedback for Dry run. ### Update since the last week - George looked into the form shared by Shashank. - Not sure if it's a dry run with real user, but looks good overall. - George added his documentation to the GitHub: - How to structure data in the backend #### Attendees - George - Stefan - Pooja ## Meeting-5 Date: Feb 7, 2022 ### Next steps/Action items - [ ] Shashank will share the feedback of the dry run and add to GitHub - [ ] George will look into development components, add any public facing documentation to GitHub - [x] Pooja will add notes to GitHub ### POAP research - Looking into POAP documentation and learning distribution. [YouTube & FAQ] - Separate key in the text file - It can be automated, to delete it as soon as one link is shared to one user - Looking at other options to distribute POAP, general minting side. - One time use - One link that anyone can use and can be used multiple time - QR codes - Seems good for what we are trying. ### Development (initial thoughts) - looks easy - Tool - https://moralis.io/ - contents stored in that - works with React - We have the UI quickly made up, seems simple to be made. - YouTube video can be embedded. - Content can be added via Notion. ### Considerations * How do we add/update content to the dapp/backend? * Notion or any other form? * Notion has an API, there may be away to add content to Notion and sync it (hypothesis). * Notion will be able to make changes at the backend. * There may be other ways to do it. * Updating contents should not not change the users' experiecnce. ### Sharing experience from earlier project (George) - Used the same tool - It is simpler to use - Flow to answer the question, should be good to build on - Similar enough to be build in a month. - For updating content, they used a separate dapp that admin can access. ### User Flow All the content will be available on the dApp - Go to home page - Click on the lesson - takes to a page with video first - move on to questions - once done, mint the POAP. Notion workplace has charges, not aware of API charges. #### Links shared - https://developers.notion.com/ - https://moralis.io/ #### Attendees - George - Pooja ## Meeting-4 Date: Jan 31, 2022 ### General consensus -Shashank is in the last bits of writing the dry run: Google form with the questions and google sheet are connected. As soon as an answer is submitted, current row is matched with the answers. Matching part is in progress right now. Emails will be collected from google (users are signed in with their google account). Email can be sent out afterwards with the desired time offset and content. Google has certain limitations. Pass/Fail decision: 5 of 5 correct -> POAP code '>=1 incorrect -> Email, "Please try again" Videos can be shortened to 10-15mins in the future in order to create a pleasant user experience with more focus. Pooja shared the following links regarding POAPs: https://github.com/poapxyz/poap-bot https://app.poap.xyz/admin/events -Pooja created the new [L2E Github](https://github.com/ethereum-cat-herders/L2E) that can be used to document issues, links to meeting notes, future code etc. ### Next steps/Action items - [ ] Shashank will continue the dry run process (how to answer questions / how to claim poaps) and George Hervey will look into the code and work on it asynchronously ## Meeting-3 Date: Jan 24, 2022 ### General consensus -From now on, our tasks relating to Learn2Earn will be added to the GitHub issues in the PM repo (as in this [Example](https://github.com/ethereum-cat-herders/PM/issues/261)): - Create, pick up and solve tasks within Learn2Earn or the EIP bot - Reference them in a monthly Issue (see example) - Apply for funding -Shashank worked with the questions Stefan created and linked them with a google sheet (sheets API by google) and suggests to combine it with heroku (as it is a free service and will work for a dry run). Moving forward, hosting on a paid plan would be possible. -Ideas about storage of questions and the answers were discussed: - Notion and its API would be a candidate (pricing to be clarified) - Mongo DB incl. Admin could also be considered -> more complicated and secure. George already built a dapp with it. - IPFS/IPNS to be considered as well (decentralised storages) -> edit - Sign answers with Metamask and learner's public key in order to enable to check data integrity and verification -We'll present the dryrun to the ECH contributor community and get feedback -Pros and Cons of a seperate repository (alongside PM, ECH Website) vs seperate folder were discussed: - When it comes to code, a seperate Learn2Earn repo would be favorable - Repository will be public (code part) but the content (Question and answers) will remain seperated and private ### Next steps/Action items - [ ] Stefan will document the proposal to provide an estimate in terms of efforts/timeline that is required to build this project (not started yet) - [ ] Shashank will finish up the dry run this week and show us the results by next week in this meeting - [ ] Pooja will create a Repo and share the infos to the group ## Meeting-2 Date: Jan 17, 2022 - Stefan shared [sample questions](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f6byk4xEtjGN2a8jBf54AtUQ6fIMdDgsUz1xsSTr-c0/edit?usp=sharing) based on the "[PEEPanEIP #41: EIP-3675](https://youtu.be/zNIrIninMgg)" video. - George shared a rough estimate of efforts to build the project. ### General consensus - Quiz questions generally made sense and we could plan having questions on similar tone for different episodes. - Team - Shashank & George will be the lead developers for the project. - Stefan will help with documentation & questions for the quiz. - Pooja will facilitate the development and publishing of contents or related blogs. - The group will target to complete the project in next 2 months. ### Next steps/Action items - [ ] Stefan will document the proposal to provide an estimate in terms of efforts/timeline that is required to build this project. - [ ] George & Shashank will be engaged on development tasks. - [x] Stefan will coordinate to document progress as we go. - [ ] Shashank will lead a dry run for the overall process flow. - [ ] Pooja will facilitate logistics & Github coordination. ## Meeting-1 Date: Jan 10, 2022 - Discussed original proposal stated in [Learn2Earn Challenge](https://hackmd.io/@poojaranjan/Learn2Earn). - Two proposals for the project - Platform similar to [Coinbase](https://www.coinbase.com/earn) - Platform similar to [Ethereum.org](https://ethereum.org/en/contributing/) ### General consensus - Keep working on the initially proposed proposal. - While it takes time to come to production, consider an alternate approach for interim working of the project. ### Next steps/Action items * Pooja - [x] Add George, Shashank & Stefan to the project doc. - [x] Plan the next meeting next Monday [Jan 17, 2022 at 19:00 UTC] * George, Shashank & Stefan - [ ] Take a dry run for the overall process flow. - [ ] Draft a proposal to provide an estimate in terms of efforts/timeline that is required to build this platform. - [ ] Add questions & comments on the hackmd as we go. * Stefan - [x] Will share link of local universities educational platform -> [University of Basel, Center for innovative Finance](http://cryptolectures.io/)