[Cryptocurrency trading bots](https://cryptorobotics.co/kraken-review-2022/) Cryptorobotics trading bots are algorithmic trading software developed on the basis of algorithms. Crypto trading bots are able to analyze price fluctuations in the crypto market, as well as make decisions about opening and closing orders. Autofollowing Autofollowing is a tool that allows you to enter trades using a crypto bot that follows the analyst’s signals. The bot processes the received signals from the analyst, after which it starts entering trades. Copytrading Copytrading is a tool for algorithmic trading, with the help of which platform users can copy trades of experienced traders. Using this feature doesn’t mean that you will blindly copy orders. It means that you will get a ready-made strategy from a professional trader. Crypto signals Crypto signals are an algorithmic function created to enter trades according to the analyst’s forecast, which is based on the information obtained from the technical analysis. The essence of this algorithmic function is that the analyst provides the trader with information about possible profitability in the crypto market. All trades are executed automatically by set parameters.