# Asian Cup Indonesian Coach Shin Tae-yong “Advance to the Round of 16, Depends on Heaven's will” # “It seems like it’s up to heaven to advance to the round of 16, Indonesian national soccer team coach Shin Tae-yong said after losing against Japan.” Indonesia lost 1-3 to Japan in the third and final match of Group D of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup held at the Assumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 24th. Indonesia finished the group stage in 3rd place (3 points, 1 win, 2 losses). **[온라인카지노사이트](https://www.oncasino.site)** In this tournament, where 24 teams are divided into 6 groups and play in the group stage, the 4 teams with the best performance among the 3rd place in each group will also advance to the round of 16. Whether Indonesia advances to the round of 16 will depend on the results of the final [Group F match](https://medium.com/@cristellecruz/kim-hyun-gyeom-wins-a-surprise-gold-medal-by-0-5-points-279f7debaf46) held on the 25th. Coach Shin said, “Originally, we rest for recovery training the day after the game, so we will take a day off tomorrow and watch the results of the (Group F) game. We will decide what to do next.” Regarding Japan, [Coach Shin Tae-yong](https://hackernoon.com/preview/r2cls7pbrXSFV9TVGAwZ) said, “I have no choice but to admit that it was a good team,” adding, “There were so many good players up front, and their offense and defense transition was good. They were good at pressing and counterattacking when they lost the ball in front, so it was not easy to deal with them.” He said, “I accept the result, but there are many complaints about the referee. “I applaud our players for doing their best,” he said. Coach Shin has led [Indonesia](https://www.stylevore.com/kylian-mbappe-celebrated-the-birthday-of-paris-saint-germain/) since 2020. Under his leadership, Indonesia is regaining its status as a Southeast Asian powerhouse. He is popular enough to be featured as an advertising model in Indonesia, and the Indonesian media is also friendly to him.