# LEE WOO-JIN SIGNS A TWO YEARS CONTRACT WITH MONZA, THE FIRST DIVISION OF ITALIAN MEN'S VOLLEYBALL ‘2-year formal contract’ virtually completed… First case of going directly to Europe after graduating from high school. Lee Woo-jin (18) signed an ‘official player contract’ with Vero Bali Monza, the first division of Italian men’s professional volleyball. Lee Woo-jin, who signed an internship contract in November of last year and boarded a plane to Italy, was recognized for his potential during the four-month test period and signed a formal contract. **[카지노](https://www.oncasino.site)** Lee Woo-jin's side announced on the 12th, "We have recently virtually completed the formal contract process with the Monza club. He will play for Monza for two seasons starting from the 2024-2025 season." The Monza club is expected to officially announce the contract with Woojin Lee in April, when the 2023-2024 season ends. Vero Bali Monza announced on November 7 last year, “We signed an internship contract with 195cm tall outside heater Woojin Lee.” The actual joining date was agreed upon in September 2023. An Italian agent suggested to Lee Woo-jin, who played as an outside hitter for the Korean youth national team at the [World Volleyball Under-19 Championship](https://guidetoiceland.is/traveler-profiles/cristellecruz-one/will-db-took-first-place-in-the-regular-league) held in Argentina in August last year, "Why not play in the Italian league?" At that time, Korea ranked 3rd for the first time in 30 years, and Lee Woo-jin was selected as one of the best 7. Although she wondered if Lee Woo-jin was "isn't she a fraud," the agent who helped Japanese men's volleyball icon Yuki Ishikawa move to Italy actively courted Lee Woo-jin. Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), who heard that an Italian agent was recommending Lee Woo-jin to go to the Italian league, introduced her agent, Lim Geun-hyuk, CEO of IM Sports Consulting, who is well-versed in European situations, to Lee Woo-jin's parents, and at the end of September, he signed a contract with Monza of the Italian first division. I signed a contract to join. As the Italian league banned foreign players under the age of 19 from participating in official games, Lee Woo-jin signed an internship contract first. Monza offered a three-year contract including the 2023-2024 season. First of all, [Woojin Lee](https://www.trialsitenews.com/a/kepco-lim-seong-jin-its-unfortunate-that-ps-was-eliminated-e2c18dae) has established a safety measure that allows him to 'end his internship contract and return to Korea at the end of February 2024.' In order to ease the burden on their son, Lee Woo-jin's parents said, "Let's think of it as studying volleyball abroad while receiving a scholarship," but Lee Woo-jin left the country in November last year and said, "I will definitely play in the Italian league. I have already made up my mind to learn hard." He said losing. There is a rule in the Italian league that prohibits foreign players under the age of 19 from playing, so Lee Woo-jin cannot play in official games this season. However, he accompanied and trained with the first division players and was recognized for his potential through evaluation matches. Lee Woo-jin signed an official contract with the Monza club, making him the first Korean volleyball player to advance directly to the European league upon graduating from high school. After Korean professional volleyball was launched in 2005, Moon Seong-min (Hyundai Capital) of the men's team entered the German league ahead of graduating from Kyonggi University in 2008. Kim Yeon-kyung played in the V-League, then played in the Japanese League on loan, and then played in the Turkic League. In the past, current Thai national team general manager Park Ki-won, former GS Caltex manager Cho Hye-jung, and current [IBK Industrial Bank manager Kim Ho-cheol](https://www.collcard.com/post/96906_woo-sang-hyuk-quot-i-hope-the-paris-olympics-will-be-the-most-memorable-event-i.html) played for Korean business teams before advancing to Europe. After completing his internship and becoming a full-time player, Woojin Lee will make his Italian league debut in the 2024-2025 season.