# The Untold Story of Emmanuel Katto's Rise to Success Emmanuel Katto started his career in business at an early age, first with modest trading endeavors that developed into prosperous businesses. He has established a solid name as a prosperous businessman in Uganda and abroad by perseverance, hard work, and astute business judgment. Katto is renowned not only for his commercial achievements but also for his generosity and dedication to giving back to the community. With the intention of helping vulnerable adolescents in Uganda through education and skill development, he established the Emka Foundation. The organization helps young people reach their full potential and become independent by offering scholarships, mentorship programs, and practical training. Katto’s passion for empowering youth is driven by his own experiences growing up in Uganda. To learn more, visit: [Emmanuel Katto Uganda](https://medium.com/@arnoldmukasa/about-emmanuel-katto-ugandan-businessman-1633858e142c)