# Scala Love conference attendee instructions ## TLDR Dear participants, to enjoy the conference make sure you... 1. Register on [Eventbrite](https://scalaloveconf.eventbrite.com). 2. Join our [Slack](https://tinyurl.com/scalaloveslack) and check out our channels #talks, #hallway, #support. 3. Join [#Harmony track](https://blog.jetbrains.com/scala/2020/04/12/harmony-scala-love-conference/) by JetBrains 4. Join [Zoom](https://zoom.us/). Main track, Q&A room, and hallway track links will be shared with the registered attendees via email. 5. Follow Twitch channels [scalalove](https://www.twitch.tv/scalalove) and [scalalove2](https://www.twitch.tv/scalalove2) for live streaming 6. Check out our [website](https://scala.love/conf/). 7. Enjoy the conference! <3 8. Feel out the feedback form. _________________________ ## More details ### 1 Registration * This event is free but we do require registration. Go to https://scalaloveconf.eventbrite.com) and grab your ticket. ### 2 Slack * General news about the conference will be posted on #general channel. * The #talks channel. Talks discussions and announcements. We suggest "threading" discussions. Threads keep discussions in Slack organized. They let you ask questions, add context, or give feedback on a specific message, all without disrupting the conversation's flow. ![](https://i.imgur.com/z7XuXdJ.png) * The #support channel is dedicated to troubleshooting and resolving any technical issues you might be having * The #incidents channel is for reporting violations of the conference's [code of conduct](https://www.scala-lang.org/conduct/). Reporting can be done anonymously by prefixing your message with `/anon` or by privately messaging a conference organizer. ![](https://i.imgur.com/Sp8h7Oa.png) ### 3 Video * Speakers deliver talks in the Zoom webinar mode. * Participants can join the webinar at any time to see the talks. Best setup we've found so far is the split mode ![](https://i.imgur.com/ESgxEgZ.png) * We kindly ask attendees to post questions and comments to the Q&A session available on Zoom: ![](https://i.imgur.com/EFEumlD.gif) * Track owners will also check Slack channels, but it would help us a lot if we can keep all questions inside Zoom's Q&A. * Track owners will read the questions after the talk. However, it is up to the speaker's discretion whether to answer the questions during the session as well. * After each talk, the speaker will be available for chatting in a special Q&A room (breakout room) where attendees can talk directly with the speaker in order to dive deeper and learn more about a particular facet if they want. ![](https://i.imgur.com/6jdOFzN.png) * Offline conferences do have a hallway track, and we decided to facilitate that too! The room for hallway chatting will be available on Zoom (another breakout room) * After the conference, video recordings of the talks will be available on Youtube. ### 4 The network is the most critical part * Use the best Internet connection you can - if possible use wire (bananas and lenses 😄) * Update Your Router * Enable WME/WMM (yours might look different but the important keyword is QoS) ![](https://i.imgur.com/ZnPhJcR.png) * Configure Zoom as a Priority Application (ports 8801-8810) ![](https://i.imgur.com/uKoQLCT.png) * Go dual-band: 2.4 GHz band (the more common of the two, which is prone to interference from other devices) and the 5 GHz band. * Avoid other activities that will steal bandwidth. Don't start other bandwidth-intensive activities just before, or during, a Zoom meeting. On your Zoom device—and as much as possible, on other computers and devices that share your Internet connection—avoid: * large downloads * large uploads * streaming video (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube) * cloud backups (e.g. Carbonite, CrashPlan) * cloud file synchronizations (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox) * other high-bandwidth activities