# Your girl’s dress code ![](https://i.imgur.com/Zo5zgva.jpg) Fuck what you heard, it’s what you’re hearing. The way your woman dresses when she goes out at night when you’re there and when you’re not there is more important than you think. Bottom line if you let your girl leave the house dressed up like a slut, don’t be surprised when problems happen. The way she dresses directly correlates with how much respect she has for you and your relationship. Now before we go any further let’s get some things clear. First off if she’s not your serious girlfriend or wife if it’s just a simple hook up that you bang a few times as a booty call, then let her dress however she wants. If she’s a slut then let her look like one. But if it’s your main chick, the one that meets your family and friends and is seen in the daylight with you then your opinion of what she wears out should matter to her as well. Also if you dress like a bum and have no sense of fashion yourself you’re going to have a hard time telling your girl how she should be dressing. https://craigslist-dating.iwebplaza.nl/ https://craigslist-dating.androidmobi.net/ https://craigslist-dating.macrogids.be/ https://craigslist-dating.intrastart.be/ https://craigslist-dating.onyourscreen.be/ https://craigslist-dating.citylinks.org.uk/ https://craigslist-dating.sorbize.com/ https://craigslist-dating.wyolica.net/ https://craigslist-dating.ivanview.com/ https://craigslist-dating.legjelink.nl/ https://craigslist-dating.startzoom.com/ https://craigslist-dating.ntrglobal.it/ https://craigslist-dating.uitgeplozen.be/ https://craigslist-dating.belgium-startpage.com/ https://craigslist-dating.stapweb.nl/ https://craigslist-dating.missirpinia.it/ https://craigslist-dating.retinanederland.nl/ https://craigslist-dating.netarts.it/ https://craigslist-dating.startguide.be/ https://craigslist-dating.infoterraemare.it/ https://craigslist-dating.skorpionforen.eu/ There are a few things to take into consideration when we start talking about the way your girl dresses. Her age, cultural background, and the type of friends she hangs out with will all be contributing factors in what she wears when she goes out at night. Younger girls, college and right out of college who don’t know any better are going to more likely dress like sluts. With what they see on Jersey Shore and peer pressure from their friends who go out with as little clothes on as possible. If she’s from another country where the women wear more revealing clothing when going out, South America, Eastern Europe etc etc this will also be something to consider. Now the line between your girl dressing sexy or attractive and slutty is a thin one that basically comes down to your ideas of the two term. Maybe to you she does dress sexy and you two are on the same page then there isn’t an issue. But then again maybe sometimes there are times when she crosses into the dressing slutty category or her going out outfit looks somewhat questionable (like if her dress is so short if she sneezes her vagina will fall out). If you think she dresses like a slut then it’s up to you to let her know that. But the tough part is how do you talk to your girl about the subject, how do you let her know that you think she dresses like a two dollar hooker on K street at 3am on a Saturday morning? I don’t recommend telling her she looks like a hood rat. Don’t worry I gotcha. First is a preemptive strike. Casually mention to her how impressed you were with how “classy” your ex knew how to dress or other women around you dress. A co-worker or if your lucky like me, your sisters. If it helps point to an attractive celebrity that dresses sexy but not slutty. You’ll have to preform this Inception approach like a ninja but the point is to clue her in to what you think is appropriate going out clothes. Second raise her bar. If you’re in a relationship or seeing someone long term there will be times you’ll have to go shopping with them or at the very least times they’ll try stuff on at home for you before going out… looking for your approval. At this point NEVER tell her she looks bad, but suggest she can do better. I’m fond of saying, “really baby? You’re better than that” or some variation. If it’s overly slutty drop hints along the lines of, “I think that’s something one of those girls on Jersey Shore would wear”. Another way to go is the age appropriate route your girl is getting close to 30 or IS over thirty, let her know she’s a little too grown and classy to be rocking Forever 21 freakem dresses. Tell her she’s more of a Calvin Klein black cocktail dress girl. This brings me to a side note, a lot of older women try to dress up slutty instead of sexy and attractive because they’re afraid of letting go of their youth. This will be the first sign that she’s too old to compete with college girls. Your job is to make her feel okay with that, to show her that there’s a way to step up and dress in a way that will bring her “positive” attention and that dressing like a little girl makes her seem desperate. Changing the way your girl dresses can be especially hard if she used to be or is a party girl that goes to clubs all the time. Often she will fight you on this and say something along the lines of, “I dress like this for you”. That’s a very good sign, that means how you see her and what you think of how she dresses matters to her, now just follow the steps above and guide her in a positive direction. Another common argument you might get with the resistance to change is, “I was wearing this when you met me”. Simply respond that it’s true, but when she met you she was single and open to random male attention and meeting plenty of guys that night… is that the case now? I know a lot of you guys are wondering why does it matter how she dresses or if she dresses like a slut. I’ll tell you why it matters, me or guys like me, or better yet any guy that knows game. Those girls that dress like sluts, we assume they’re dressing like that to get approached. Of course sometimes we’re wrong and they have boyfriends that they love and care about, but then again sometimes they’re mad at their boyfriends or our game is just on point that night and she’s caught up in the moment so she “accidentally” sucks our dick but then goes home to her boyfriend and french kisses him and tells him she had a fun girls knight out but missed him. The argument could be made if she’s going to creep she’s going to creep, but then again if I walk into a bar and I see a girl wearing a a cheap dress so short with no visible panty lines on one side of the bar and on the other a classy chick with a tight black dress on appropriate length but looks like I’d have to put in some work and bring my A game, who do you think I’ll warm up with first? You may disagree with me on this that’s fine, but I’ve banged enough wives and girlfriends of other guys to know, the way she dresses means more than you think. But lastly if you think she dresses like a slut and you bring up your concerns or point it out to her and she say’s something like, “Fuck you, you didn’t pay for my clothes, I’m a grown and independent woman”…….. fucking run! Don’t walk don’t argue, just leave, this is a woman who would rather slut it up than be in a relationship. Real Talk.