# Eye Contact Flirting ![](https://i.imgur.com/eYNUjD0.jpg) Men, in their nature, tend to be very logical and technical. Because of that, we tend to look for the “right words” to say. If you check most of the dating advice, and even the hardcore “pick up” sites, you will find that almost everything they discuss is the words – What we should say to women. Men are interested in pickup-lines, openers, what to say to continue the conversation, and so on… However, Communication, especially sexual communication, is much more than words. You’ve probably heard people telling you, “What you say is not important. What’s important is how you say it”, right? What they mean is that above words, what really affects your interactions is your Body Language, And Your Tonality. Today I would like to discuss something that is hardly discussed in the dating industry: Eye Contact, and using it to create attraction and rapport with women. **Eye Contact – The Door To Her Soul** Yes, it’s true, eye contact is really the door to her soul, and it’s also the door to her pussy. As I began, men are not too much connected with their feelings, but there is much you can learn by other people’s eye contact. Even if it’s a bit subconscious, you can feel what they think about, how they feel and what they want to do.. Eye Contact is a signal of trust and comfort. It can be also a way to show authority. And it can also make a woman instantly attracted to you. *Advertisement* *If you like to meet women men for online dating, you might also like to visit the following pages. Chat with men from ….* [Spain](https://www.loveawake.com/free-online-dating/Spain-dating-service.html?gender=female&page=22) [Italy](https://www.loveawake.com/free-online-dating/Italy-dating-service.html?gender=female&page=22) [Hungary](https://www.loveawake.com/free-online-dating/Hungary-dating-service.html?gender=female&page=22) [Turkey](https://www.loveawake.com/free-online-dating/Turkey-dating-service.html?gender=female&page=22) [Bulgaria](https://www.loveawake.com/free-online-dating/Bulgaria-dating-service.html?gender=female&page=22) [Russia](https://www.loveawake.com/free-online-dating/Russian-Federation-dating-service.html?gender=female&page=22) **Don’t Move Your Eyes Away** When they watch a girl and she “catches” them, most men immediately move their eyes away, as if they did something wrong. Well, if you were watching her tits, it can be a bit “bad behavior” (Not really :) It’s OK To watch a woman’s breasts. That’s why she wears cleavages, isn’t it? Just don’t stare too long), but in other cases, it’s totally OK to look at a girl. When you move your eyes away, it’s a sign of low confidence. Instead, keep holding your eye contact. Even smile. As minor as this situation seems, it’s your 2-5 seconds to show the woman that you are different than the other 95% of men - you are confident and calm. She might respond with a smile (a good sign), or just move her eyes away (try to distinguish, did she move her eyes in a “shy”, flirting way?). Anyway, she will definitely have a very good, attractive impression of you. If you are interested – approach her right away – your chances of success are great. **Holding Eye Contact** When you’re talking to a girl, it’s very important to keep holding eye contact with her. This creates trust and rapport, and again, builds attraction. Whether it’s your initial interaction, or if you are on a date, hold eye contact with the girl, and see how much information you get from the way she looks at you… There is also something insincere in not looking in the eyes. Personally, I can’t imagine kissing a girl, without having a very flirty eye-game before. Looking deep into her eyes, seeing her shining inside… That’s how you move slowly towards a kiss, **Eye Contact “Over The Angle”** The last technique I would like to discuss in this article, is what I call “Looking over the angle”. During my numerous nights in bars and clubs, I understood that when I was looking straight forward towards a girl, it would be a strong sign of interest, which could sometimes be too early. There is a specific way to look at girl, which shows her that you’re “not that interested”. This is done by looking at her, when your eyes are to the side. Not looking forward, but to the side. This shouldn’t be done always, but it’s a great way to show very little interest, for example when you are trying to pick up very good looking girls. To sum up, I know words and pickup lines seem important to you. But they are not that important. Pay attention also to your body language, your posture, your tonality, and much more… And yes, also to your eye contact.