# Mapping RSE landscape in Finland ## Timeline - Talk to Aalto (after 22.5) - Material scouting - Talk to known researchers --- ## Ask from Aalto, Richard and Enrico - What do they know about RSEs in Finland and potential RSE needs - What would they need support from CSC with? - You know other RSE-like/ RSE interested people? --- ## Ask from known research groups - How it is currently going in research groups that write code? - researchers write code themselves? - FAIR practices? - reusability? - Do you have: Unmaintained code, undocumented, code that only works on one machine, ... ? From people coming and leaving all the time. - How does this affect your research? - slow, difficult,... - Time spent on "passing information to the next generation" - FAIR data publications? - would you be willing to pay for this support? - include it already in the project application/grant proposal --- ### Finland funding landscape with regard to RSE - check funding opportunities if they mention FAIR research software --- ## CSC Management - RSE at CSC: https://siili.rahtiapp.fi/RSEatCSC# - CodeRefinery "teaching RSEs" - RSE: central and multi disciplinary - equal oppotrunity for all universities and research institutes - even if they have "some" RSE, they might be able to cover every domain/field; coordination needed - money: - we do already have sub-contracting --- ---- - awareness of RSE? - Is there a problem? Are RSEs needed? - Are they "infrastructure"? --- Short text about Research Software Engineer: --- Aim to develop these services in Finland --- Nordic-RSE: RSE landscape mapping --- ## Materials/References that might help RSEs in HPC Centers: Funding, Coordinating, Doing: https://zenodo.org/records/10171904