# Nodes and Physics Module Agendas The meeting is every day at 15:00 CE(S)T (unless noted otherwise). Interested developers and artists are welcome to join. ## Week of 2022-05-23 * No kickoffs. ## Week of 2022-05-16 ### Monday ### Tuesday ### Wednesday ### Thursday ### Friday ## Week of 2022-05-02 * Fallback case for invalid NURBS evaluated positions. * The current behavior of empty evaluated points is annoying to deal with in the code. * It would be much nicer to guarantee that an evaluated curve isn't empty, just like original curves. * Use a copy of the input positions when the settings are invalid (i.e. order < point count)? * Okay from a user level? * Maybe confusing because it looks like it's working * But also probably better than everything disappearing anyway. ### Monday * No kickoff, Hans arrives in Amsterdam. ### Tuesday * No kickoff, Jacques is travelling to Amsterdam. ### Wednesday ### Thursday ### Friday ## Week of 2022-04-25 ### Monday * Planning for the week. * Named attribute feedback (Dalai) 1. Remove Attribute → Remove Named Attribute * [T97512: Rename to Remove Named Attribute node](https://developer.blender.org/T97512) * The width is unfortunate but best to be consistent. 2. If you try to remove "material_index": * It shouldn't even show in the modifier, since it can't remove it. * If we have no way to know, we could at least show the warning in the modifier UI too. * The current tooltip doesn't explain why it can't remove it (e.g., "It cannot remove built-in attributes"). * [x] **Conclusion** Hide the info when removing the attribute failed, add more detail to the tooltip. 3. We could show the domain and type of the used attributes. * What about reading and writing from different domains? * The domain and type would have to be per-operation. * It's also hard to imagine how the "Read" 4. The same applies for the outputted attributes. * _The domain and type are chosen by the node group, it seems a bit redundant to display the domain and type in the modifier too. It also mixes up something that's more like an info overlay (domain and data type) with regular settings. --Hans_ 5. Are we still planning to eventually allow users to "remap" the named attributes from the modifier UI? (having the value that is define in the tree as the "default"). * The latest thinking was to not do this, it complicates the idea of the node group being the input to the node tree too much, and it's not a very intuitive concept. 6. Reminder that we still need to propagate warnings to node groups ([T90019](https://developer.blender.org/T90019)). 7. The current "info" we have, should in fact be using the Error icon, since it is an error (or at least a warning) in the evaluation of the tree, not an "info". ![](https://i.imgur.com/8lvNPbR.png) * [x] Removing an attribute should be an error. * In general though, there are too many cases where it's not really an error that the attribute removal doesn't work (i.e. the mesh is empty for a single frame). 8. The information about a nodegroup depending on named attributes could be shown in the header of the node, with the Info icon (this is a real info), instead of an overlay. * Overlays are more extensible and don't take space in the header. * [x] Add a count to the overlay * [x] The timing overlay should go on top. * [ ] We need an icon for attributes. * [x] Say "Named Attributes" instead? * [x] Tooltip: "Accessed named attributes" 10. Naming of the "Used Attribute" panel * "Named" in the title could be more consistent? * This could be an improvement, it's consistent with the nodes. * However, outside geometry nodes, _all_ attributes are named attributes, so it's a bit weird to use that word. * Could also be called "Dependency" which makes the idea clear in more cases. * [ ] **Conclusion** "Internal Dependencies" This is good enough, a bit closer to the goal of the panel. * Fits with showing which objects are used in the future. 11. Show attribute fields from the group inputs or output attributes panel? * It might be redundant, since the existing methods to input attributes are more explicit dependencies. * On the other hand it might be nice to see all name dependencies there. * Practically the way it is though it's probably most helpful though. 12. Experimental features: * The new "Used Attributes" sub-panel shows even if named attributes is disabled. * Either we hide it, or we remove the rest from experimental. * The idea was to remove the experimental option right after that basically. 13. Bugs: * [x] Info (and Attributes overlay) are collapsed when a node is collapsed (H) * [x] Sorting of attributes is wrong (i.e., ABC is before abc) * [T96707: Default attribute input and output names for modifier fields](https://developer.blender.org/T96707) * Hans believes it can be done for 3.2. ### Tuesday * [T97596: Inconsistent Behavior of Value Clamping in Modifier Panel and Group Input](https://developer.blender.org/T97596) * Hard limits or soft limits in the modifier panel? * Soft limits seem like the way to go. ### Wednesday ### Thursday * No kickoff. ### Friday * No kickoff. ## Previous Weeks * https://devtalk.blender.org/tags/c/blender/geometry-nodes/25/meeting