## Worklist for 20.2 - [X] Publish first version of NGNext as NG7. - [X] Adapt buildscript where needed - [X] Disable Configuration-Cache, it is not supported by TC - [ ] Add toolchains to tests - [x] Create tasks that build both the installer and the userdev - [X] Create a decently useable DSL - [X] Create a default setup within DynamicProjects - [ ] Prepare for initial release - [x] Update current 20.2 work to use NG7 (Need to ask schurli for source of the fork branch) - [x] Fix NeoForge testmods - [x] Squash all commits (Technici4n) - [x] Fix datagen difference - [X] Fix NG Runs when running with IDEs - [X] Fix eclipse run directories - [X] Fix Run with IDEA run directories - [X] Shorten Command Line somehow? - [X] IDEA - [X] Eclipse - [X] Fix handling of the assets and natives directories - [X] Fix cache busting on Execute tasks, Decompile does not run when changing ATs - [x] Fix licenser not being config cache capable and add it as a task - [x] Update libraries to neoforged variants (and create if not exists) - [x] accesstransformers - [x] eventbus -> bus - [x] forgespi - [x] coremods - [x] unsafe (won't be updated) - [x] mergetool - [x] JarJarSelector - [x] JarJarMetadata - [x] Test that the updated libraries still work (Technici4n) - [x] NeoForge changes - [x] Repackage FML - [x] Repackage NeoForge - [x] Change modid and built files to `neoforge` - [x] Test that the game is still runnable - [x] Forgedev - [x] Prod client - [x] Prod server - [x] Userdev client - [x] Userdev server - [x] Userdev datagen - [x] Userdev gametest - [x] Change `IForgeXXX` to `IXXXExtension` - [x] Rename other classes with `Forge` in their name - [x] Update all resources except tags to the `neoforge:` namespace - [ ] Decide on a general policy for backwards compatibility - [ ] Add aliases for the old forge: entries? - [x] Misc fixes - [x] Fix mods screen (can't find forge) - [x] Loading error screen is missing textures - [x] Make GradleUtils ready for publishing - [x] Fix and publish licenser fork - [x] Fix GU configuration cache - [x] Add NeoForge versioning support to GU - [x] Make TC build and publish the `NG_7.0` branch - [x] Prepare renaming script - [x] Prepare a blog post - [x] General info - [x] List of package and Forge changes - [x] Event bus changes post - [x] Make NeoForge ready to accept contributions - [x] Licensing - [x] Formatting - [X] CI Checks - [X] Do we need `checkAt`, `checkExc`, etc... back?: Orion: For now no. We will see what we need. - [x] NG Mixin PR - [X] Publish NG with non-snapshot versioning - [X] Update MDK - [X] Update NG in Kits and remove `includeBuild` - [X] Tag the latest Kits commit as `20.2` (`tag -a 20.2 -m "20.2 Release"` for example) - [X] Publish Kits to NeoForge public repo (remember the tag: `git push --follow-tags`) - [X] Final touches to the blog post (see TODOs in the source) - [ ] Post release changes - [ ] Consider what to do with networking - [ ] Registries need to go into the config phase for sure - [ ] Implement Protocol changes? Technically not needed, but do we want to be nice and implement modmusses proposal regardless? - [ ] Port the capabilities changes (Technici4n) - [ ] Port the registry changes (Shadows) - [ ] Work on the installer - [ ] Prepare Den - [ ] Define Installer Modules RFC - [ ] There are different streams within the community that are pushing for different things. To prevent another version fiasco we should make up our minds as maintainers and then publish some RFC on Den - [ ] Create new Installer - [ ] Extend NG7 Platform system with manageable DSL for platform projects - [ ] Create the PR validation framework