# In-Protocol deposits PoC sync calls ## Call 5 Meeting Date/Time: Thursday 2023/4/6 at 15:30 UTC Meeting Duration: 45 minutes ### Agenda 1. Client updates * EL * CL 1. Devnet/Testing updates 1. Spec updates 1. Open questions ## Call 4 Meeting Date/Time: Thursday 2023/3/30 at 15:30 UTC Meeting Duration: 45 minutes ### Agenda 1. Share progress * Spec * Rebases specs to Deneb/Cancun * EL * CL 1. Devnets 1. Open questions ### Notes Spec: Work on consensus-spec-tests has been started. V2 Engine API methods are extended to support eip6110 instead of introducing new method versions. EL: The first PR has been merged with datastructure and Engine API interfaces. Implementation of block validaiton and building logic, likewise, most of the unit tets are ready and the second PR with this changes is to be opened and should go through the review and regression testing process. Rebased to Cancun. CL: The core functionality has been implemented. EIP-6110 logic was decoupled from Deneb into a separate fork. Devnets: Aiming to run local machine devnet during the next week. This can be done in parallel to the review process in Besu. Mikhail to: * ask devops to provide a guide on running local machine devnet * ask test engineers about Hive tests Keving to look into running local machine devnets. Great progress in the middle of the timeline! ## Call 3 Meeting Date/Time: Thursday 2023/3/9 at 15:30 UTC Meeting Duration: 45 minutes ### Agenda 1. Share progress * Spec * EL * PR peview process * CL 1. Open questions ### Notes Spec: updated honest validator guide with related changes. EL: block validation and payload build process are implemented, Engine API is almost done a well. Decided to extend `newPayloadV2` rather than intorduce `newPayloadV6110`; Mikhail to update the spec. Planning to share knowledge on the EIP with Besu team and help them with testing infrastructure. CL: catching up with the recent spec updates, near to be finished. ## Call 2 Meeting Date/Time: Thursday 2023/3/2 at 15:30 UTC Meeting Duration: 45 minutes ### Agenda 1. Share progress * Spec * EL * CL 1. Open questions ### Notes Specification and the design undergo small changes after review from Hsiao-Wei and Danny. Expecting it to settle down next week. EL: was figuring out ABI decoding in Besu, borrowed code from Teku based on web3j. Looking into Engine API things. CL: the PR has been reviewed by Sproul -- the changes look good from his perspective. Aiming to look and catch up with new spec changes during the next week. ### Actions * Mikhail to chat with Simon ## Call 1 Meeting Date/Time: Thursday 2023/2/23 at 15:30 UTC Meeting Duration: 45 minutes ### Agenda 1. Scope estimation 1. Share progress * Spec * EL * CL 1. Open questions * Besu contribution * Project name ### Notes From current perspective the scope looks sane to be accomplished during two months. EL: Navie chated with Simon from Besu on the path forward to making changes to the Besu and appropriate break down of the implementation into a few stages. Expecting input from Simon on the first part (data structs) while started to work on deposit data parsing. We may use fixed offsets and lengths to parse deposit data from events to avoid engineering complexity related to ABI decoding as each piece of deposit data has fixed length. CL: Kevin adjusted implementation with the recent spec change which is removal of `pending_queue` from `BeaconState`. A few functions left to be modified to get the spec implemented. Expecting input from Michael. There is a question about `initialize_beacon_state_from_eth1` implementation in Lighthouse, to be figured out. Project name: In-protocol deposits as a suggestion. ## Call 0 Meeting Date/Time: Thursday 2023/2/16 at 10:30 UTC Meeting Duration: 45 minutes ### Agenda 1. Intros 1. Go over the project scope * https://hackmd.io/@n0ble/in-protocol-deposits-poc 1. Share progress 1. Set up next call and points of coordination 1. Open questions * Project name ### Actions * Navie to figure out how to proceed with Besu contributions * Mikhail to remove `pending_deposits` * Navie, Kevin to estimate the scope and think if it fits into 2.5 months timeline * Mikhail to setup a recurring sync call ### Chatbox Kevin Bogner to Everyone (16 Feb 2023, 16:56) https://github.com/sigp/lighthouse/compare/unstable...kevinbogner:lighthouse:eip6110 Mario H to Everyone (16 Feb 2023, 17:01) https://github.com/taxmeifyoucan/ephemeral-testnet Kevin Bogner to Everyone (16 Feb 2023, 17:04) https://hackmd.io/NJhsTuWASMG-fg3VMXv14Q?view You to Everyone (16 Feb 2023, 17:11) https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/pull/6325