# 🧟 Mutant Punks NFT Whitepaper > [color=#3b75c6] [ToC] # Roadmap :::info - [x] **Phase 1: Build the Community - Q3 2021** - [x] Free Mint to grow community - [X] Establish social media presense - [x] Recruit Moderators - [X] Build Mutant Punks NFT smart contract - [X] Whitelisting with off-chain signing + on-chain decryption to verify whitelist. - [x] Pre-sale - [x] Public-sale - [x] List on Opensea - [x] List on Rarible - [ ] **Phase 2: Build the Utilities - Q4 2021 - 2022** - [ ] Build Mutant Coin smart contract - [ ] Establish yield ratio and launch process. - [ ] Presale Mutant Coin - [ ] Build Mutant Swap - [ ] List Mutant Coin on DEXes - [ ] Mutant Punks NFT holders to claim their Mutant Coins - [ ] List Mutant Coin on 1 major CEX - [ ] Drop merch like Hoodie, T-shirt, Pillow, etc. - [ ] **Phase 3: Build the Metaverse - 2023** - [ ] Build Mobile App wallet for Mutant Coin - [ ] Build Mobile App social gaming features for Mutant Punks NFT - [ ] Establish foundation technical works for Oculus VR platfrom. ::: --- # Introduction Mutant Punks NFT is a collection of 10,000 uniquely and randomly auto-generated Punks who have turned Mutant into different species, including Frankenstein, Robot, Vampire, Orc, Ape Zombie, Mummy and Demon. Each specie has different rarity level and sex [:link: link](https://mutantpunksnft.com/#team). ![permalink](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/894375535373856788/894376120147910656/image0.gif) Our core dev team all work for the largest technology companies in the world, you most likely use one of the features we helped to build everyday. Mutant Punks NFT is not just any JPEG NFT project. Our Northstar is to push the technology boundary of decentralized blockchain and NFT by building a Metaverse of Mutant Punks, in which owners of Mutant Punks can interact with one another in a Virtual Reality world, transact with Mutant Coins as a currency, get rewarded through Metaverse utilities for contributing to the Metaverse and holding Mutant Punks. The possibilities are endless in the Mutant Punks Metaverse. Each Mutant Punks NFT is a key allowing the holders to enter the Metaverse we are building. This Whitepaper outlines 3 phases we plan to reach our Northstar of building a Mutant Punks Metaverse. --- # Phase 1: Build the Community This is the most important Phase and can determine success or failure of the project from the get go. For any project to succeed, it needs a strong and supportive community which shares the same vision of the project. ## Free Mint It all started when we tweeted this [:link: tweet](https://twitter.com/MutantPunksNFT/status/1443792472803397633) to offer Free Mint for all 10,000 Mutant Punks if the tweet gets retweeted 500 times. In just a few days, the tweet was retweeted over 1000 times and we saw many members joining our Discord community [:link: Discord invite](https://discord.gg/5hXh6zvDF4), all shared the same excitement for our roadmap and long term vision. We knew we had a winner in the making. ## Public Sale Our team went to work to deliver a successful public sale where we sold out 10,000 Mutant Punks in just 56 minutes [:link: tweet](https://twitter.com/MutantPunksNFT/status/1449797157880360964). Mutant Punks blew up on Crypto Twitter where we saw huge trading volume on Opensea and over 8000 members joined our Discord community. ## Opensea Incident It was not all smooth sailing. Opensea delisted Mutant Punks shortly after public sale. We still do not know why and received no response from Opensea. Our hypothesis is that Mutant Punks blew up so quickly on Opensea that triggered their safety algo. The community was thrown into chaos. However, the community came together as one unity in a respectiful manner to have our voice heard and get our project relisted as well as unshadow-banned on Opensea [:link: tweet](https://twitter.com/MutantPunksNFT/status/1452074432625713154). We are so proud and honored to be a part of this community. ## Established Community Through the Opensea incident, we believe we have achieved the goal of phase 1 by building a tight-knit and growing community with over 8000 members who can stand together to overcome any adversity. Next, we shift focus to phase 2 to build the utlities. --- # Phase 2: Build the Utilities NFT arts are just the abstraction UI layer on top of the intangible value of the project/community such as early mover advantage (Crypto Punks), exclusive membership and cultural movement (BAYC), subjective artistic value (Beeple), utilities leveraging decentralized blockchain technology to provide value to holders, etc. The intangible values aforementioned are what determine the floor price of such NFT project. Mutant Punks NFT focuses on providing the added value for our holders through Utilities. ## Mutant Coin Mutant Coin will be the first utility to be introduced as the currency in the Mutant Punks Metaverse. It can be used to transact within the Metaverse to interact with the contracts for future features, tip a mod or members for their good work or contribution and swap for other Ethereum ERC-20 tokens on decentralized exchanges. Mutant Coin is not only a utility token but also a governance token of the Mutant Punks Metaverse, the more Mutant Coins you have, the more authority and influence you have for future roadmap and features. **NFT Passive Yield** Each Mutant Punks NFT token passively yields Mutant Coin since the block time of Mutant Punks last 10,000th token minted in public sale. The rarer specie your Mutant Punks is, the more reward it will yield. This is a NFT utility breakthrough combining the benefits of both Non-fungible Token and Fungible Token to reward Mutant Punks NFT holders. Our advanced & state of the art Mutant Coins smart contract will be built with a cross token type bridge so Mutant Coins can validate requests and verify ownership of Mutant Punks NFT even though they are 2 completely different protocols and token types. **ELI5:** ==Your Mutant Punks have been yielding Mutant Coins from the very beginning.== :::info More details on yield rate on **Mutant Swap Documentation:** https://docs.mutantswap.finance/project-details/mutant-punks-nft-auto-yield ::: ## Mutant Swap The first advanced DEX with NFT focus combining Defi + NFT in 1 platform providing liquidity not only for Mutant Coin but also all other blue chip tokens on , an Ethereum EVM L2 blockchain that is high-throughput, scalable, and future-safe platform, with low transaction costs for the users. Features: - A simple and intuitive UI - High speed decentralized trading with low fees - Ability to swap and provide liquidity any ERC20 tokens - Liquidity providers incentivized for farming and staking in governance token Mutant Coins - NFT auto staking. - NFT lending and leverage (planned) - Mutant BUILD program to bootstrap and help launch NFT project ideas from MutantPunksNFT community members (planned) :::info More details on **Mutant Swap Documentation:** https://docs.mutantswap.finance/ ::: --- # Phase 3: Build the Metaverse Ultimately, we want to build the Mutant Punks Metaverse where Mutant Punks owners can come to interact with each other and feel as real as possible instead of chatting on Discord. Members can build a virtual Mutant world together and transact using Mutant Coins to buy goods and services in the Mutant Punks Metaverse. ## Oculus VR Platform One of the technology that can make this happen is the Oculus VR Platform which is the foundation of Facebook Metaverse big bet. In Facebook Metaverse CPO's words: >"We're also exploring new types of ownership models and entitlement to ensure people feel confident that they actually own something. This will make it easier for people to sell limited edition digital objects like NFTs, displays them in their digital spaces and even resell them to the next person securedly." ![](https://i.imgur.com/vMgE7ms.png) Holders can use their Mutant Punks NFT as a key to enter the Mutant Punks Metaverse in Oculus VR World. You can be anyone you want to be behind the Mutant Punks persona avartar once enter the Metaverse. ![](https://i.imgur.com/EXKfWHn.jpg) Relationship can be formed in the VR world and you can even get married, breed baby to have another baby Mutant Punks NFT. You can go shopping with Mutant Punks besties & paying for clothes using Mutant Coins. You can ask for helps with homeworks or work assignments where other Mutant Punks are willing to help or motivated to be hired and paid by Mutant Coins. All activities are of courses permanently recorded on the blockchain. ![](https://i.imgur.com/IKcBTY9.jpg) Imagine all the possibilities you can do with your Mutant Punks in the Oculus Horizon VR world as one of the first NFT projects to be featured in this VR system. Below is what has been revealed about this VR platform. {%youtube VKPNJ8sOU_M %} ## Mobile App While we wait for the VR technology and the next computing platform to mature and support NFT, we plan to initially build Mutant Punks Metaverse with today technology, that is on mobile OS. The plan is to build a mobile application on iOS and Android to seamlessly integrate with Mutant Punks NFT and host as a wallet for Mutant Coins. The app could allow you to spend Mutant Coins at merchant who accepts Mutant Coins just like Apple Pay. The app would also have social gaming features enabling Mutant Punks owners to join an online multi player game quest for raiding or solving a puzzle while chatting with your Mutant Punks avatar. > # The possibilities are endeless in the Mutant Punks Metaverse.