# Most Popular Locations To Buy A Flat in Islamabad Islamabad is considered as one of the serene city in Pakistan. It is known for its natural beauty, lavish lifestyle and political activities. In the last few years’ populations increased at a very high rate in Islamabad mainly because of urban sprawl. People from adjoining areas moved to Islamabad to avail better living standards. When it comes to the quality of healthcare, education, environment, and safety then definitely Islamabad comes in our mind. One of the most difficult tasks at hand, when you are searching for a place to live, is to select between a house or to buy a flat in Islamabad. The trend of flats has many solid advantages over a home. In developed countries and metropolitan cities, flats are quite common. In Pakistan, the trend of living in flats is setting in as more people realize that they need a flat rather than a house. When it comes to search the residential area that comprises all basic requirements for living, one can get confused as there are many locations in which you would love to live. I prefer a furnished flat in DHA Islamabad as it offers a complete lifestyle. But other than DHA there are locations that provide best living standards just like DHA Islamabad. If you are looking to buy a flat in Islamabad, then do research and look at some factors like market analysis and location. Before you select any location, you need to figure out types of flats available in that area along with the average buying price. Here, we will make it easier for you. The following are some of the best locations to buy [Residential Plots for Rent in Islamabad](https://gharbaar.com/rent/Plots-Residential_Plot/Islamabad-11-1).   ### **DHA Islamabad** DHA flats are designed beautifully with spacious rooms and accommodation. Construction and design standards are aligned with the standards of modern housing development. Floors are tiled, high-quality sanitary fittings are used in bathrooms and kitchen and cupboards are attached in the bedroom. In DHA the flats with beautiful balconies provide an opportunity to witness the extensive views of city life. If you visit DHA, you will think that this is a perfect place to buy a flat. This location is ideal for those people who are looking to enjoy a deluxe and healthy lifestyle in Islamabad.  ### **F11** F11 is one of the best and most suitable place to buy flat in Islamabad. Flats are available with attractive payment and easy installment policies. Shifa hospital which is one the best hospital in Islamabad is located in F11 to facilitate its residents. F11 is best for living as all the best schools are in range and there is no safety issue for residents of this sector. ### **H8** This sector is very popular among people as it is located in a heart of Islamabad and a 15-minute drive to any office in Islamabad is possible. This sector is one of the most developed and prominent sectors in Islamabad and is mostly dedicated to health and educational institutions. A large number of private and public sectors schools are present in this sector. Alama Iqbal Open University which is one of the most famous university is also located in H8.  ### **Bahria Town** Bahria town is one of the most popular society for both investors and residents that are looking to buy flats in the capital city. No doubt Bahria Town is one of the biggest names in the real estate sector of Pakistan. If you are seriously thinking to live an extraordinary life then Bahria Town Islamabad is the best choice. This society is established outstandingly with its well-esteemed position. The moment you enter into Bahria Town is a time you step in a world of luxuries and the latest living environment. The modern infrastructure, top facilities, and strategic location all contribute to its success.  All these locations are best to buy flat as it provides its residents with the most comfortable and luxurious life one can dream of. Best educational institutes, hospitals, and other basic amenities are present in these areas. If you are looking for a [Shop for rent in Islamabad](https://gharbaar.com/rent/Commercial-Shop/Islamabad-11-1) then immediately contact your broker and visit an online authentic website.  Visit the Gharbaar website to get an idea about the prices of flats in Islamabad. Through this website, you can find your dream flat at the most affordable rate.