firefox 124 release notes 翻譯共筆 (done) === ###### tags: ``, `fx_release_notes` 1. 複製 上 [最新版 release notes]( 的內容 2. 透過 [html to markdown]( 轉成 md 格式 3. 貼到 [hackmd]( 開一個新版共筆(slug: `firefox-release-notes-xxx`) 5. 翻譯完成後,[建立新的 release notes 網頁]( --- 翻譯時請直接寫在英文下方,便於對照 --- 124.0 Firefox Release --------------------- March 19, 2024 Version 124.0, first offered to Release channel users on March 19, 2024 ![]( ### New * Caret browsing mode now also works in the PDF viewer. ([Learn more]( * PDF 檢視器內現在也可使用「鍵盤瀏覽」模式。([了解更多]( * In Firefox View, open tabs can now be sorted by either recent activity or tab order. Recent activity is the default setting. * 在 Firefox View 中,開啟的分頁現在可以按「近期活動」或「分頁順序」排序,預設是依照近期活動排序。 * Firefox now populates the Windows taskbar jump list more efficiently, which should allow for a smoother overall browsing experience. * Firefox 現在以更有效率的方式填入 Windows 工作列的跳躍清單(jump list),應該可以帶來更流暢的整體瀏覽體驗。 * Firefox on Mac now uses the macOS fullscreen API for all types of fullscreen windows. This should better match the expected macOS user experience for fullscreen spaces, menubar and the Dock. * Mac 版 Firefox 現在在所有類型的全螢幕視窗上都使用 macOS fullscreen API,可在 macOS 全螢幕空間、選單列與 Dock 上提供更加符合預期的使用體驗。 * As of Firefox 124, Qwant's availability has been expanded to all languages in the France region along with Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. * 從 Firefox 124 開始,Qwant 搜索引擎的可用範圍擴展至法國區域的所有語言,以及比利時、義大利、荷蘭、西班牙和瑞士等地。 ![]( ### Fixed * Various [security]( fixes. * 多個[安全](修正。 ![]( ### Enterprise * You can find information about policy updates and enterprise specific bug fixes in the [Firefox for Enterprise 124 Release Notes]( ![]( ### Developer * [Developer Information]( ![]( ### Web Platform * Added support for [AbortSignal.any]( * 新增 [AbortSignal.any]( 支援。 * You can now use HTTP(S) and relative URLs when creating WebSockets. * 現在可以在建立 WebSockets 時使用 HTTP(S) 與相對路徑(relative URLs)。 您可以在 Firefox for Enterprise 124 版本發布說明中找到有關政策更新和企業特定錯誤修正的資訊。 添加了對AbortSignal.any的支持。 現在可以在創建WebSocket時使用HTTP(S)和相對URL。 添加了對 AbortSignal.any: 的支持。 現在可以創建 WebSockets 時使用 HTTP(S) 和相對 URL。 現在可以創建 WebSockets 時使用 HTTP(S) 和相對 URL。 ![]( ### Community Contributions * With the release of Firefox 124, we are pleased to welcome the developers who contributed their first code change to Firefox in this release, 12 of whom were brand new volunteers! Please join us in thanking each of these diligent and enthusiastic individuals, and take a look at their contributions: * Dave Vandyke: [1861445]( * Forrest Walker: [1876713]( * Jaydeep Das: [328707]( * Jing Zhu: [1633456](, [1832792]( * Julian Nagele \[:jnagele\]: [1869093]( * Maaz I.: [1860247]( * Oliver Schramm \[:olifantoliver\]: [1877890]( * Richard Cole: [1845797]( * Sho Sugihara: [1853038]( * Szobonya Csaba: [1613280]( * zcanceling: [1876311]( * Álvaro Costa \[:oalvaroc\]: [1873121](, [1877316](