# Why You Should Hire an SEO Agency to Grow Your SEO A few days ago, I received a message from my friends asking me, “Is there any difference between doing SEO by myself and [hiring an SEO agency](https://agaetis.tech/contact-us/)?” Well, this is not an easy-to-answer question as it depends on many factors. I have separated the content into three sections, which explain you can DIY SEO, the challenges like [guest posting](https://www.blogsdoor.com/why-should-you-do-guest-post-regular/), and why it’s better to hire a professional SEO company if you want to grow your SEO. I hope it helps those struggling to get an [Professional SEO service](https://www.seopapa.co.uk/) or DIY SEO. **Can You do SEO Yourself?** Yes, you can do SEO without depending on an SEO agency. Many SEO experts learn SEO through trial and error. Here are some reasons that encourage people to DIY SEO: * Save money, as getting an SEO service requires a lot of costs * There are many great SEO tools and [AI content writing assistants](https://nikolaroza.com/best-quillbot-alternatives-free-paid/) in the market, which we can use them * Many SEO gurus and [online courses](https://www.coursesforsuccess.com/products/train-the-trainer-course) out there teach SEO **Here are the [best SEO analytics tool](https://sprout24.com/40-awesome-seo-tools-for-marketing-agency/) for your growing SEO Agency** **Is it difficult to do SEO Yourself?** It can be really difficult, especially when you want to customize SEO techniques to fit your business strategies. We need to look into a few perspectives before we decide to do SEO by ourselves or continue to outsource to an SEO agency. Let’s go through some of the SEO efforts below. Also Read - [Maximize Your Savings with Save Max's Mortgage Calculator Tool](https://hackmd.io/@micckdavis/maximize-your-savings-with-save-maxs-mortgage-calculator-tool) If your team can perform these tasks without the help of an SEO agency, then you might consider doing it yourselves. **A. Technical Aspect** * Website speed optimization. This includes monitoring and enhancing your website speed if the website loads slowly. * Mobile optimization. Sometimes, a website might occur mobile responsive issues. You need to know how to fix mobile optimization issues, as poor mobile optimization can impact your SEO results. * You need to know how to use Google tools like Google Analytics & Google Search Console. * Adding schema markup to your page * Good data analysis skills to know what's doing well and what should be improved * Other advanced technical issues, such as Core Web Vitals optimization **B. On-Page SEO** On-Page SEO refers to the efforts made on your website to improve your ranking and traffic. Below are the details you should consider: * Keyword research. A good SEO strategy requires the ability to find suitable new long-tail keywords that bring more traffic to your website * Keyword mapping & placing. It refers to strategically placed keywords in your title and content. * Content creation. According to Search Engine Journal, content is among the top 200+ Google ranking factors. Creating various relevant and high-quality content that continuously boosts your brand awareness, enhances visitor dwell time, reduces bounce rate, and increases sales & conversions should be your [content marketing](https://podcastle.ai/blog/content-marketing-optimization/) strategy if you want to succeed * Content optimization. This includes URL optimization, adding suitable HTML tags, internal linking, image optimization, etc. * Title & meta description optimization (and social media cards optimization) * Broken link fixing * Track the ranking position of your targeted keywords effectively * Optimize your website if your ranking drop drastically Also Read : [How UX and UI Impact Digital Marketing Strategy](https://hackmd.io/@micckdavis/How-UX-and-UI-Impact-Digital-Marketing-Strategy) **C. Off-Page SEO** Off-Page SEO refers to efforts made outside of your website to enhance your website's trust and authority. * Find more [authority backlinks](https://marketinglad.io/buy-backlinks/) to enhance your Domain Rating (DR) score * Research competitor backlinks and replicate the suitable one for your website. * Backlink tracking, monitoring & audit. For example, you need to remove unhealthy backlinks to prevent them from negatively impacting your site and gain more high-quality backlinks. * Perform various [link-building](https://www.earnedmedia.com.au/seo/link-building/) tasks: email outreach, content promotion, link reclamation, guest posting, digital PR, etc. **Reasons you should consider hiring an SEO Agency** While it’s great to cut costs and try SEO by yourselves, there are solid reasons to consider getting an [experienced SEO agency](https://www.veecotech.com.my/seo-marketing/) to grow your organic traffic and boost your website ranking. Here are some reasons to get help from an SEO agency: **More experiences.** It’s easy to know SEO than work it out on your website. A trustable SEO agency knows what works well and how to create a great SEO strategy for different websites. **More resources.** Getting great SEO results requires various resources, including SEO tools and workforce, such as website developers, content writers, editors, project managers, etc. An SEO agency has more resources to help you to rank well on Google. **Stay on top of SEO trends.** As Google improves its algorithms thousands of times yearly, it’s difficult for normal businesses to catch up with the latest SEO trends. An SEO agency can dedicate time to research and ensure that your website does not negatively impact by algorithms update. **Analyze valuable data to drive more traffic to your website.** If you want to prevent stagnant on your website ranking, you need to understand your data and optimize your website continuously. An SEO company can identify insightful data and perform actions that enhance your website traffic. **Conclusion** In short, there are differences between doing SEO by yourself or your team (assuming that you’re not an SEO specialist or expert) and outsourcing to an SEO agency. It really depends on your ability and resources when it comes to doing SEO. However, an experienced SEO company can really boost your organic traffic and help your ranking to stay consistent on search engines. Bear in mind that SEO is a long-term game if you want to gain continuous results from it. Hence, you need to continuously equip yourselves with new [SEO techniques](https://www.veecotech.com.my/seo-strategies-techniques/) and trends to ensure your SEO results. If you find it difficult to do SEO by yourself, feel free to explore SEO services and packages that meet your budget and requirements.