# **Mesh Security | ZTPM | Zero Trust Posture Management** The first Zero Trust Posture Management ([ZTPM](https://mesh.security/)) solution, providing real-time visibility, control, and protection across your Everywhere Enterprise. Use [Mesh Security](https://mesh.security/) to rapidly eliminate risk, ensure compliance, and implement Zero Trust across XaaS estate. ## **See** **Full Visibility Coverage in Minutes** * Discover your crown jewels and rapidly identify remove the most critical risks * Gain holistic, contextual, and actionable analysis of your entire XaaS estate * Agentless seamless deployment that connects to any footprint and translates ‘Zero Trustish’ into English ## **Automate** **Supercharge your Zero-Trust Adoption** * Leverage your existing security stack into effective Zero-Trust reality * Reduce cost complexity and eliminate manual work with advanced workflows * Drive cross-organizational collaboration, shift left security, and increase user experience and productivity ## **Secure** **Stay Secured, Ensure Compliance** * Continuously maintain a comprehensive Zero-Trust posture with ease * Eliminate risk with proactive unified hardening and Anomaly Detection Response * Empower your business with the best possible resilience at scale. Click here to know more about [Zero Trust Posture Management](https://mesh.security/).