# Bump Reminder Discord Bot ![](https://i.imgur.com/Ecc6YV3.gif) **A detailed docs on how to use the multipurpose bot Bump reminder! [Invite the bot here](https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=735147814878969968&permissions=523344&scope=bot). Feel free to join our [Support Server](https://discord.gg/zhxZHFN) for help as well.** **[This Doc is heavily outdated, click this link to see the newest version](https://bumpreminder.gitbook.io)** ## How do I setup Bump reminder? **It's very easy to setup. First you have to know that there are different kinds of remind options.** ### **Possible remind options:** - `@here/@everyone` ping in a channel, just person, who have access to the channel will be pinged **-->Setup through add the `@here` role with:** `%setup ping here` __or `@everyone` with:__ `%setup ping everyone`. **Now you have to add a bump channel with:**`%setup add <#channel>` **On the next Bump you will be reminded on this set up option.** - **@role ping in a bump channel with:** --> `%setup ping @role` --> `%setup add <@channel>` - **Last User ping without or on a bumpchannel:** --> when you want a bump channel `%setup add <#channel>` --> This remind option is default ### How can I change the remind message? - `%custom title <your title>` → This will change the title of the bump remind message. - `%custom desc <your remind message>` → This will change the remind message/ description. - `%custom response <your response>` → This will change the response after the `!d bump`. - `%custom embed no/yes` → This will change if the remind message should be a embed message or not. - `%custom color <#hex.color>` → This will change the color of the embed remind message. The provided color must be hex. ### How can I simulate a test remind and check my setup? - `%setup` will show your setup option - `%test` will simulate a test remind ### How can I delete my data/setup/reset lb? - `%delete setup ` → Reset the current Bump remind setup - `%delete server` → A hard reset, will delete everything - `%delete me` → Deletes your bump count and all data from you ### Why doesn't the bot remind my server? - Check if the Bot has enough Permisson through: `%test` - When this already happend two times immediately join the support server here ### How can I suggest a feature/ report a bug? - Run `%suggest`, Suggestion and Bug reports will be rewarded, so that you can be beta-tester. # My commands: **Note: Commands with a ⭐ are premium commands, join [here](https://discord.gg/QMTwmMZ) to get premium.** ### Bump Related: - `%setup` : Sets up bump reminder, add/create a remind channel and add or create a remind role. - `%test` : This will simulate a bump remind, so that you can check your current setup. - `%custom` : With this you can customize remind message. - `%delete` : Delete each kind of data. ### Bot Related: - `%help` : Gives you descriptions of top used commands and of all commands. - `%prefix` : To change the prefix. - `%policy` : This will give your policy, on how we store data. - `%invite` : This gives a invite link of the support server and the bot. - `%vote` : This will give a vote link to vote on your bot. - `%suggest`: Suggest Bugs & new Features! ### Moderation Commands: - `%addrole` : This will add a mentioned role to the user. - `%createcolorrole` : This creates nice color roles (37). - `%purge` : This will purge the messages with the chosen option. - `%warn` : This will warn the user witha reason (On Work). ### Fun Commands: - `%8ball` : Gives a random message. - `%ascii` : Converts a small text to a cool one. - `%dice` : Just a dice, nothing special. - `%flip` : Flip a coin and beat the bot. - `%meme` : Sends a funny meme. - `%rps` : Rock, Paper, Scissor, Can you beat the bot? - `%smart` : Test it and know, if you are really smart. ### Economy Commands: - `%balance` : Gives your balance. - `%beg` : Want money? run the command. - `%daily` : Gives you the daily coins. - `%lb` : Gives the reachest person. - `%search` : Search after coins in dumpster. - `%share` : Share your coins with your friends. - `%slot` : Lose your coins in the slot. ### Information Commands: - `%avater` : Will show the avatar of the mentioned user. - `%check`: Check the permissions of the mentioned user. - `%ping` : See the Bot latency. - `%server` : See general information about the server. - `%user` : See general information of the mentioned user. ### A Misc of Commands: - `%embed` : This will create a nice embed message. - `%disboardpage` : This will give the disboard page of your server. - `%passgen` : Generate a unhackable password! - `%poll` : Creates a Poll where users can vote. - `%setafk` : Change your Status to (non) afk. # Credits **Bot Developers** - Meister#9667 - HabvielRGBimPC#2087 - LilSadPanda#9989 **We would be happy when you could support us in a way!**