# Hack For Freedom Submission ## Name of Project* ### WatchdogDAO https://watchdogdao.eth.link <br> ## Project Description* ### Watchdog > An individual or group that monitors the activities of another entity (such as an individual, corporation, non-profit group, or governmental organization) on behalf of the public to ensure that entity does not behave illegally or unethically: All the unstoppable tech that we've been building and that we will continue to build, can be put to good use to empower citizens around the world. We can use DAOs and cryptoeconomics to incentivise recolection and storage of data about the functioning of our public institutions. To incentivize data analisis to find patterns and optimize our systems. People could coordinate in places and receive support where it would be dangerous to function as a centralized entity. We love building cool things. I support all the initiatives to create new forms of governance, virtual realities, digita jurisdictions, or whatever it is that we can dream up. But we also are living under a certain system. I think it's important to keep that system in check, and improve it, so that we can be free to buidl whatever we want. <br> ## Project Team* * Mauro Velazquez https://github.com/mauerv <br> ## A prototype (code or no-code)* ## MVP The MVP focuses on police accountability. It's an archive of instances of police abuse and overreach stored both on IPFS and Filecoin. There's a lovely app where you can see the archive https://watchdogdao.eth.link and also you can propose to add a Twitter account as an "archiver". The only current source for the archive is Twitter, and the way it works is that there is a DAO at http://rinkeby.aragon.org/#/watchdogedao that keeps a "Curated List" of approved archivers. The archivers and the DAO members are two separate entities. Archivers only need to know how to use twitter, they don't need to make any onchain desisions. Once an account has been approved as an archiver, they can mention our bot "@watchdogedao #archive" in reply to a relevant video, and the bot will store it on IPFS and Filecoin. You can't improve what you don't track and you can't make authorities make someone accountable if you don't have the data/footage/media as clear evidence. ### DAO The DAO is currently running on Rinkeby at http://rinkeby.aragon.org/#/watchdogedao It's a simple membership DAO, I would love to upgrade to Dandelion/Garden or similar if there's interest from the community to actually push this thing forwards. ### Curated List: Aragon App The Aragon app is deployed under list.open.aragonpm.eth I built a simple App that allows a DAO to curate a list of entities. Due to time constrains there's some things that are specific to this use case and I'll have to generalize it post-hackathon. Here's the repo: https://github.com/WatchdogeDAO/curated-list ### Curated List: Subgraph/Connector The app has its own subgraph/connector `npm install connect-thegraph-curated-list` in case anyone wants to tinker. The Repo: https://github.com/WatchdogeDAO/connect-thegraph-registry I also need to do a few tweaks to make it 100% general, but like I didn't had the time. ### Twitter Bot This one is interesting. It uses aragon-connect and my connector to see if a twitter account is part of a curated list. If it is, then you have special functionality. In my case storing on IPFS/Filecoin, but if there's interest, this too could become: "Check if entity belongs to curated list and execute generic callback". <br> ## Beta-product page + lead capture url https://watchdogdao.eth.link <br> ## Pitch-deck <br>