# 29 ideas have been submitted for Friday's discussions **1. On Friday we will split in groups to dive into some of them (probably not more than 6!). 2. Please go through the list and spot the ideas you'd like to vote for and discuss. 3. You'll have the opportunity to vote for ideas as soon as you come in on Friday. 4. We rarely get together physically, I'd recommend favoring conversations that we cannot have "online"** ## Ideas list - We are not Being ambitious enough - Contract wallets and oboarding - Blockchain agnosticism (not dependent on Ethereum). SCs --> eWasm - Expert Network - Includes reputation across a global skills taxonomy - Finding Product Market Fit - How Important is PMF at this stage of the project? - Improve aragonPM to be used for distribution of free stoftware. Promote it as a way to have developers install their packages from different registrars depending on the community that is curating it - DAO incubator to support DAOs - The shape of the Aragon Network - Startup(s) vs Open Source community/Open Organization - User centric multi-org views - ACL Oracles & permissions - Cross-chain UX - DAO Business Models - External UI Components - "Autonomous" Aragon Apps (don't need to be into an Aragon DAO to work, can be used by any DAO) - Curve discovery & curation - Signalling Methodology for ecosystem the ecosystem of project - Legal wrapper for Aragon orgs & compliance philosophy - Assessing Aragon's progress on its: Mission, product, organization and community. What are the strenghts, weaknesses and action steps - Towards a community DAO on Aragon - Pando's future: do we make a new Github or not? - Mapping and analyzing power dynamics in the Aragon Organization. What are the implications? - Is Aragon fully leveraging the Open Organization model? How? - Sourced - Court fee model? - Fundraising x Court = - What kind of Organizations should be "unstopable"? Given that Aragon use cases are not yet defined (corporates, nonprofits)? - Advancing the permission system/ACL - ACL parametrization - Jorge to explain how the Agent tech works - fundrasing x court ### The picnic was awesome, thank you all for joining :)