# Embedded active vision and artificial intelligence for body localization applied to the understanding of swimming movement _by Bertret Victor & Gauthier Guillaume - 2021.07.12_ ###### tags: `VAADER` `Seminar` ![](https://i.imgur.com/DFgaxRO.jpg) ## Abstract The main purpose of the internship is the creation of an active vision system whose objective is to extract the area of the image containing the region of interest, in this case the body of the athlete and to transmit this image to the central processing system. The active vision in an aquatic environment and swimming conditions is a real challenge for image processing algorithm designers because it will be disturbed by the presence of light reflections, frequent occlusions of the region of interest and disruptions related to bubbles formed by the swimmer movements. Victor is in charge of the study and comparison in simulation of active vision algorithms allowing the localization of the swimmer in the image. Guillaume focus on the implementation of an embedded solution to demonstrate the portability of the algorithms considered in real time on a video stream. ## Video {%youtube ckIKw4ISDgU %}