# **Rent Thermal Validation Equipment** Kaye offers rental [validation equipment](https://www.kayeinstruments.com/en/services-rental/rentals/get-return-authorization-rma-2) solutions to help customers in meeting peak demands, during unexpected situations or calibrations, and to minimize downtime of important processes. **Use our rental fleet - not only for last minute needs.** **Short or long term solutionsfor your [validation equipment](https://www.kayeinstruments.com/en/services-rental/rentals/get-return-authorization-rma-2)** To assist customers in meeting peak demands, unexpected situations or evaluations and also to minimize downtime of important processes, we offer an array of measurement, test and calibration equipment on a short or long term rental basis.Nearly all of Kayes validation equipment can be rented using customizable contracts. The rental program offers a simple, quick and affordable solution for any unexpected measurement needs within your validation equipment. Rentals allow you to be fully operational when unforeseen challenges arise with up to date equipment. **Rental with traceability guaranteed!** Each piece of validation equipment unit in our rental fleet receives a full service evaluation and calibration prior to returning to inventory, ensuring accurate and dependable instruments are ready to ship in robust and professional shipping boxes. **Benefits** * Factory Guarantee with Technical Support * Latest Hardware and Software Versions * The World's Largest Validation Equipment Rental Inventory * Ready to Ship from our Factory * Traceability Guaranteed Click here to know more about [Validation Equipment](https://www.kayeinstruments.com/en/services-rental/rentals/get-return-authorization-rma-2).