# **Flexible Real-Time Temperature Data Logger** The small and flexible sensor of the [real time data logger](https://www.kayeinstruments.com/en/validation-systems/wireless-validation-logger-systems/kaye-valprobe-rt-temp-logger-flexible-sensors) allows usage in most of the Pharma applications and it can also be used in combination with very small vials. Single, dual, and 5-channel flexible wireless loggers for use in most pharma applications and in combination with small vials. The Kaye ValProbe RT [Real Time Data Logger](https://www.kayeinstruments.com/en/validation-systems/wireless-validation-logger-systems/kaye-valprobe-rt-temp-logger-flexible-sensors)s come in many different configurations with rigid, bendable, and flexible sensors. The flexible Real Time Data Loggers are available with Single, Dual or 5 sensor configurations. Each flexible Real Time Data Logger provides 1000,000 samples per sensor of data storage and backup. The flexible Real Time Data Logger comes with a 40 inch flexible Teflon coated extension wire and a stainless tip for protection of the RTD sensor. The temperature range of the Logger is -85C to +140C. The 5 Sensor [Real Time Data Logger](https://www.kayeinstruments.com/en/validation-systems/wireless-validation-logger-systems/kaye-valprobe-rt-temp-logger-flexible-sensors) is ideal for validation of shelves where 1 logger can provide sensors for the corners and center of the shelf without the cost and space for needing 5 separate loggers. The flexibility and length of the sensor make it ideal for sterilizer drains, SIP applications, penetration studies in vials etc. Click here to know more about [Real Time Data Logger](https://www.kayeinstruments.com/en/validation-systems/wireless-validation-logger-systems/kaye-valprobe-rt-temp-logger-flexible-sensors).