# NoNAM.E [TOC] :::success **context** These ideas which fly through space, and which, suddenly, collide with the walls of the skull. There, in the flow, float the ghosts. Ghost in the machine. What should our imaginations be used for? What kinds of worlds and relationships should they help to bring? The idea is to think about the imagination ability as a muscle to build up as if we were going in a fitness club. It is about putting in place practices of care and kinship, as well as poetic guerilla warfare, in order to help social and political struggles. + B Latour Faitcihe and iconoclash word ::: ## MEETING OUR GHOSTS (PART I) :::success **rules** * introduce ourselves with a sign, with the hand, with the body * find your own ghost, draw it, name it * put some skills, abilities, word or drawing as a pokemon card * explain this magic friend, and free your ghost for all the week ::: ### Here are the ghosts : drawing and explanation **1 BEETLE TREE** ![](https://i.imgur.com/FoDkXnq.jpg =500x400) ----- **2 MAGGIE** ![](https://i.imgur.com/7214db2.jpg =500x400) ----- **3 OCTO PLUS** ![](https://i.imgur.com/3oY6OD4.jpg =500x400) ----- **4 roll---.A** ![](https://i.imgur.com/GJ2AwbK.jpg =500x400) ----- **5 vVvV** ![](https://i.imgur.com/xzvDaFL.jpg =500x400) ----- **6 dragon** ![](https://i.imgur.com/nrX5sdm.png =500x400) ----- **7 LEVI** ![](https://i.imgur.com/Mhx9cVE.jpg =500x400) ----- **8 50 Hz** ![](https://i.imgur.com/VP5iwdn.jpg =500x400) ----- **9 FRED** ![](https://i.imgur.com/ugXN8B1.jpg =500x400) ----- **10 Lvl37** ![](https://i.imgur.com/7f8HDjx.jpg =500x400) ----- **11 ilo** ![](https://i.imgur.com/CjtadWi.jpg =500x400) ----- **12 Beer Bottle** ![](https://i.imgur.com/Ec7weYR.jpg =500x400) ----- **13 Zizek** ![](https://i.imgur.com/B5LZKx0.jpg =500x400) ----- **14 An : Doesn-t-HAVE** ![](https://i.imgur.com/Vr76ti9.jpg =500x400) ---- **14 Gege** ![](https://i.imgur.com/Micg2bL.jpg =500x400) *no voice, no sound, spirit only* ## MAKING A COMMUNITY (PART II) :::success I draw each ghost in a map. They live in different **times**, years,..., but in the same **frequency**. Easy to communicate, some concerns about movement between space-time. * In "Gamma ray" : **50 Hz, Beer Bottle, octo plus, beatle tree** * In "Infrared" : **Fred, Zyzek, Maggie, An** * In "Micro wave" : **VvVv, iLO, gege** * In "radio" : **dragon, ###l23l___, roll__.A, Levi** This defines 4 communities whose characteristics,skills and habilities will be detailed below. ::: ![](https://i.imgur.com/jfvhKJQ.jpg) ### community I in "Gamma ray" ![](https://i.imgur.com/eUKCbta.jpg) :::danger **Sound Gatherers** have the ability to identify surrounding sounds and store them in a collective and distributed memory. Equipped with an internal looper system, the members of this community analyse each sound by comparing it to the 432 KHz value, the cross-over standard over time of their timeless negotiation system. It is said that they would have anaesthetised Heinrich Heinz when he died to synchronise with his bio-acoustic brain rhythm. Gathering once a year on 15 March (in honour of 15/03/1888), they organize a healing ritual where white noise is combined with the sounds they have gathered all year, a kind of [miracle tone] (https://www.marlenebloomingarts.com/the-miracle-tone/). :::info :::Les **Cueilleurs de sons** ont la capacité d'identifier les sons environnants et de les stocker dans une mémoire collective et distribuée. Dotés d'un système de boucleur interne, les membres de cette communauté analysent chaque son en le comparant à la valeur de 432 KHz, la norme de croisement dans le temps de leur système de négociation intemporel. On dit qu'ils auraient anesthésié Heinrich Heinz à sa mort pour se synchroniser avec le rythme bio-acoustique de son cerveau. Se réunissant une fois par an le 15 mars (en l'honneur du 15/03/1888), ils organisent un rituel de guérison où le bruit blanc est combiné aux sons qu'ils ont recueillis toute l'année, une sorte de [miracle tone] (https://www.marlenebloomingarts.com/the-miracle-tone/). ::: ### community II in "Infrared" ![](https://i.imgur.com/4nDYDD9.jpg) :::danger **Wave hunters** travel all year round in search of past lives, wave traces to build up a reserve of waves and sounds. Very interested in animal cries and calls, their goal is to model new animal cries or reproduce synthetic sounds of extinct species. Their chief- great master [Huia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huia) guides them to gradually bring out of these human ruins a new language crossing onomatopoeics, gnoseosophy towards a neo science of desire-knowledge. Their goal ? to fill the silences with infrared particles, to finally ensure a continuity between spaces and species towards a static infra-world. :::info **Les chasseurs d'ondes** voyagent toute l'année à la recherche de vies antérieures, de traces d'ondes pour se constituer une réserve d'ondes et de sons. Très intéressés par les cris et les appels des animaux, leur but est de modéliser de nouveaux cris d'animaux ou de reproduire des sons synthétiques d'espèces disparues. Leur chef-grand maître [Huia] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huia) les guide pour faire émerger progressivement de ces ruines humaines un nouveau langage croisant onomatopées, gnoséosophie vers une néo-science du désir-connaissance. Leur but ? Remplir les silences de particules infrarouges, pour enfin assurer une continuité entre les espaces et les espèces vers un infra-monde statique. ::: ::: ### community III in "Micro wave" ![](https://i.imgur.com/OvrIj97.jpg) :::danger **The form engravers** leave visual traces in the different times and eras in which they have been abandoned. These forgotten people from the depths of sound, live hidden, concealed. Stealthy and ephemeral, their written messages are like invisible, sonorous and radiant street art. Their messages do not wait for a response, writing is a discourse-media that defuses violence by suspending the immediacy of the response. Their messages thus resonate with the outside world. By retroacting, these capsules broadcast waves of 'peace', a call to join them. :::info **Les graveurs de formes** laissent des traces visuelles dans les différents temps et époques où ils ont été abandonnés. Ces oubliés des profondeurs du son, vivent cachés, dissimulés. Furtifs et éphémères, leurs messages écrits sont comme du street art invisible, sonore et rayonnant. Leurs messages n'attendent pas de réponse, l'écriture est un discours-média qui désamorce la violence en suspendant l'immédiateté de la réponse. Leurs messages entrent ainsi en résonance avec le monde extérieur. En rétroagissant, ces capsules diffusent des ondes de "paix", un appel à les rejoindre. ::: ::: ### community IV in "Radio" ![](https://i.imgur.com/6L6iV8D.jpg) :::danger **The dreamers of signs** wait for their time. Everything collapses, everything metamorphoses, everything changes. The sign dreamers wait. DNA scattered from the corpses of several [Vampyroteuthis infernalis](https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vampire_des_abysses) brought to the surface of the seas, these limbs form the branches of a higher being with joints connected by radio wave. :::info **Les rêveurs de signes** attendent leur heure. Tout s'effondre, tout se métamorphose, tout change. Les rêveurs de signes attendent. ADN dispersé des cadavres de plusieurs [Vampyroteuthis infernalis](https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vampire_des_abysses) remontés à la surface des mers, ces membres forment les branches d'un être supérieur aux articulations reliées par onde radio. ::: ::: ## ANECDOTES AND STORY (PART III) :::success Tell us an anecdote about how you met this community or at least one of its members. in connection with the information above. ::: ### community I in "Gamma ray" : * 50 Hz :::info While hunting for unheard creature sounds I was stung by the deadly fangs of the 50Hz drone ::: * Beer Bottle :::info write here a short story : .... ::: * Octo plus :::info write here a short story : .... ::: * BeatleTree :::info write here a short story : .... ::: ### community II in "Infrared" : * Fred :::info write here a short story : .... ::: * Zyzek :::info write here a short story : .... ::: * Maggie :::info write here a short story : .... ::: * An :::info While hunting for unheard creature sounds I was stung by the deadly fangs of the 50Hz drone ::: ### community III in "Micro wave" : * VvVv :::info ILOs soft touch travelled to my cheek through microwaves transported by the rotation of dancing molecules. It was a night with a peculiarly clear sky, so every star shone with its brightest potential, allowing the sky’s asymmetries to fortify my quorum sensing and find gege on my way to search for ILO. gege was, which allowed me to be too. Spacing out with Gege was easy and traveling through dimensions allowed me to be in many places at once - this is how I found ILO and returned the soft touch that I could still feel on my cheek. Looking back for as long as a blink of an eye, I could see traces of my journey - in all times and dimensions, my deep and sincere desire for connection paved the way for my people to find me again. ::: * ILO :::info write here a short story : .... ::: * gege :::info write here a short story : .... ::: ### community IV in "Radio" : * dragon :::info write here a short story : .... ::: * ###l23l___ :::info It is after a very long sleep,that ####lvl37____ met Levi. ####lvl37____ is a very empathetic beings, and when sleeping, this ability is multiplied. Once it was wandering around, ####lvl37____ found a shoe (it was Levi's one, but it didn't know it yet) and tried it. After trying the shoe on its foot, ####lvl37____ felt a strong energy channeling toe by toe and encompass all its being. At night, when its went to sleep, ####lvl37____ met the shoe's owner, Levi, in its dreams. ::: * roll__.A :::info write here a short story : .... ::: * Levi :::info Levi has the ability to float, and was floating over the ocean when it heared the the hiss of roll__.A as radiowaves. Through combining their abilities, they started to figure out interference patterns in the ocean waves. From this they understood where the islands are. And they started traveling to those islands. ::: ## SOUNDS TELLING AND STREAMING (PART IV) :::success * find a sound, a cut in a song, make it, ... in relation with your sign, a/or your ghost, his story copy/paste it here ::: ### share sounds in relation with your community, your ghost * you can upload .mp3 here :(good LINK!!) **[click to UPLOAD](https://son.jet-asso.fr/s/ddnootHWEMnCC3E)** ## (RE)SOURCES * inspiration : https://hackmd.io/@chronotopium/home-en * come on : https://hackmd.io/@chronotopium/home