Community Rules and Guidelines --- _Last update: 2020-03-31_ -------- The goal of our community is to provide a friendly, welcoming, constructive, and above all, safe place for discussing our services as well as homebrew in general. To work towards this goal, we have these rules and guidelines - please read them and follow them at all times. In most cases, the following will result in an immediate, permanent ban: - Participation in brigades, raids, or organised spamming. - The use of derogatory slurs (whether sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise), or any targeted harassment/discrimation towards a particular person or minority group. - Evading moderation actions (such as bans, kicks or mutes) with alternative accounts or other loopholes. - Posting content that features nudity, heavy sexually suggestive themes, drug use, blood/gore, animal cruelty, and/or anything else that may be considered 18+ ('NSFW'). - Joining our Discord while under 13, as per the [Discord Terms of Use]( The following are more likely to result in a warning, but extreme or repeated violations may also result in a permanent ban: - Harassing staff or Kaeru Team developers, e.g for ETAs or support. - **Do not DM the team for support** unless instructed otherwise or in the limited scenarios set out in these rules. - Repeatedly demanding support, or asking for support without reading relevant FAQs / pinned messages. - Arguing with staff about moderation actions, whether they apply to you or others. - If the affected person wishes to complain, they can e-mail us to appeal as set out below. - Spam, including in DMs, any kind of unauthorised advertising, and off-topic discussions; please note that **we expressly prohibit advertising invite links** to other Discord guilds as we are unable to check them. - Discussing or promoting copyright infringement, or pirated content such as 'backups', 'warez' or ROMs. This includes anything related to piracy websites, ROM files or hardware/software that enables piracy, as well as official SDKs that are only officially available under NDAs. - Be aware that even if a piece of content is or was available at no cost, you don't necessarily automatically have the right to share it. - This includes, for example, Miitomo APKs, whether patched or otherwise, as these contain proprietary Nintendo code that they (probably) haven't given you a licence to redistribute. - Furthermore, it is not permitted to link to piracy sites or sites primarily used to encourage piracy. <!-- such as --> - _To reiterate, in particular, **do not ask for or share to Miitomo APKs/IPAs, whether patched or not**, this is **illegal**._ The key thing to take from this is to be respectful of others. Always *THINK* before you speak: - Is it **T**rue? - Is it **H**elpful? - Is it **I**nspiring? - Is it **N**ecessary? - Is it **K**ind? Violations of the above policies will result in sanctions issued at moderator discretion; additonally, deliberate attempts to skirt around the rules will be treated more severely. Please bear in mind that the team all work out of the goodness of their own hearts and this is frequently tested to the limit; please try to make an effort to solve problems by yourself before asking others. Using our services and participating in our community is a privilege and not a right. Finally, whilst we're proud to have a diverse range of people from all around the world within our community, we ask that you stick to English only here, as we don't speak every single language which can make moderation difficult. Along these lines, please ensure that the first character of your nickname is alphanumeric (a plain ASCII letter or number) - avoid misuse of Unicode characters / 'bold letters' etc. --- ## Channel Guide * ### News, information and updates: * **#welcome-rules** * This channel holds links to our community rules and other essential information. * **#news** * For news and updates relating to the community and Kaeru Team as a whole. * **#kaeru-gallery-news, #kaerutomo-news, #kaeru-wfc-news, #kaeru-duel-news, etc.** * For service-specific news. * **#git-log** * A log of selected recent development activity. * ### Dev Streams * This category is used for development livestreams that may be hosted from time to time. * **Dev Streaming (VC)** * Used to hold the stream itself and for related chat. * **#dev-stream-chat** * For text chat related to the stream or conversations in the voice chat. * ### Technical Support * Here we have general support channels for support using or setting up Kaeru services. * If you're having account-related issues, tag the service owner: * **Kaeru Gallery**: Lauren (thejsa) * **Kaerutomo**: Shutterbug2000 * Please be patient if you don't get help immediately - nobody here is paid for their work. * ### Chat * **#starboard** * Acts as a kind of community-operated pinboard - messages to which several people react with a star get added here automatically. * **#introductions** * Use this channel to introduce yourself to the community and to welcome new members. * **#kaeru-general** * For general discussion related to Kaeru services and the team's work. * **#suggestions** * Suggest improvements to Kaeru services or the community here. * **#show-and-tell** * Share things you've made or some interesting content you've found, whether it be artwork, code, videos, tweets, funny jokes, etc -- as long as it follows the rules. * Please note that Discord server invites/links shouldn't be shared here unless you have permission, thanks! * **#off-topic** * For off-topic discussion that doesn't fit anywhere else. (No spam!) * **#tech** * A place for techy discussions. * **#gaming** * For discussion about gaming and arranging online play matches. * **#random** * For interfacing with bots and for memes (remember, the rules still apply here!) * **General (VC)** * General voice chat. * **Music (VC)** * A higher-bandwidth voice chat for using music bots. * **Donators (VC) _[Donators Only]_** * A dedicated voice chat especially for donators and contributors (only visible to them and staff) * ### Kaerutomo Community * This is a category dedicated to Kaerutomo's community, our Miitomo replacement server. * **#miifoto-sharing** * Share your Miifoto creations here. * **#miitomo-friend-requests** * Share your Kaerutomo friends links and find others to add on Kaerutomo. * **#question-submissions** * Submit ideas for questions. * **#questions-discussion** * Discuss ideas for questions. * ### Kaerutomo Beta _[Donators Only]_ * This category is dedicated to our Kaerutomo beta programme, access to which is granted to those who donate to the project as a thank-you for their support. * **#miitomo-beta-info** * A channel where the team and staff may post updates about the beta. * **#miitomo-beta-discussion** * A channel for discussion about the Kaerutomo beta. --- ## Getting in touch For most concerns about rule breaches, etc, please tag an online moderator to draw their attention to it (only one, please, unless you don't receive a reply) or email us at If you wish to appeal a ban or similar, this is also the way to go. If you have more serious concerns about other community members, content shared, or about staff, you can alternatively DM Lauren (thejsa#7237) and/or email the team at the above address. Finally, if you believe someone is immediately at serious risk of harm, in addition to contacting us as above, please contact the appropriate authorities. For any legal concerns, such as data protection subject access requests or copyright takedown requests, contact the team via email at -------- ## Acknowledgements Kaeru Team would like to thank the ReSwitched team for publishing their Discord rules document under a permissive licence - it was a brilliant start to our long-needed refresh.