# Creating an Aztec Account Contract - [Github Repo to follow along](https://github.com/critesjosh/aztec-account-abstraction-workshop) - [Aztec Docs: Quickstart](https://docs.aztec.network/dev_docs/getting_started/quickstart) - Example [Schnorr Signer account contract](https://github.com/AztecProtocol/aztec-packages/tree/master/yarn-project/noir-contracts/src/contracts/schnorr_account_contract) ## Setup **Docker** - start Docker - Install the sandbox and CLI ```bash DEBUG=aztec:simulator:oracle /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL 'https://sandbox.aztec.network')" ``` **NPM** 1. start an Eth node ```bash anvil ``` 2. Start the sandbox ```bash npx @aztec/aztec-sandbox ``` 3. Install the CLI ```bash npm i -g @aztec/cli ``` ### Contract Syntax Highlighting *Optional, but recommended* This is achieved with the Noir Language Server (LSP). 1. Install `noirup`: ```bash curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/noir-lang/noirup/main/install | bash ``` 2. Install Aztec-Noir: ```bash noirup -v v0.18.0-aztec.5 ```