CDT Monthly Call October 7 2020 === :::info - **Location:** [:computer: Zoom Meeting]( ([full details below](#Connection-Details)) - **Date:** October 7, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) ([Calendar/ICS]( - **Agenda** 1. Welcome and sign yourself in [name=Jonah Graham] [name=William Riley] [name=Torbjörn Svensson] [name=Alexander Fedorov] [name=Jeff Johnston] [name=John Dallaway] [name=Tony Homer] 3. Actions from last meeting 4. CDT 10.0.1 Critical Bug Fix Release 5. State of QT plug-ins - **Contact:** <> - **Reference:** [Last month meeting]( ::: ## Connection Details Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 545 364 607 Passcode: 196590 Dial by your location find your local number: ## Actions from last meeting details ## Minutes - Brief discussion of 10.0.1 and 10.1.0 releases - CDT 10.1.0 will have the annual release review - No one has experience with QT plug-ins on the call - Jonah will raise a bug to deprecate for eventual removal - Validation errors on Launch - John raised that there are new validation on launch errors related to httpcomponents. Jonah will investigate, but they may be transient to Orbit releasing 2020-09 M1, but platform dep on 2020-06 R - Formatting CDT Native Code - Torbjörn is going to investigate and format all the native code in CDT to a consistent standard with the intention that those standards are enforced in code cleanliness checks - Project references - John shared his investigations on fixing and improving project references - See [Bug 566892]( and linked bugs in Comment 1 - John wants to make changes - Some objections from Alexander F were discussed. Substance of discussion to be discussed in a bug. - Tony raised question on how to debug [Bug 567496]( - Jonah recommended posting to cdt-dev and will provide links to recent recommendations from folks who are more familiar with the parser and indexer who weren't on the call today - Torbjörn discussion about clean issue [Bug 330204]( ### Next Meeting - Next meeting: [Nov 4 at 11am](