CDT Monthly Call December 8 2021 === :::info - **Location:** [:computer: Zoom Meeting]( ([full details below](#Connection-Details)) - **Date:** December 8, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) ([Calendar/ICS]( - **Agenda** 1. Welcome and sign yourself in [name=John Dallaway] [name=Jonah Graham] [name=Jeff Johnston] [name=Erik Hentschke] [name=Torbjörn Svensson] [name=Anton Krug] [name=William Riley] 3. Actions from last meeting - **Action**: Anton to raise specific bugs if there is anything on CDT side that can/should be done and notify cdt-dev so that interested parties can join the discussion re long paths (See last meeting minutes for details) 4. 2021-12 5. Ticket 577263 - How to handle libraries for projects using managed build. 6. Any other business? - **Contact:** <> - **Reference:** [Previous and future meetings on CDT Wiki]( ::: ## Connection Details Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 545 364 607 Passcode: 196590 Dial by your location find your local number: ## Actions from last meeting details - Anton and long paths. **Action carried forward to January** ## Minutes - Erik introduces background to [bug 577263]( - The final output of the tool is not executable but a zip - There is a list option on the tool that has regressed due to [bug 564257]( - the change in bug 564257 was done for CDT 10.0 major release and advertised in the N&N - This means the command generator is not run anymore due to libs not being in the list - Various options have been discussed on how to solve - **Action (John)** Review gerrit to share opinion - **Action (Torbjörn)** put comments in bug on "getLibs" - Long paths - Torbjörn looking at JNA options that may solve long paths - Some bad news is that doing JNA cannot do forks of JVM. - Some problems with JustJ - it includes long paths with maven coordinates - There is public domain code in 7-zip to convert long paths to UNC - **Action (Jonah)** Share bug about JNA with UTF-8 problems - **Done**: [Bug 572294]( - OpenJDK discussion - See - 2021-12 - Release today! - Moving org.eclipse.remote - The org.eclipse.remote code is moving to CDT. Goal is to get it in in time for M1 (early January) - See [Bug 577097]( - Moving GitHub - CDT will be moving at some point - no date yet, this is just the monthly reminder. ### Next Meeting [January 12 at 11am (Ottawa, Canada time)](