# What is the Typical Turnaround Time for Minor and Major Panel Repairs In the event that an accident or other occurrence damages your automobile, panel repairs will probably be necessary before it appears brand new. Panel damage may vary from little scratches and dents to large repairs needed for smashes. The degree and kind of damage determines how long panel beating and repairs take. An overview of typical turnaround times from panel beaters and auto body shops is provided below. ![What is the Typical Turnaround Time for Minor and Major Panel Repairs](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HkuUW8yU6.jpg) **Minor Panel Repairs** Small dents, scratches, and paint chips that don't compromise the vehicle's structural integrity are considered minor panel damage. This category often includes repairs for mild accident scrapes, parking lot dings, hail damage dents, and rust spots. Most panel repair facilities have a one-to-three-day turnaround time for repairs for minor damage. This short turnaround time is due to the ease of use and speed of minor repairs including metal polishing, paintless dent removal, and spot paint touch-ups. Minor repairs may often be completed in a day or two by a reliable and skilled panel beater. **Major Panel Repairs** Car crash damage deforms sheet metal panels and destroys the frame and structure, requiring major panel repairs. High-speed accidents with solid objects or other cars occur in this kind of repair work. Large external sections including doors, hoods, fenders, quarter panels, and bumper bars are often affected. Major collision repairs take a lot longer to perform than minor solutions. Major repair tasks typically need a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks. Panel beating, frame straightening, panel replacement, mechanical repairs, paint matching, detailing, etc. are needed for extensive damage. The timetable is extended by a few extra days in the event that the repair shop has to make an order with the manufacturer for bespoke replacement panels. If you choose an accelerated service, you could be able to have important repairs completed in 3-5 days instead of the usual time. But this will result in a lower-quality finish and more labor costs. Give your selected car body repair business at least 1-2 weeks to complete significant smash repairs for the best quality that matches factory standards. **Another Panel Repair Consideration** The time required for the **[panel beater Moorabbin](https://glossworks.com.au/)** to fix your automobile may also depend on the supply of components and supplies. The workshop may have problems finding original panels, lighting, chrome trim, and other parts for older, rare, or exotic vehicles. The whole repair time will probably increase by a few days due to this component sourcing difficulty. **Conclusion** Most excellent panel repair firms like panel beater in Moorabbin can cure parking lot scratches and minor dents in 1-3 days. More involved accident damage repair tasks, however, usually need 1-2 weeks to do correctly. If you need your vehicle back sooner, ask for a fast service, but be prepared for a greater price and maybe lesser quality.