# A LOOK INTO VINTAGE WATCHES In 1940s Two-Tone Dial Minerva Chronograph Ref. 1335 We offer a choice of more than 15 new timepieces at the HODINKEE Shop in addition to this week's vintage lineup. Six of them stand out above the rest, which our team has highlighted here. One was inspired by a racing-themed ad campaign from the 1970s; another uses cutting-edge materials and design to make you feel like a secret agent; a third is a big player with subtle strength. Warning: One of these is **[Swiss eta watches](https://www.freakforwatches.com/ETA-watches-india/)** with the finer points of a true vintage jewel, the Rolex ref. 6239 "Big" Daytona, whose finer features are guaranteed to appeal to a collector with an eye for the subtle details. You can check out all these watches for yourself on our website, or you can read on to learn more about the six watches teased here. ![A LOOK INTO VINTAGE WATCHES](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/ByOGPvyU6.png) I've been working from home more often these last few months, which has helped me appreciate more facets of watch collecting in general and pocket watches in particular. Although I don't personally own any pocket watches, I do have a couple that I've been experimenting with lately. **[SUPER CLONE WATCH](https://www.freakforwatches.com/)** Though they serve a distinct purpose, they feel and operate similarly to a conventional pocket watch. When this arrived on my desk, after all this time spent thinking more about pocket replica watches, it was instant love. Many people regard the Daytona as the king of chronographs. And with good cause, too. You can't stop staring at this watch once you put it on your wrist. This particular model, the 6239,is the first reference model that Rolex released in 1963. This particular watch dates back to 1966. Although it still had both "Daytona" and "Cosmograph" on the dial, it was already known by this moniker rather than the original "Cosmograph." The watch we're looking at today features a black dial with inverted panda-style silver-white registers. Additionally, the steel bezel and pump pushers look really elegant and understated together.Because of the huge typeface used for the Daytona name at the top of the dial, this particular watch is known as the "Big" Daytona. It's all about the little things when it comes to collecting watches, and this Daytona is no exception.