# Meetings Last updated: 2024-04-28 URL for this page: https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/meetings URL for this site: https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/how-we-work Our team meets virtually online several times per week. We use synchronous face-to-face meetings to coordinate our individual and group tasks and projects, to plan ahead, to review our past work, and to discuss other relevant issues. Our online synchronous sessions supplement our asynchronous communication channels (Slack, Asana, Google Workspace, and email). ## Norms We strive to respect one another's time by - Setting meeting agendas at least 24 hours in advance. :writing_hand: - Arriving at meetings on time, or even a minute early. :alarm_clock: - Starting and ending meetings on time. :heartpulse: - Sticking to each meeting's purpose + agenda. :hammer_and_wrench: - Documenting proceedings and decisions. :heavy_check_mark: See below for more detail. ## Weekly cadence Although we work across several time zones and often asynchronously, our normal work week begins on Monday morning and ends on Friday afternoon. A description of each of our regular meeting types and our week-by-week meeting cadence is below. ### Mondays We typically schedule weekly or bi-weekly individual 1:1 (one-to-one) meetings with one another on Mondays. For example, on Mondays X will meet with Y for 30-45 minutes, then Y will meet with Z for 45 minutes, then Z will meet with Q for 30-45 minutes, and so on. We also have a few coordinating meetings on Mondays, including a weekly standup for the Research team (including contractors), Product meetings (as needed), and State of Open Infrastructure meetings. While we try to hold most of those meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they may be scheduled on Mondays to accomodate time zones and availability. ### Tuesdays Our weekly group **IOI Weekly Team Meeting** and **Finance & Operations** meetings each take place on Tuesdays. **IOI Weekly Team meeting** Purpose + Attendees: An "all-hands" meeting to discuss matters related to organizational efficiency and strategy across teams and ongoing projects. This is also a place for teammates to gain visibility into the work of others across the organization, identify and address blockers, and make cross-org decisions, as needed. Hosts: Lead by Executive Director with Department Leads and Administration as alternative hosts. As of 2023-06-20, we base much of our discussion and record notes on our [Asana](https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/tools-we-use#Asana) instance -- organized by "*Progress check-in*," "*Blockers*," "*Action Items*," "*Needs discussion*," "*Wins & Appreciation checkout*," and our previous agenda and notes, stored in the Team Drive, held in "*Reference*." :left_speech_bubble: This meeting is 75 minutes, weekly. **Finance & Operations meeting** What this meeting is for: Decision making around budget, finance, governance, and operational/management matters (ie., personnel). ### Wednesdays No meetings. :slightly_smiling_face: Need to schedule a call on this day? It's OK -- it happens! Please be mindful of others' work time and needs, and confirm availability before booking. ### Thursdays **Weekly Cross-Team Meeting** We reserve 1.5 hours for cross-team meetings on Thursdays. This is for all staff to work with and learn about the work of your peers, often outside your core department responsibilities. Topics are confirmed in the Weekly Staff meeting on Tuesdays, with former rotating topics including Outreach and Engagement, Business Development & Funding, and Research. ### Fridays We use Fridays for additional, ad hoc 1:1 or group meetings as needed-- for instance about work in progress or upcoming projects, or co-working / co-writing sessions. --- ## Other meetings ### Onboarding new hires *See also: [Onboarding checklist for staff](https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/welcome) + [Onboarding checklist for short-term contractors](https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/contractor-welcome)* ### Offboarding / exit meetings *See also: [Offboarding checklist](https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/offboarding)* ### External collaborators See: IOI's guide to [meeting with external collaborators](https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/meeting-with-external-collaborators) --- ## Documentation ### Calendaring We keep track of our individual and group meetings -- both internal and external -- via Google Calendar (part of [Google Workspace](https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/tools-we-use#Google-Workspace)). We maintain a "team calendar" that includes our group meetings, other team events, official country holidays, and individuals' personal time off (PTO). :spiral_calendar_pad: Please record your individual personal time off (PTO) in both the team calendar and your own individual calendar. ### Call notes #### Starting a new call notes document (if it doesn't already exist) We strive to keep all documents in the IOI Team Drive (with the exception of sensitive personnel and budget information, which is kept in IOI Management Drive.) If you're having a call, please search the IOI Team Drive to see if an existing call notes document exists already that we can add to. If not, please create a new document using the Call Notes template (File -> New -> From Template Gallery) and share with other colleagues who may be joining the call, as well. #### Steps for renaming + moving external call notes We strive to efficiently organize our meeting documentation so that it is easy to find and reuse. We also aim to annually archive notes that are inactive. If you plan to hold a formal IOI meeting with someone IOI has already met with in previous years, please find the notes document in the previous year's notes folder. You will then rename the file and move it into the current year's folder. Here is an example. **Step 1.** IOI met in 2022 with Jo Schmoe. Find the notes document in Google Drive (see illustration below). > ![last year notes position](https://i.imgur.com/9Bs0Hpp.png) . **Step 2.** Open the notes document and add a new section for your upcoming meeting on 2023-01-25 (see illustration below). > ![add new meeting date](https://i.imgur.com/nTJHLoG.jpg) . **Step 3.** Change the file name from <*JoSchmoe_CallNotes_2022-07-29*> to <*JoSchmoe_CallNotes*> (see illustrations below). Change old file name ... > ![last year to current filename transition](https://i.imgur.com/JwdqspW.png) . ... to new file name. > ![current notes file name](https://i.imgur.com/rewJMy4.png) . **Step 4.** Next, move the file from the previous year's folder to the current year's folder (see illustration below). > ![current notes position](https://i.imgur.com/z89H96S.png) ## Recordings - We do not record team meetings by default - unless at the request of a team member (e.g. who cannot attend a meeting and wants to catch up at a later time) - Where meetings with external stakeholders (i.e. not team members) are recorded: - the meeting should only be recorded with explicit concent from the participants in the meeting; - within 4 hours after the end of the recorded meeting, the recording should be stored in [Sync](https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/tools-we-use?type=view#Sync), and made accessible to all team sync accounts to ensure they're accessible. Where helpful, the person handling the recording should also share a link to that recording in the appropriate team Slack channel. (Also see [the infomation management guide](https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/info-management?type=view#Preservation) for more information.) --- ## See also - [IOI job descriptions](https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/job-descriptions) - Archived copy of this page (via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine): https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://hackmd.io/@investinopen/meetings --- ## Further reading - Center for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas' Community Tool Box chapter on [Group Facilitation and Problem-Solving](https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/leadership/group-facilitation). - National School Reform Faculty's [Pocket Guide to Probing Questions](https://www.nsrfharmony.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/probing_questions_guide.pdf), 2017. - Range's [Run effective daily standup meetings](https://www.range.co/blog/complete-guide-daily-standup-meeting-agenda), 2022. - Ways of Council's [What is Council Practice?](https://waysofcouncil.net/what-is-council/) --- **Acknowledgements**: We have found inspiration for meeting norms and structures in documentation by [GitLab](https://about.gitlab.com/company/culture/all-remote/meetings/), [JupyterLab](https://github.com/jupyterlab/team-compass), and others. 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