# Beragarh: The Best Resort to Stay in Bera A modern, comfortable lodge in the wilderness that blurs the lines between a home and a resort. The wildlife and plants of Jawai have been preserved because of the rock formations formed over billions of years. This small community, named for the river Jawai, is quickly gaining popularity as a destination for exploration among families, groups of friends, and adventurers of all ages. Jawai Bandh is a wonderful place. A magnificent ecosystem is created by the hills of solidified lava and the natural habitat. Moreover, Jawai bera safari in Rajasthan is well-known for its sanctuaries for crocodiles, birds, and leopards. More than 100 species of migrating birds frequent it each year, making it a wintertime haven for them. You may enjoy a [leopard safari in jawai](https://beragarh.com/activities/) addition to seeing panthers, hyenas, chinkaras, nilgais, bears, and wolves. Your visit will be memorable due to Beragarh Jawai's rustic, brave, and beautiful nature, [luxury family rooms in Bera](https://beragarh.com/rooms/), and dedication to this ecologically balanced location.Yet, it is primarily renowned for its friendly leopards. One of the [best resort in Jawai](https://beragarh.com/) is Beragarh. At this lovely location, visitors may explore the local fauna, go on treks, visit temples, and much more. As you gaze deeply into nature and understand that paradise is not always above our heads but within reach, you will encounter beauty and tranquility away from the hectic pace of the city. With so many people interested in seeing these magnificent animals, Beragarh resorts provide exciting leopard safaris in Jawai. Beragarh, Jawai, an opulent resort, is well recognized for its programs that honor wildlife and craft an unforgettable experience for visitors. From a full breakfast with majestic peacocks to a morning Jawai safari to see wildlife in their natural habitat.