# Common logical fallacies students tend to commit in essay writing Essay writing has been among the common tasks that students are assigned in their academic years. Some students might take it interesting to do that, if not they won’t be learning. However, some students never get satisfied with their work because either they feel frustrated or get their work rejected many times. The mistakes are part of life and you don’t need to worry about if something happened wrong with you "[essay writer](https://www.essaywriter.college/)". Besides, this world is a fast growing place for the information you need ever in your life. You need to enter the keyword, and there you will be assisted with the guidelines that can make your work easier. Within that in mind, if you are still struggling to write an effective essay, you can hire an online essay writer to get your work done. Feel free to hire any because they are already there to facilitate you in each writing process. They are experts. They have native writers as well to listen to the ones who need to be understood through their spoken language. **Fallacies to Avoid** The writer might produce overgeneralizations that will not be able to provide enough pieces of argument or evidence that are needed. Since the writer’s focus is on writing an impressive conclusion so the one is ignorant to put the evidence that will validate the research. Also, it isn't necessary that the conclusion written by the writer comprises every factual data into the information. In short, it can be logical to say that not every time the writer’s findings are concrete. It might need proper evaluation and gaps that needed to be filled. Another fallacy can be like the writer will depict there is a problem that needs to be resolved. Actually, it is not the issue to state the problem in the content, however, the problem lies in the placement of the issue. For example, the writer will pose a depiction about a problem before offering any valid scenario. By ‘valid scenario’ means the writer needs to convince the audience that there lies a problem. Some of the common fallacies that a writer poses is that, the one will state an illogical or irregular piece of information to distract the reader from the actual theme. It will create chaos in the minds of the reader. However, the writer must avoid it to show consistency regarding their personality and content. Likewise, sometimes the writers are very ignorant to defend their point of references. Like, the writer might attack the character of the opponent rather than refuting their arguments. This needs to be avoided at any cost because it will give a negative impact over the audience. In addition, it would be of no use if your arguments are validated and properly written; if you will not show your peace of mind; it doesn’t matter if anyone accepts your point or not. Similarly, the writer will put more focus on the authorities that pose not compelling sources. If the writer will apply more emphasis on the irrelevant sources, it won’t assist you in justifying your points of references. It will only create frustration among the audience. Sometimes, the writer will avoid the main theme and convince the audience by targeting their emotional side. For example, the writer will try to impress the readers by assisting them emotionally rather than telling the audience about authentic pieces of information "[write my essay](https://www.writemyessay.help/)". It will fade away to the point of telling the truth to the people around. (Hint: people are going to read your paper because they want to know the reality) Sometimes, the writer will convince the audience that the problem has only two or limited sides. It doesn’t matter whatever the problem you have chosen; every problem has multiple dimensions that needs to be carried away accordingly. So, it must be a good decision to not restrict the reader’s perceptions regarding the various dimensions of the problem. Sometimes, the writer provides an abstract perception regarding any random concept. It would not be accepted by your audience because the abstract ideas need to be justified for concrete pieces of evidence. The abstract ideas would be like ‘the research inquires that…,’ ‘history has revealed…’ and so forth. The writer might use the ‘bandwagon strategy’ to grasp reader attention by highlighting illogical points suggesting that “everyone must believe in that.” It would create frustration for the audience because you might be trying to validate irrelevant points which your audience will know already. Moreover, the writer might target the opponent’s weakest side to counter the argument. However, this type of refutation must not be validated. The writer must defend one’s point with logical and rational behaviour to illustrate one’s pieces of information. Likewise, the writer will validate one side (own) pieces of arguments rather than depicting the other side of the argument. By defining both sides of the arguments, it will be easy for the audience to know which point has the strongest argument. In the end, the writer might tend to ignore the complexity of the content. The one will explain the simple concepts to avoid any difficulty during writing. **For Online Assistance** In this post, you were guided with the glaring yet logical fallacies that students might avoid during writing an essay. You can also ask for assistance from a custom essay writing service to get you detailed guidelines which can help you in recognizing your weaknesses. You need to trust the professionals that work for you because they are already programmed to serve you. People might be thinking to contact an online writer, however, let this be very clear; not every website is unofficial. 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