# HoloViz meetings ## https://hackmd.io/@holoviz/minutes/edit HoloViz meetings are usually either General (planning and status discussions) or Triaging (dealing with open issues on HoloViz repos.) See https://hackmd.io/@holoviz/BygVgIC6L for the triaging checklist, and https://status.holoviz.org for the list of projects to triage. # Next meeting # 2023-09-18 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Simon, Maxime, Ian, Andrew, Demetris, Jean-Luc, Philipp - Param 2.0 - RC: 20th of September - Release Date: 25th of September - To be merged: - HTML repr - `check_on_set` - Bind + Reactive - To be postponed: - `_update_state` - Panel 1.2.3 - Released today - Primarily fixing regressions - Spatialpandas 0.4.9 - Released 14th of September - Pandas 2.1 compatibility - Datashader 0.16.0 - Next few weeks - Rendering of lines from xarray.DataArray - hvPlot 0.9.0 - Release Date: Next week - Milestone triaged - Feature PRs: - Polars support? - Fugue support - Autoranging - LTTB resampling (downsample) - Open a PR: - Maybe twin-y (`by` or if you plot wide dataframe) - HoloViews 1.18 - Release Date: Mid to late October - Pandas 2.1 fixes - PRs to be merged by CZI report deadline (October 1st): - Subcoordinate systems - Vectorized annotations - HoloNote 0.1 - Release Date: Mid to late October - Dev release this week - PRs to be merged by CZI report deadline (October 1st): - Redesign PR - Styling PR - Panel 1.3 - Release Date: Mid October - Features: - ChatInterface - Bokeh 3.3 support - Reactive API support - Lumen 0.6 - Release Date: Next week - Remaining issues: - Validation errors not raised when calling .validate (or `lumen validate`) - Andrew to assign other issues to milestone Actions: - Philipp: Find and propose new time for HoloViz Meeting # 2023-09-12 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Simon, Jean-Luc, Maxime, Andrew - Meetings? - Move this meeting to 8:30am Fridays to avoid following so closely after the triaging? - Param 2.0 - Maxime reviewing milestone - Discussed Parameterized objects as class attributes, which became https://github.com/holoviz/param/issues/832 # 2023-09-11 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Simon, Jean-Luc, Maxime, Marc - hvPlot release: - Went through the open PRs to assign to the current milestone # 2023-08-30 HoloViz Docs Meeting Attendees: Demetris, Simon, Philipp, Andrew, Jean-Luc, Maxime - Reference API - The UI for search needs to work in order for subpages to be functional - Inherited methods could be collapsed by default - !! page per object - TODO: Link from ref API to GitHub source code (not a docs page) - TODO: add versioning and version annotations. Maxime will look into versioning Param docs. Maybe with ReadTheDocs. - Big TODO: Add link or include content from reference API page to appropriate component gallery page # 2023-08-29 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Jim, Andrew, Simon, Demetris, Philipp, Maxime, Mateusz, Marc - Small dev grant from NF? Internship to work on updating/creating examples? - Updating examples(.holoviz.org) - Potentially Azaya - PyArrow support for Bokeh - Marc: How to get help updating extensions? - Extensions are compiling but models don't render - Issue: https://github.com/holoviz/panel/issues/4957 - Extensions: - panel-chemistry - panel-highcharts - Process: - Figure out the issues - Write up migration guide - Mateusz will investigate - LLM based on Docs and Discourse - Indexes docs and discourse and then provides the most relevant items as context for the prompt - Could pull from StackOverflow as well - Problems/Limitations - Uses old syntax and APIs - Often not helpful, refuses to generate code - Ideas - Use Marvin to generate valid YAML - Better curate the inputs, e.g. by only using upvoted answers and the actual solutions in Discourse - Focus on hvPlot?! - Run linter, execute code and feed errors back to the model - Converting Streamlit -> Panel - Explore using CodeLlama or similar - Add changelogs to data - Sit down with Anaconda Assistant - hvPlot 0.9.0 - Aim for next week - Geo fixes: - Maxime to investigate - Autorange PR - Twin axes - Should we add API? - Downsample PR - Polars basic support - Fugue PR - param.reactive - Demoed when and where - Add vote for naming of eval/resolve/__call__ # 2023-08-28 HoloViz Triaging Meeting - Annotators - API decision on signature: 1. Annotator(*elements) 2. Annotator.from_elements(*elements) - Agreement on multi-dimensional specification - Param 2.0 Remaining Items - Jim: Resolving issues with mutable slot values - Philipp: Param Reactive docs - Philipp: Get validation after subclassing PR merged - Maxime: Final cleanup and tracking the milestone - Minimap - Philipp: Pull out hacks to get `RangeToolLink` working into PR and then assign someone - Philipp: Review [Mateusz's PR on hard bounds](https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/pull/13322) for range tool - Demetris: Think about usability issues and the API - Simon: Send Demetris notebook with minimap example - Subcoordinates - Philipp: Clean up [PR](https://github.com/holoviz/holoviews/pull/5840) and assign someone to finish it - Philipp: Review [Mateusz's PR for zooming on subplots](https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/pull/13345) - Instant inspection - Jean-Luc: Flesh out remaining tasks on the project board https://github.com/orgs/holoviz/projects/9 - # 2023-08-15 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Jim, Andrew, Simon, Demetris, Ian, Philipp, Marc - Social Media - Managers - Andrew - Marc - Sophia - Add GH Repo? - Hackathon and Other Community Engagement - Andrew/Marc: Ask contest winners to write up their experience - Andrew: Schedule call with Marc and Philipp to discuss iniatives - User Survey - Revisit in early 2024 - 1Password Access - Roles - Social Media - Steering Committee - Invites: - Demetris to send out invites on request (to steering committee members and maintainers) - Philipp to review roles and access - Param 2.0 - Jim and Philipp to wrap up this week - Reactive API PR: - Philipp to send out message about review - Have to finish - `.rx` namespace - Discord Permissions - Discord has contributor sections - Initially these were open but we decided that these would be contributor only - Create Users section encompassing both General and Showcase - DR: Lock down contributors section - Roadmap Follow-Up - Suggestion, make GH branch - Panel and HoloViz PRs - Public announcement when PR ready - Project Directorship Question - HoloViews - HoloNote - Examples - Where do we host LLM examples? - 1-2 polished examples should go in Panel repo - Other examples on Huggingface and Repl.it # 2023-08-04 HoloViz Steering Committee Meeting Attendees: Sophia, Philipp, Jean-Luc, Jim, Demetris, Andrew, Ian, Dharhas, Rich, Scott, Marc, Jasmine, - Welcome Scott! - Hydroinformatics, Engineer Research and Development Center - Recap of last few months - Panel 1.0 improvements - HoloViews, Datashader Releases. Including multiple agg, hover info - Lumen release upcoming - Param 2.0 imminent. reactive API from hvPlot/Panel - Recent presentations: - Jim and Sophia ran a HoloViz tutorial at SciPy 2023 - Jean-Luc presented Datashader + HoloViews at EuroPython - Maxime presented hvPlot at JupyterCon - Philipp presented Panel at JupyterCon - Survey blogpost now announced: https://blog.holoviz.org/survey2022.html - Finance Committee - Jim, Philipp are current approvers (sign off on OpenCollective actions at NumFOCUS) - SC is ok with Jim and Philipp remaining as sole approvers - Jim/Philipp proposal: >$100 needs request for approval vote to SC. = **PASSED** - Demetris will go ahead and have default NF-shop swag type made for HoloViz logo (for now.. other options later) - [Roadmap:](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nHhlZDJI6pI1fAzftAaO8J4Nu6reOGu7nNsvLbBtiK0/edit#heading=h.vb44avf3ivw6) - Brand Visibility and Tool Selection: websites, tool selection guides - Param: real support for types, pydantic, vscode/editors, doc tooling for parameters - Panel - Docs. User Guides > How-to guides and reference API - Developer/Contributor experience. doit based infra isn't working. move to hatch. make pip workflow. improve guides - Doc build tooling needs to be faster. Partial builds. - Community building: sprints, videos material, good first issue tags, checklist for new contribs, etc - polished LLM chatbot - Dharhas a chatbot based on current Panel version that he may open source - Docs overhaul - Design work (for Panel) - HoloViews + Datashader Integration - More Datashader work - New plotting backends: altair - data interfaces: polars - Roadmap priorities: - Contributor experience - New user experience (documentation; see survey blog post) - "There's some funding for this" - Philipp (??) - Scott: multiple Panel API's make it difficult for new users.. needs guidance - Philipp/Marc/Andrew suggested/volunteered for community call ('hackathon') for new users/contribs - maybe directed towards a building something specific rather than just answering community questions - Sophia volunteered to help run a live stream - Philipp will send out roadmap write up with priorities - Philipp will convert roadmap doc into individual PRs - NumFocus Project Summit (max 2 slots) - Sophia - Philipp (likely) - Next SC committee meeting to be scheduled in 1 month ? # 2023-08-02 HoloViz Docs Meeting Attendees: Sophia, Philipp, Jean-Luc, Jim, Demetris, Andrew, Ian, Agenda: - [Param API work](https://github.com/holoviz/param/pull/810) - left nav isn't so helpful, there are hacks to force headings as left nav sections - Philipp prefers to do the ref API manually - new elements should be required by test to be included in the ref api docs - maybe complementary abbreviated 'guide' semantically organized and including only the things that most users will care about.. along with a complete set - TODO: write sphinx directive - enumerate subclasses - enumerate all public methods - Survey blog (largely about the docs).. please read, give feedback, share - Panel API reference working group: PR, ML, DR - SciPy Tutorial todos for next year [holoviz #376](https://github.com/holoviz/holoviz/issues/376) - can we move the tutorial to a separate repo from holoviz/holoviz? Next time: - Blog platforms - Panel landing page status # 2023-08-01 HoloViz General Meeting Attendees: Jim, Philipp, Mateusz, Maxime, Demetris - Numfocus gave JLS some money for conference - shows up in our [open collective](https://opencollective.com/holoviz) - https://opencollective.com/numfocus - non-SC members don't really have a direct relationship with NF - Roadmap - https://github.com/holoviz/holoviz/issues/366 - https://github.com/holoviz/panel/wiki/Post-1.0-Roadmap - Panel contest entries - 15 entries, 3 winners - announcement date: ?? - what are we doing with them? - first and second place apps require chatgpt api - half were pyodide apps, cool - Comm Meeting prep: - Philipp will present about roadmap - DR: what type of HoloViz swag do people want in the store? default will include M, W, and unisex tees and hoodies. As well as apparel items like mugs, totes, and baseball caps. Here's the store: https://numfocus.myspreadshop.com/all - DR will just suggest default selection - DR: what do/should we do when people express that they want to contribute? - part of roadmap discussion - DR: Should new feature PRs require docs before merge? - ideally, yes. and tests (soft-require, non-applicable to experimental stuff) - Create PR template that includes check for docs - Analytics - GA4 no bueno - Philipp will consider/explore/delegate Plausible # 2023-07-31 HoloViz Triaging Meeting Attendees: Ian, Andrew, Philipp, Jim, Jean-Luc, Demetris, Maxime - Project Updates - Param 2.0 - FileSelector - Maxime to finish - Validate default value after inheritance - `ListSelector._validate` cannot validate on unbound parameter - Maxime to hand over to Philipp - Range validation - Jim to review PR - Reactive and bind - Philipp to finish this week - Signature PR - Philipp to take over from Maxime - hvPlot - Get quick fix out with fix for forcing GeoViews import - HoloViews - Jean-Luc: VSpans/HSpans/VLines/HLines - Datashader - Ian still resolving the combinatorial explosion of categorical x summary/selector - Bokeh - Hover for ImageStack requires syntax to look up value - Task on Jean-Luc to spec that out as Bokeh issue - Lumen - Fix test suite, merge PRs, release - Reactive API - Reviewed API # 2023-07-24 HoloViz Triaging Meeting Attendees: Ian, Andrew, Marc, Philipp - Andrew ESIP Summary - Talked to a number of Kerchunk users - We should build examples using Kerchunk - Marc EuroPython Summary - Interacted with Scipp - Sprints Feedback: - Went very well, 5 contributors, two from Bloomberg - Still need to improve developer experience - Maybe create a simple environment and then full developer environment - Add "feedback" button to docs (Diataxis author suggested this was essential) - Add way to build .md docs page as standalone page (i.e. do not require full Sphinx build) - Docs ideas: - Some warning that you have to run Pyodide for live execution - Could attach CustomJS callback on all widgets - Build chat bot for Panel docs - Train on Docs and Discourse - ChatBox: - Work on splitting the ChatBox into composable pieces - Split out the UI with the buttons etc. from the Column of Chat "bubbles" - Create high-level "interface" made from lower-level components - On naming consider "interface" as the naming for the high-level component # 2023-07-18 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Jim, Simon, Ian, Mateusz, Maxime, Demetris, Philipp Agenda: - Releases: - HoloViews 1.17 - Twin-axes - Documentation missing - Inspect - Almost ready, tests missing - Synced legend labels - Backend option setter - Simon and Philipp to sync tomorrow on final release checklist - hvPlot 0.8.5 - Tiles regression fix out by EOW - Bokeh 3.2.1 - Tiles + notebook fix - Waiting on legends + grid layout - Panel 1.2.1 - Today - Param 2.0 - Goal by EOM - Philipp: Finish param.reactive - Maxime to finalize milestone and send around the remaining items - GeoViews - Wait for Andrew - DR: [Survey blog post draft](https://github.com/holoviz-dev/blog/pull/22), please review before Tuesday. - Large project organization - Proposal: - Introduce idea of a feature owner - Might not be the same as the person doing project level design - Feature lead specs out sub-tasks - Creates project board on GitHub - Examples: - Datashader inspection was Jean-Luc - Handover to Simon - Twin-axes support was Jean-Luc - Almost complete - Annotations was Jean-Luc - Handover to Simon - param.reactive Philipp # 2023-07-05 HoloViz Docs Meeting Attendees: Agenda: - JB: SciPy Tutorial next Tuesday July 11 - any updates to the env? - simon updated last week - probably no param release before scipy - Panel release today w Bokeh 3.2 support - no reactive changes yet - HoloViews release - some remaining work to do for twin axes - release this week - release datashader as is asap - a release today may not be on defaults by tuesday - For next tutorial (don't wait a year) - datashader full inspection story (antialiased categorical inspection lines) - reactive story - ML: Blog platforms - looking for: - jupyter notebook support - easy contributions - looks nice - customizable - currently considering: - quarto: looks promising. - plugins require lua? - we want to support quarto anyway - pelican - nicola(?) - sphinx ABlog extension: - medium: - more visibility - probably no jupy support - not customizable - might be a good secondary outlet - We should have both comprehensive release posts as well as shorter feature posts - Panel landing page status - Blythe out, waiting for featured apps Next time: - PR: Panel API - PR, ML, DR - DR: After SciPy, can we move the tutorial to a separate repo from holoviz/holoviz? # 2023-07-04 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Demetris, Simon, Maxime, Philipp, Ian, Mateusz, (Jean-Luc) - Param 2.0 - Good progress lately - JupyterLab 4 & jupyter_client issues - JupyterLab 4 workaround released in Panel 1.1.1 + fixed upstream in 4.0.3 - jupyter_client: https://github.com/holoviz/holoviews/issues/5699 and https://github.com/jupyter/notebook/issues/6721 - Scipy tutorial - Remaining updates required from Jean-Luc, Philipp, Simon (waiting for Jim), Sophia and Jim - Maxime to make some small website updates - CZI Non-dev meeting - Demetris to schedule it - Panel 1.2 maybe this week, transition to Bokeh 3.2 went smoothly, reactive API might delay things - HoloViews: - waiting on Panel 1.2 and twin axis, plus many PRs Simon wishes to complete - Jean-Luc working on twin axis auto-ranging - Spatialpandas: on defaults! - Datashader: Ian working on antialiasing support for inspection, release expected soon (0.15.1) - hvPlot: a couple of geo-PRs broke stuff, need a release soon - GeoViews: small release soon with a couple of fixes and improvements - Lumen: some of the examples are currently failing, fixes required to cut 0.6.0 - Talks/Tutorials: - Jean-Luc gave the Pycon Italy Talk at PyBerlin last week, good feedback, met with some Panel users, to upload it somewhere - Ian together with Bryan and Timo to present a tutorial at SciPy next week - Roadmap: still waiting for the input of a few contributors - Reactive API: feedback welcomed from anyone # 2023-06-20 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Demetris, Simon, Maxime, Philipp, Sophia, Jim, Jasmine, Jean-Luc - Param 2.0 - Jim, Maxime and Philipp to meet tomorrow - Narrow down milestone - JupyterLab 4 & jupyter_client issues - Panel 1.1.1 should fix JupyterLab 4 compatibility - jupyter_client issues still present, particularly when using inline resources - Issue arose after removing nest_asyncio - jupyter_bokeh broken in JLab 4 - Mateusz and Philipp to investigate - SciPy Tutorial - Issue on suggested updates (https://github.com/holoviz/holoviz/issues/364) - Simon to start, then ping others - Philipp to schedule call once environment is updated - CZI Non-dev meeting - Anyone interested please contact Demetris to attend - HuggingFace docs - Sophia and Philipp to sync on that - Competition Updates - 3 submissions - Deadline 30th of June - Sophia to narrow down selection and create judging criteria - examples.holoviz.org - Redirect from examples.pyviz.org -> examples.holoviz.org set up - Maxime, Jean-Luc and Jasmine to meet to improve process - In discussion on how to fix locking issues for census - HoloViews 1.17 release - Twin axes - `backend_opts` - Bokeh 3.2 update - Some layout issues cropped up in Safari 3.2 - # 2023-06-19 Triaging Meeting Attendees: Demetris, Simon, Maxime, Marc, Philipp, Ian - Record Roadmap items by July 3rd, discuss during triaging meeting - Panel: https://github.com/holoviz/panel/wiki/Post-1.0-Roadmap - HoloViz: https://github.com/holoviz/holoviz/issues/366 - Discussed `pn.interactive` # 2023-06-12 Triaging Meeting Attendees: Demetris, Ian, Simon, Maxime, Andrew, Sophia, Marc, Jean-Luc, Jim Releases: - Panel 1.1.1 - JupyterLab 4 issue is quite urgent, maybe an issue in pyviz_comms? - 2 PRs from Marc ready: streamlit guide and Perspective updates - hvPlot 0.8.5, maybe: - Dev release made by Philipp (tiles/geo) - colorcet: - Release 3.1.0 with Python support dropped for 2.7 and 3.6 - param: - Release a dev version this week # 2023-06-06 Datashader Bokeh support Attendees: Jean-Luc, Simon, Jim - Categorical colormapping in HoloViews - Implemented Bokeh 3.1 in https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/pull/12356 - Need HoloViews rasterize to support the categorical case now (for Overlays and for hvplot `by`), returning a 3D hv.Image (or an NdOverlay of 2D hv.Images?), and then invoking the Bokeh colormixing [Simon with help from Jean-Luc; first priority] - Hover: - Default behavior: show counts (or other values) for each category [Ian] - Better: bar chart per category so that one can move through the image and see each category go up and down - Categorical color keys/colorbars/legends - Minimum: color dot for each category, like in the current fake keys on ship_traffic (but not fake) [Simon] - Magnitude: single color bar showing alpha value range (but as a monochrome color range) [Simon; low priority] - Category magnitudes: one color bar per category, of the same type as magnitude - 2D: For the special case of 2 categories, could have a two-dimensional color map. 3D is possible but way out of scope. - Instant inspection - Ian has various things implemented in Datashader main branch - Enabling collecting index values per pixel by default in HoloViews [Jean-Luc] # 2023-06-06 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Demetris, Jean-Luc, Ian, Simon, Maxime, Philipp, Mateusz, Andrew, Jim Agenda: - Panel Deployments in Anaconda Notebooks - Everyone should test as much as possible - Regular blog post - Anaconda Engineering Blog - Rotating assigment? - New Blog infrastructure - Explore new blog technologies (Maxime) - Panel? - Quarto - Pelican - Features we need: - Markdown - Notebooks? - Live Pyodide? - HTML - Roadmaps - Everyone to think about most important goals for HoloViz in next 6-12 months - Datashader Instant Inspection and Categorical colormapping - Improved IPyWidgets support - Improved Designs and Styles in Panel - SciPy Tutorial - July 11th - Suggested feature freeze by June 16th - Bokeh release and features - 3.2 getting close - Will create Panel branch-1.2 with compatibility this week - CI Bottlenecks - Ask NumFOCUS - examples.holoviz.org - Process is terrible - (ana)conda-project - Can't switch until AE5 support conda-project - investigate lock differences - Panel Landing Page - Provide Blythe with Panel Apps to feature - Renaming - pyviz-dev -> holoviz-dev - examples.pyviz.org -> examples.holoviz.org # 2023-05-31 HoloViz Docs Meeting Attendees: Demetris, Blythe, Ian, Simon, Maxime, Philipp, Jean-Luc Agenda: - rename discord dev channels as e.g. 'dev_panel' to reduce non-dev chat? - [x] DR limit who has write access to these channels - Add general channel to discord? - [x] DR rename random to general - [x] let's make this meeting monthly? no objections expressed - Hugging face template - Philipp will create a shortlist - Panel landing page - Blythe waiting on: - <6 line app - fav dashboards to feature - graphics - Blythe shared a preview - Philipp: all dev websites are using updated pydata-sphinx-theme, smooth update - [x] DR will migrate the start-project-on-gh button to nbsite theme [#279](https://github.com/pyviz-dev/nbsite/pull/279) Recurring topics: # 2023-05-23 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Demetris, Philipp, Simon, Ian, Maxime, Jim, Mateusz, Jasmine - Process for creation of a new project in the HoloViz org - Spec and Scope of a new project - Formalize difference between extensions and projects - having the steering committee involved for adding and removing - Question for steering committee, do extension projects require approval? - Should we have an project incubator org? - To be decided - GitHub Organizations - holoviz-demos - What is the intended use? - Should be archived (Philipp) - pyviz-dev - Rename holoviz-dev - holoviz-topics - Domain specific examples - Renamed from pyviz-topics - panel-extensions - Goal would be to provide a Github template for Panel extensions and various extensions - Should this be holoviz-extensions? - Meetings - HoloViz Working Groups - Documentation - Maintainers - HoloViz Community Meeting - Roughly Monthly - Repurpose existing "HoloViz meeting" - Make sure to invite holoviz.calendar@gmail.com - HoloViz Triaging - Steering Committee - ML: Domain names: - Who owns the pyviz.org domain name? To setup a redirect from examples.pyviz.org to examples.holoviz.org - pyviz.org owned by NumFOCUS - datashader.org currently owned by Anaconda - Opinion on moving having all the sites under the .holoviz.org domain? I.e. HoloViews hosted on holoviews.holoviz.org, with a redirect from holoviews.org to holoviews.holoviz.org, same for Datashader and GeoViews - Maxime to propose a HEP - Raise at steering committee meeting - 1Password - Waiting for answer https://github.com/1Password/1password-teams-open-source/pull/748 - Anaconda Defaults - Every project maintainer to ask for access to their feedstock # 2023-05-22 HoloViz Triaging & Releases Attendees: Demetris, Philipp, Simon, Ian, Maxime, Sophia - Datashader + Spatialpandas Releases - Datashader 0.15 and Spatialpandas 0.4.8. To be released this week - CUDA + Numba PRs to merge - Philipp to update website - First releases to support Numba 0.57 and NumPy >=1.24 (and Python 3.11) - GeoViews - GeoViews 0.10 released this week - Update to geo datasets (due to contested border issues) - nbsite - Release 0.8.0 with latest pydata-sphinx-theme - Task: Everyone to review updated websites - Param 2.0 - Jim, Maxime and Philipp to meet and finalize milestone - hvPlot - Requires some layout changes for 1.0 compatibility - Micro-release by EOW - HuggingFace - Possible app template: - hvPlot Interactive - Pose estimation + video stream - GPT + Chat widget - Rewrite and prettify penguins - Vote on app EOW # 2023-05-17 HoloViz Docs meeting Attendees: Demetris, Sophia, Philipp, Jean-Luc, Blythe, Simon, Ian, Maxime Past Actions: *Did we complete our actions from last meeting? - [x] Philipp: setup redirect http://blog.pyviz.org/ to https://blog.holoviz.org/ or just take down the former - [x] Demetris: apply for free 1password team account to hold holoviz credentials - https://github.com/1Password/1password-teams-open-source/pull/748 - [ ] Demetris: survey blog post draft (in progress) - [ ] Simon: clear out some of our AWS before next HoloViews release (not yet) - [x] All: last chance to weigh in on HEP1 (https://github.com/holoviz/holoviz/pull/362) Agenda: - Sophia: HoloViz contest update - Blythe designed web - June 13 to June 30th - Start with a course by Jim and Philipp - 150(?) people already registered for course - Sophia will share a link to the course for us - Wes McKinney, Peter, Philipp as judges so far... looking for another - legal cleared us to use people's submissions on HoloViz to showcase - Maxime: plan of action for completing the update of examples.holoviz - paused progress for a while - we want to share new projects like stable diffusion but the website is blocking it - Maxime: changing the color of the navbar across the sites? More generally, how to make it clear to users that they are visiting a HoloViz website? - not all holoviz project urls are on the holoviz.org domain - will revisit soon.. maybe after Panel landing page work - Maxime: updating the code cells styling - The contrast (with light mode) is too much - Philipp and Pavithra seeking funding for accesibility UI issues - Maxime: upgrading all the sites to the latest pydata-sphinx-theme - Panel is on the latest pydata-sphinx-theme version - nbsite has some css and (almost) no one knows nbsite - we can probably get rid of the custom sphinx templates in each repo...? - no blockers to updating other repos to the latest version - Maxime: suggestions for improving Param's site in preparation of Param 2.0? - Maybe update to the latest pydata-sphinx-theme and then later reorg to diataxis - higher priority might be hvPlot or HoloViz.org - Philipp: reference API docs - probably the highest effort to value ratio.. - xarray, MNE, stripe good models - Priorities: - Panel API - HoloViz.Org - hvPlot - Demetris: Blog: Move on from pelican? stick with notebooks or use md? What other options? - Doc-related updates from attendees - Collect ideas - ~~Panel homepage, who is doing what?~~ Subgroup is meeting this Friday to sync - revisit color scheme after landing page discussion - - ~~rename pyviz-dev repo to holoviz-dev?~~ Revisit after current round of releases # 2023-05-15 HoloViz meeting Attendees: Demetris, Ian, Simon, Maxime, Marc Agenda: - Panel 1.0 release - Release blockers fixed, mostly related to resources handling done in Bokeh 3.1.1 and the JupyterLab preview on Windows - Simon created a 1.0.1 milestone, empty for now - Maxime to test hvPlot with the latest RC - Param 2.0 release - Jim reviewed all the PRs and issues on the 2.0 milestone, Maxime to review that end of this week - Release candidate aimed next week - Datashader 0.14.5 or 0.15 (if it includes CUDA) release - Includes dask support and CUDA support is not far too long - Could be release any time, with or without CUDA - Spatialpandas release - Support for Numba 0.57 and Python 3.11 - HoloViews 1.16 release last week - GeoViews expected to be released this week after Panel 1.0 - CI problems: - Using another CI (e.g. CircleCI)? - Avoiding new projects? - Using more orgs? - Testing less Python versions? Min/Max sufficient? - Discussion to have about what motivates the creation of a new project, the spec of a new project, having the steering committee involved in that discussion. # 2023-05-09 HoloViz meeting Attendees: Demetris, Ian, Simon, Philipp, Maxime, Sophia, Jim Agenda: - Panel 1.0 release - Getting started not included on Jupyterlite - Sphinx Pyodide dependency definitions not working - Release tomorrow morning - Github labels and/or project board handling for funded work - Tension between private/public - Could be solved via public labels and a private board - Action: - Philipp to create boards - Everyone to use the boards for our projects - July 7 for next steering meeting? - DR: ask scott if early timing works, then proceed to schedule with everyone - HEP 1 - people should review (https://github.com/holoviz/holoviz/pull/362) # 2023-05-03 HoloViz Docs meeting Attendees: Demetris, Ian, Simon, Jean-Luc, Philipp, Maxime Agenda - recent Panel docs updates - rc2 build - Gallery redeployed on every dev release - uptime bot to monitor and send updates to discord - holonote docs? - notebooks for now - should it eventually get a website? maybe jupyterlite would be enough - keep in mind that our approach to API reference needs improvement - xarray API reference structure is pretty nice, we should draw from that - Blog - Philipp: setup redirect http://blog.pyviz.org/ to https://blog.holoviz.org/ or just take down the former - credentials - bokeh uses 1password - Simon: try to get free account (next week) - survey blog post, DR will share a draft soonish - AWS buckets are messy. - Simon, clear some out before next HoloViews release Next time: - Blog: move on from pelican? stick with notebooks or use md? - infra review - rename pyviz-dev repo to holoviz-dev? # 2023-04-28 HoloViz Steering Committee Meeting Attendees: Dharhas, Ian, Demetris, Jim, Marc, Jean-Luc, Richard, Simon, Maxime, Philipp, Sophia Agenda: - Record these meeting? Yes! - Panel 1.0rc is out! (Philipp) - All: Please test and share with network - Targeting ~May 8 for release - Need another member (currently even-numbered)? - Explore some candidates, but not needed right now - HoloViz Enhancement Proposals (Ian) - Keeping HEP general process informal for now - See https://github.com/holoviz/holoviz/pull/362#issuecomment-1514609031 - HEP1: Python version support - All: Please comment - Moving dev and community chat to Discord (Demetris) - First public mention is in Panel rc notes - Philipp assign: cross link Discord and Discourse making it clear to users where they should go for what type of post - hvPlot.interactive (not panel.interact) - Where to put it, how to talk about it - Maxime giving a talk at JupyterCon in Paris May 10-12 - hvPlot.interactive is a complementary API for Panel - UX/UI - Might be able to receive some time from UX/UI people - What is highest priority between story vs websites vs app UI - A couple votes for app UI.. now possible to create custome themes with Bokeh 3.0 and Panel 1.0. - Would be nice to have an advanced flagship Panel/HoloViz app - This was voted most important - User Feedback - Richard: People are turning aways from hvPlot because it breaks when trying to plot large amounts of data, and they did not know to use datashader (rasterize=True). - Richard: Issues about no output in a notebook is also driving people away - Marc: order of imports are confusing people - Demetris: User survey themes were package confusion, hvPlot vs HoloViews, and bad API reference material # 2023-04-25 HoloViz Meeting Attendees: Jim, Philipp, Demetris, Ian, Jean-Luc, Simon, Mateusz Agenda: - Meeting scheduling - Considering moving this meeting to Thursday (9am?) - Going forward, will immediately split into triaging groups from the start of the meeting. - Panel installation guide PR - Are all panel 1.0 runtime dependencies on defaults? - Assume will be available on defaults within 1-2 days and then announce. - Might need hatch if defaults needs to build from sdist (likely) - Philipp will delegate: Ask on #holoviz-packages if using a wheel is possible/allowed - Retain `panel examples` command? Vote is to remove. - Remove `examples` command from documentation. - Lower priority: supply an archive of notebooks for people who need a bundle of examples (e.g. firewalled users) - Steering committee meeting: - Minutes for meeting will go into hackmd - Don't know if Scott will be able to attend - Panel 1.0 and ipywidgets bokeh - Current status: shadow DOM now works in production mode - Phillipp will help with comms issue - Panel 1.0 unlikely to have ipywidgets support - Expected schedule: next Friday for 1.0, RC should be out on Wednesday. - Jean-Luc will try to migrate an existing deployment given the migration guide. - Bokeh hover tool improvement (low priority): - Currently have a workaround - Mateusz will make a PR that breaks backwards compatibility for consideration. - Possibility of extending the formatter syntax or use of name fields. # 2023-04-24 HoloViz Triaging - HoloViews 1.16 - Pandas 2.0 support merged - LTTB Resampling (Simon to finish) - Twin axes postponed (until Bokeh 3.2) - Rectangles regression (Simon investigating) - Some issue with categorical axes boomerang events (Philipp to investigate) - GeoViews 1.10 - General maintenance (Simon to merge) - Bokeh 3 support (PR open, Philipp to review) - Rectangles regression (Simon to fix) - Datashader - Numba 0.57 RC causes some issues we have to look into - Will finally give us Python 3.11, Numpy 1.24, Pandas 2.0, Dask, xarray 2023.04.1 support - Panel 1.0 - `ipywidgets_bokeh` still blocking, can't wait longer - Bokeh 3.1.0 has rendering issue (bokeh plots sometimes don't show up) - Highest priority for Bokeh - Perhaps add DocumentReady event that triggers invalidate_layout on all roots - RC tomorrow - Blog post to follow - Homepage - Infrastructure - Hatch - # 2023-04-19 HoloViz Docs Meeting - Attendees: Jim, Philipp, Blythe, Demetris, Ian, Maxime, Jean-Luc, Simon - UX - Landing pages are still rather traditional-python-oss-docs-oriented - Currently landing page is in sphinx, but it doesn't have to be - Focus is first on Panel, then hvplot and HoloViz.org(?) - There should be some nudge component on all of our landing pages pushing people back to HoloViz - Blythe will start brainstorming - Panel 1.0 docs - Still some How-to guides are left to be written, especially API stuff (reactive) - Philipp will assign people to tasks - Reorganizing some getting started material - Philipp will start making a getting started based on interactivity (Reactive based) # 2023-04-17 HoloViz Triaging Meeting - Param 2.0 - 50 issues open - Maxime to do final triaging and assign people - HoloView 1.16 - Pandas 2.0 almost done (waiting on xarray) - Bokeh compatibility (done) - Datashader where aggs (Simon assigned) - Twin axes waiting on https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/pull/13049 - GeoViews 1.10 - Bokeh 3 required - Panel 1.0 - RC blocked by missing ipywidgets_bokeh release - Release will be built on bokeh 3.2 (due to grid issues) - Homepage - Philipp to file issue to discuss - Narrow down use cases for examples - Finance - Geo - ML - Streaming - Science?! VTK / 3d molecule? - Video or live app?! - Settle on linked gallery examples - Hatch - Maxime and Philipp to decide whether it goes into 1.0 - Where do HEPs live? - Ian to create PR to add HEP1 (Python compatibility) on HoloViz repo - Linked from holoviz.org # 2023-04-11 HoloViz Meeting - Param - Discuss breaking change (#730) - Likely deferred - Keyword-only general consensus - Maybe re-introduce default argument later - HoloViews 1.16 - Pandas 2.0 (ongoing) - LTTB resampling (Simon) - Twin-axes (Jean-Luc) - Blocked by missing support for multiple scales in Bokeh (https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/pull/13049) - Work with auto-ranging - Probably bumped to next release - Bokeh compatibility (Philipp & Simon) - Maybe VSpan/HSpan glyph rendering (Jean-Luc) - Panel 1.0 Docs - Philipp gave demo about new features - Reference gallery hierarchical index - Conversion of notebooks to pyodide # 2023-04-05 HoloViz Docs Meeting - Panel Docs - Docs are building again thanks to Simon (switching to MacOS builder that has more memory) - Demetris worked on how to guides - Marc's feedback overall has been positive - Getting started > build an app section is too short and doesn't cover enough - We could create a seperate tutorial section to offer something more comprehensive than what would go into the getting started section - On Philipp to define what's missing for getting started section - Gallery and Reference material still needs work - Gallery - Gallery examples now auto deploy - Gallery needs to be reorganized - The more How-to oriented gallery examples should go into the How-to - The Gallery should contain the more impressive and elaborate demos - The more component-level gallery examples should go into the reference gallery - Reference - probably won't get to this by release - format - text at top comes from docstring - params are autogenerated - various examples - Philipp will write up a summary of tasks for the next 2-3 weeks - nbsite - pydata sphinx theme - Maxime intends to look into updating the pin before Panel 1.0 release - Examples - Maxime working on categories and labels - Maxime will update PyViz to HoloViz # 2023-03-28 HoloViz Triaging Meeting - Panel 1.0 - Dev Gallery redeployed - Started writing a blog post to announce the RC - Bokeh 3.0 benefits were not well communicated, can we do a better job? - e.g. benchmarks for layouts - Look at the monitoring dashboard - Shadow DOM and CSS - Styles can be applied per component - Apply designs even in Notebooks - Tell people to check out docs and provide feedback - Blog post to include migration guide - RC announcement by EOW - NumFOCUS - When and how to announce? - Do we coordinate announcements of releases and the sponsorship? - Param 2.0 - Maxime volunteering as release manager - Set up milestone review triage to reduce scope - Param Future - Explore aligning with pydantic or type annotations - Look at Textual Reactive, pydantic - Discord Announcement - Tweet about it - All announcement blog posts should include links to it - Add link or banner to Discord - Contest - Website ready this week - Looking for sponsors - Launch mid-June - HoloViews 1.16 - Still some remaining bokeh 3.0 issues - Remaining feature PRs: - LTTB resampling - Twin axes - Auto-ranging - # 2023-03-28 HoloViz Meeting - PyViz maintenance/ separation from HoloViz - PyViz still points to examples.holoviz.org (which is even still called examples.pyviz.org, but that needs to change) - pyviz conda channel - Bokeh 3.0 / Panel 1.0 support in HoloViz - Mateusz still finishing ipywidgets - Simon working on a few things - Jim working on Sentinel PR on Param - Philipp still working on docs; Demetris to look into the current tasks # 2023-03-20 HoloViz Triaging Meeting Conference: - EuroPython - Jean-Luc: Needles in the Haystack - Philipp: Building complex applications with simple code Panel 1.x - PyCon Italy - Jean-Luc: HoloViz... HoloViz/Panel Contest: - Sophia created landing page mockup - Set up Discord (after final decision is made) - Sophia to set up bots Discord: - Final decision on Wednesday, when Demetris is back - Make announcement Releases: - hvPlot 0.8.3 (last Friday) - spatialpandas 0.4.7 (this Wednesday) - Param 1.13.0 (last week) Panel 1.0 RC1: - Plan by EOW - Meet with Marc - Finalize layout compatibility - Write up migration notes - Announce RC - Build tooling - Consensus is to split the PR - Hatch as build tool - Hatch as infrastructure orchestration - Move to pyproject.toml - Immediately causes issues with pyctdev # 2023-03-14 HoloViz Meeting Conferences: - EuroPython? (July 17-23): Maxime, Philipp, Jean-Luc all would like to attend. Submissions are this week. - Philipp will submit a Panel 1.0 talk - Jean-Luc will submit an improved 'Needle in the Haystack' talk - Maxime will attend (thinking about submitting a talk) - HoloViz Tutorial? - Will try to get approval for Simon to attend - PyCon Italia (May 25-28): - Sophia has a talk accepted 'HoloViz: Visualization and Interactive Dashboards in Python' - Talk taken over by Jean-Luc - Philipp may be able to attend in some capacity - EuroScipy (August) in Basel - Matteusz will be giving a Bokeh talk - SciPy 2023 (July): - Ian has submitted a Bokeh talk and tutorial - Jim and Sophia submitted a tutorial - JupyterCon (May 10-12, Paris): - Philipp is giving a talk: "Rapidly prototyping and deploying powerful data applications in Jupyter using Panel and Lumen" - Maxime giving a talk on hvplot HoloViz contest: - Contest rules (WIP) - Has to original - Must be a panel app! - Announcements - Timed to coincide with new panel deployment option (in May?) - - Announcement of the contest on Discourse, Discord channel and Twitter - Collect submissions with a panel app (or google form if we are being lazy) - Submissions collected over two weeks - Judging criteria - Authenticity - Design and aesthetics - Storytelling and insights - Judges (how many do we want? 3 or 5): - Sophia - Philipp - X (Someone external) - Would make sense to do this with support from Anaconda marketing: - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a6AoX3oZKUgjj1uU94SSGp1S3bzJ06nni4j1in_Bedk/edit?usp=sharing - Prizes? # 2023-03-21 HoloViz Meeting Blog posts! # 2023-03-13 HoloViz Triaging Meeting - Spatialpandas - pyarrow compatibility - Param 1.13 - Revert `Parameter.allow_None` validation change - `Color` parameter validation PR - RC1 today, release tomorrow - Param 2.0 - Remove previously deprecated methods immediately after 1.13 - Minimum Python version 3.7 - Deprecation warning for old API in 2.0 - Wait 6 months until we remove deprecations - General agreement on removing deprecated methods in 3.0 - Panel 1.0 - Beta release today or tomorrow - Write up testing plan tomorrow and assign people - hvPlot 0.8.4 - Release by EOW - HoloViews 1.16 - Twin-axes? - Legend cols (Simon assigned) - Triangular decimation (https://github.com/holoviz/holoviews/pull/5552) - Single axis auto-ranging - GeoViews - Update for Bokeh 3.1 compatibility (Simon assigned) - Triaging between hvPlot/HoloViews - Keep both issues open and link them - Update issue template (suggest users should look at HoloViews issue tracker) - Examples.holoviz.org vs Panel Gallery - No real resolution - Just make sure to link them - # 2023-03-06 HoloViz Triaging Meeting - Dropping 3.7 support - NEP29: https://numpy.org/neps/nep-0029-deprecation_policy.html - Follow bokeh: https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/wiki/BEP-9:-Downstream-Version-Support - Make it explicit that we follow BEP9 for Bokeh dependent projects - Consider Param (2.0 to drop 2.7 and establish 3.7 as minumum) and Colorcet separately - Raise concern about 3.8 drop in Bokeh 3.2 - HoloViz Enhancement Proposals (HEP) - Where does it live? - HoloViz repo - Do we need it? - Ian to write up proposal (everyone else to review) - Panel 1.0 - Migration document writeup along with beta release by early next week - Concerted RC releases of all packages including HoloViews 1.16, hvPlot 0.8.2, GeoViews 1.10.0 - NumFOCUS Accepted - Update websites to remove consultancy notice - Does NumFOCUS have any policy around GH orgs? - Extensions - Give official designation vs. community extension and explicitly list these - Write up explicit policy around trademarks and community extensions - Community pages for HoloViews and Panel - HoloViews - Annotators/Editors - holoviews-tools repo on holoviz org - Panel - panel-cookiecutter - panel-graphic-walker - panel-vizzu - panel-vtk - etc. # 2023-02-28 HoloViz Meeting Agenda: - NumFocus status - CZI status - Transition to public forums (Matrix/Discord) -- status and prognosis - Once it is smoothly set up, set date for steering committee meeting - Matrix/Element is working well, but everyone agreed we should also try out Discord before committing to one of them - Berlin offsite, April 20-21 - Not travelling: Philipp, Maxime, Jean-Luc, Demetris - Travelling: Jim, Simon, Ian, Mateusz - Options: - Hack day(s) - Deep dives? - Doc revamp? - Clean out cruft? - Meeting Berlin folks in general (maybe Anaconda could host a lunch at Beta Haus on the 20th?) - Team building - Individual presentations - Group touristing # 2023-02-27 HoloViz Triaging - Releases - Param v2 - Selector and Sentinel PRs hopefully complete this week - When is last 1.12.x release? - Try to release by next week - Python 2 support? - Yes! - Minimum >=3.7 - Panel v0.14.4 - Maxime is release manager - Fix `panel examples` - Panel v1 - Dev release v1.0.0a1 today - Once released check against examples.pyviz.org - Spatialpandas v0.4.7 - Next week (minor breakage due to pyarrow) - HoloViews v1.15.x OR v1.16.x - Post Panel 1.0 - GeoViews v1.9.x or v1.10.x - Post Panel 1.0 - Lumen v0.6.0 - Post Panel 1.0 - Pandas 2.0 - Potentially major issues for spatialpandas - Need to do HoloViews/Datashader review ensuring correcthandling of pyarrow arrays - Panel extensions - panel-extensions org on GitHub - panel-gwalker, panel-vtk, etc. - Where are these documented? - How do plugins work? - Should it be holoviz-extensions instead? # 2023-02-15 HoloViz Docs Meeting Agenda - (Maxime): Examples.pyviz tagging organization. How should the tagging be organized? - examples tags levels - domain - bio - finance - geo - math - other - HoloViz library - datashader, etc - 'Featured' tagged examples could be the landing page.. like streamlit's gallery - discussion about whether 'featured' tag would be in a seprate 'curation' category or added as a domain - (Demetris) Meeting timing - Should we shift this biweekly meeting one week forward to alternate weeks with general HoloViz meeting? Should it start later, like right after the bokeh weekly sync to allow for the possibility for more US folks to join? - shift 1 week forward, keep same time - (Demetris) How to improve How-to organization. - Currently, the root level of Panel How-to guides are a mix of 'topic' **and** 'difficulty' groupings. e.g.: - Basics - (Contains sections on building, styling, sizing components, as well as working with the different APIs to build/link UIs) - Display and Export - (Currently has one populated guide about displaying output in notebooks) - Advanced - (Contains sections on performance, debugging, pipelines, custom components, etc) - Server configuration and deployment - (Contains sections on server config, cloud deployment, auth, framework integrations) - DR suggestion is to just use 'topic' organization. Difficulty-based organization seems more appropriate for learning-oriented material like tutorials; i.e. if a user needs a specific how-to guide to do work, they'll have to use it regardless of the difficulty. Proposal: - Build Apps - Create Components - Construct Panes - ... - Display and Export - ... - Improve Performance - Cache Data - Manually Cache Data - ... - Deploy - Deploy to Cloud Providers - Deploy to Hugging Face - ... - General agreement about this new scheme - Ian will test the Panel docs after this round of editing :) - hvPlot and HoloViews has a big problem about documenting plotting backends and data sources # 2023-02-13 HoloViz Meeting Agenda - What to do about the Steering Committee recommendations? * Bokeh dev release: one recently and one new pretty soon! * Discussion on the message around Panel+HoloViz and Panel+other Viz. Philipp has to decide for Panel. - How about the Monday/Triaging meeting? - Up to Philipp. Drop in session probably. - Matrix/Gitter/PyViz renaming? - Matrix == Gitter; Matrix vs. Discord? - Public (TODO: DR decide on platform and then move/create these): - Steering Comm - Docs - Most HoloViz Dev chat - Private Slack: - Only Anaconda-related HoloViz chat - Releases? - Build infrastructure/tooling? # 2023-02-06 HoloViz Triage Meeting Releases: - HoloViews dev release - Datashader released last week - Param (tied to Panel 1.0.. so, urgent). Philipp working on Selector PR. Maxime and Jim to work on PR(?). Demetris to annoy people into action - Panel 1.0 dev in the works Triaging: - Philipp working on Panel 1.0 todo list - Ian working on Datashader; extending `where` aggregations - Demetris working on Panel 1.0 docs # 2023-02-03 HoloViz Steering Committee meeting Attendees: Agenda: - Roadmap (to be discussed in part II of this meeting, in two weeks) * Bokeh 3 support * Dev release by early next week, then we can set a release schedule * Docs and websites * Other tools have a clearer message for "what this tool is". That's harder for us, because ours are so general purpose and cover so many topics * Maybe we can carve out a particular niche to claim and own? Marc suggested "data apps". * Outreach, publicity, marketing * Dharhas: People visiting the Panel website are "confused". * Need to advertise our strengths clearly: pipelining, annotating, linked brushing, datashading, "deep" interactivity * Sophia: Can you look into which non-HoloViz libraries are installed along with Panel? We need to decide how much to promote HoloViz plotting + Panel, given that Panel is in no way tied to HoloViews yet our most impressive features in apps depend on HoloViews. * Task for the docs subgroup: Propose clear messaging to put at the top level of the Panel site (and hvPlot site) that makes it clear that we have all this deep, impressive support if the user chooses the HoloViz way * Need more "complete" examples (end to end apps for the gallery). Dharhas has some that he can contribute (please!) * Inter-project coordination * Lumen strategy * How does it relate to Panel? How should users think about it? How do people know which tool to use? * More confusion! * Future funding and focus areas * It's a general purpose stack, but it's gotten a lot of funding in geoscience areas, and now has bio-specific funding. What about other areas? * Would be nice to add a big, public focus on examples using tabular display, e.g. for finance, with less emphasis on plotting * * Marc: Strategy for user support # 2023-02-01 HoloViz docs meeting Attendees: Agenda: - Should docs/CI contributors be considered for maintainer status and be allowed to vote at the project level? - [Jim's opinion](https://github.com/holoviz/colorcet/pull/105#discussion_r1088022331) # 2023-01-23 HoloViz Triaging Meeting Attendees: Philipp, Maxime, Sophia, Ian, Simon, Jean-Luc, Demetris - HoloViews and GeoViews released (1.15.4 1.9.6) - Param, Panel still be released Triaging: - Simon and Jean-Luc: HoloViews - Philipp and Sophia: Working on Panel 1.0 - Demetris: Panel 1.0 docs - Ian: Datashader - Maxime: Answering param questions # 2023-01-20 HoloViz Steering Committee meeting Attendees: Jim, Dharhas, Philipp, Maxime, Jean-Luc, Richard, Kim, Marc, Demetris, Mateusz, Simon, Sophia, Ian Agenda: - Welcome, Intros - Jim: Director at Anaconda. Original author of many HoloViz projects and inolved in all of them. Here to build an open community independent of Anaconda. - Philipp: Author of many HoloViz tools. On the steering committee to increase community adoption, broader persepectives of priorities. Role is to help set agenda for several HoloViz projects. - Jean-Luc: Original author of HoloViews and involved in many HoloViz projects. Goal for steering committee is to get/give feedback on scope and vision of HoloViz projects. - Richard: Research oceanographer involved in Pangeo. Datashader was a big missing piece of workflow. Here to help address misconceptions and provide representation for the scientific research community. - Dharhas: Working at Quansight. User and supporter of Datashader, Panel. Here to help improve public face of Panel and drive adoption. - Marc: Background in math, finance. Power user of Panel. Representing enterprise perspective. Here to help drive Panel development, showcase use cases as a developer advocate, build a community. - Sophia: Data scientist at Anaconda recently moved to developer relations team. Helping a lot with marketing and building community. - Jim: Overview of HoloViz staffing and duties spreadsheet - Demetris: Governance, SC scope and responsibilities - https://holoviz.org/about.html#governance - Jim: NumFocus sponsorship application status - Application was submitted end of Dec 2022. Waiting to hear back. - Steering Committee will have to make the final decision about sponsorship. - Jim: CZI grant and other current financial support - Currently accepting funding through Anaconda for efforts that are good for HoloViz, client, Anaconda, and community. - CZI grant awarded to NF for work done by Anaconda (HoloViz, Bokeh). $~300k over 2 years. Gridded data for biosciences and any other domain with similar data type. - Pangeo grant. $~100k over 1 year. In the service of climate science. - Two large enterprise clients ($2m per year total) primarily for specific efforts that are aligned with HoloViz roadmap. Some general funds for the betterment of the HoloViz/Bokeh projects. Contracts have been renewed several times. - Demetris: SC communication channels, github team, meeting cadence (quarterly?) - Quick, one-off follow up meeting in ~2 weeks to address remaining topics. - All: Feedback on project health and status - Roadmap (to be discussed in part II of this meeting, in two weeks) * Bokeh 3 support * Docs and websites * Outreach, publicity, marketing * Inter-project coordination * Lumen strategy * Future funding and focus areas # 2023-01-18 HoloViz docs meeting Attendees: Demetris, Simon, Ian, Philipp, Sophia, Jean-Luc, Maxime, Jim Client-Feedback re APIs (Jean-Luc/Jim): - Client using holoviews (using hv.Dataset with .to API). They think there are too many API's and were getting confused. They weren't aware of the recommendation to start with hvPlot. - TODO (DR/ALL): Getting started guides should *show* one way of doing things, but link to other APIs/options. - TODO (DR): make short blog post on survey results examples.pyviz.org (Maxime): - Cleaning up the examples infrastructure and moving to examples.holoviz.org domain (see upcoming demo Friday) - TODO (ADMIN): rename pyviz-dev gh team to holoviz-dev - TODO (ADMIN): rename the pyviz-dev github org to holoviz-dev - TODO (JLS): move the Voila example and get it into the AE5 examples - What to do with the pyviz-topics org? Scope of how-to guides (Philipp): - Example: Lumen `title` is too granular for a how-to guide. It may make more sense as part of something like a 'how-to distinguish multiple table components in a layout'. Reference Gallery (Demetris): - Panel/HoloViews Reference Galleries are currently like Component-level User Guides - a format we are moving away from. They are only ‘reference’ in that there is a subset of parameters listed for each component (for Panel). They are only galleries in that the index is comprised of visible thumbnails. - I think the thumbnails should be a part of a general Reference page (for those objects that they are useful for), and then link to new pages that are generated primarily from docstrings. - Philipp/Jim/Jean-Luc discussion: Philipp has a vision for creating a better structured Reference section that includes scraping from docstrings and some self-contained examples. # 2023-01-16 HoloViz Triaging Meeting Attendees: Ian, Simon, Demetris, Jean-Luc, Philipp, Maxime Releases: - Spatialpandas released - GeoViews (waiting on PR review) - HoloViews (waiting on PR review) - Param (waiting on reviews) - Panel (0.14.3 this week) Triaging: - Param (Demetris, Philipp & Maxime) - HoloViews/GeoViews (Simon & Jean-Luc) # 2023-01-12 HoloViz developer instructions working group Attendees: Maxime, Philipp, Ian, Jim Issue: How shared should developer instructions be across HoloViz projects. Options: 1. Fully independent: Copy all instructions to all projects to maintain independently * Jim: All sites will always be out of date and different, often for no good reason * Jim: Unclear how to support the people in this group who work on multiple projects, and working on e.g. hvPlot means also working on HoloViews and sometimes Panel and Param; the result will be that none of the HoloViz developers will actually use the instructions for any given project, leaving them untested and uncurated 2. Basic independent: Each project has some minimal instructions for basic development, then points to shared site for details or options or advanced usage 3. Fully shared: All sites point to a single shared set of instructions * Would require separate sections for special requirements: - nodejs and building JS in general (shared between Panel and GeoViews) - geo dependencies (shared between GeoViews and hvPlot (with geo=True)) Issue: Broken/out of date instructions - Should test on CI - How will CI match our instructions? - Jim: will only ever be true if the instructions are simple enough so we can remember them, use them ourselves, and will notice such differences - Jim: Complex human-centered instructions can be arbitrarily different from complex CI instructions without anyone noticing. - Jim: It's fine for CI to include *additional* workflows or tests not in the human instructions, as long as it does include what the humans are told to do Resolved: - We agree that most projects should use similar instructions. - We agree that we should develop a PR at holoviz.org with common instructions covering three cases: * Basic pip/conda instructions for most projcts * Special instructions for building Bokeh extensions (Panel and GeoViews) * Special conda-only instructions for geo stack and other binary dependencies (GeoViews, hvPlot geo=True, other special cases) - Once we have that, we can decide on the above issues (how much can be shared between projects and how to share it if any) - We agree that it's important for user-level instructions and CI instructions should be reasonably simple so that users (and we) will actually use them, and so that they will remain in sync. We also agree that pyctdev's approach to achieving that goal unnecessarily obscures what the actual command is and doesn't let people edit them as needed for their own immediate workflow needs. * We agreed to move away from pyctdev's level of indirection, and instead move towards having command invocations be simple ("flake" or "pytest ui") but with options and definitions read from a config file that's available equally to both CI and individual developers. This requires separate work per tool, and may not work fully for every tool, but we agreed to work towards it. # 2023-01-09 HoloViz triaging New policy: Triage PRs first, before triaging issues Releases: - GeoViews - SpatialPandas - HoloViews Triaging: - Param: Jim, Philipp, and Demetris - GeoViews + HoloViews: Jean-Luc, Simon, Ian - examples.pyviz: Maxime, Sophia # 2023-01-06 HoloViz meeting Present: Demetris, Jim, Sophia, Maxime, Simon, Jean-Luc Stevens, Ian, Philipp, Mateusz Agenda: - Numpy 1.24 - Ragged array warning became a ValueError - Need fixed releases for GeoViews, HoloViews, SpatialPandas, and (maybe) Datashader ASAP before Numba is released with Numpy 1.24 support - GeoViews release - Numpy and Shapely updates plus annotations - Simon to prepare release - HoloViews docs - Need to document AdjointLayouts more prominently - ``<<`` API should be presented as useful only for single items - Other keyword-based API should be added for specifying location of the marginal plot - Docs should mention the word "marginal" - ACTION for Jean-Luc - Examples.holoviz.org - Maxime is trying to streamline how environments are handled so that they can be more maintainable - Now supports having executed notebooks in git that aren't reexecuted because of a declaration in the .yml - labels: maintainers, labels, orphans, created all moved to a sub-section - Main site build moving towards the standard holoviz theme and layout - main vs master - adding authors, dates # 2023-01-04 HoloViz docs meeting Present: Demetris, Jim, Sophia, Maxime, Simon, Jean-Luc Stevens, Ian, Philipp - Demetris - Links to meetings are now public on HoloViz.org. During a google meeting, the meeting organizer will receive a request to admit any new attendees who are not already on the event's guest list. - Steering committee slack channel has been created. Target date for inaugural SC meeting is Jan 20 during the normal HoloViz slot. We are waiting on Rich to join the channel and confirm his availability. Dharhas has already confirmed. Initial cadence target is quarterly. - An example of how to adopt the default project governance docs is now a Param pull request (https://github.com/holoviz/param/pull/674). Maintainers of Param will need to review/approve, but anyone can chime in since this will inform how other projects do it. One question being discussed is whether to use a tagged-commit-link to the holoviz repo. - Demetris will start working on HoloViz.org getting started experience, as described here: https://github.com/holoviz/holoviz/issues/351 - Philipp - Migrating Panel User Guides into How To's here: https://github.com/holoviz/panel/pull/4251 - Some of the How-To pages still contain a lot of explanation - Discussion about How-To titles needing to coherently complete the phrase "how to ..." - There is still decisions to be made about the reference sections - Jim - What do we do with examples.pyviz and how will that interact with the bioscience oriented material that will be created soon. - Group leaning towards maintaining examples.pyviz (as examples.holoviz) and use tags and sections for different domain materials. We could still create additional explaner pages or even another site to provide context/report for particular funding initiative, but this is not urgent. # Older minutes 2021-2022 https://hackmd.io/wp8PI9AjQFesMh31NebQLA Pre-2020 https://hackmd.io/@holoviz/holoviz2020