# HoloViz meetings ## https://hackmd.io/@holoviz/minutes/edit HoloViz meetings are usually either General (planning and status discussions) or Triaging (dealing with open issues on HoloViz repos.) See https://hackmd.io/@holoviz/BygVgIC6L for the triaging checklist, and https://status.holoviz.org for the list of projects to triage. # 2023-02-06 HoloViz Triage Meeting Releases: - HoloViews dev release - Datashader released last week - Param (tied to Panel 1.0.. so, urgent). Philipp working on Selector PR. Maxime and Jim to work on PR(?). Demetris to annoy people into action - Panel 1.0 dev in the works Triaging: - Philipp working on Panel 1.0 todo list - Ian working on Datashader; extending `where` aggregations - Demetris working on Panel 1.0 docs # 2023-02-03 HoloViz Steering Committee meeting Attendees: Agenda: - Roadmap (to be discussed in part II of this meeting, in two weeks) * Bokeh 3 support * Dev release by early next week, then we can set a release schedule * Docs and websites * Other tools have a clearer message for "what this tool is". That's harder for us, because ours are so general purpose and cover so many topics * Maybe we can carve out a particular niche to claim and own? Marc suggested "data apps". * Outreach, publicity, marketing * Dharhas: People visiting the Panel website are "confused". * Need to advertise our strengths clearly: pipelining, annotating, linked brushing, datashading, "deep" interactivity * Sophia: Can you look into which non-HoloViz libraries are installed along with Panel? We need to decide how much to promote HoloViz plotting + Panel, given that Panel is in no way tied to HoloViews yet our most impressive features in apps depend on HoloViews. * Task for the docs subgroup: Propose clear messaging to put at the top level of the Panel site (and hvPlot site) that makes it clear that we have all this deep, impressive support if the user chooses the HoloViz way * Need more "complete" examples (end to end apps for the gallery). Dharhas has some that he can contribute (please!) * Inter-project coordination * Lumen strategy * How does it relate to Panel? How should users think about it? How do people know which tool to use? * More confusion! * Future funding and focus areas * It's a general purpose stack, but it's gotten a lot of funding in geoscience areas, and now has bio-specific funding. What about other areas? * Would be nice to add a big, public focus on examples using tabular display, e.g. for finance, with less emphasis on plotting * * Marc: Strategy for user support # 2023-02-01 HoloViz docs meeting Attendees: Agenda: - Should docs/CI contributors be considered for maintainer status and be allowed to vote at the project level? - [Jim's opinion](https://github.com/holoviz/colorcet/pull/105#discussion_r1088022331) # 2023-01-23 HoloViz Triaging Meeting Attendees: Philipp, Maxime, Sophia, Ian, Simon, Jean-Luc, Demetris - HoloViews and GeoViews released (1.15.4 1.9.6) - Param, Panel still be released Triaging: - Simon and Jean-Luc: HoloViews - Philipp and Sophia: Working on Panel 1.0 - Demetris: Panel 1.0 docs - Ian: Datashader - Maxime: Answering param questions # 2023-01-20 HoloViz Steering Committee meeting Attendees: Jim, Dharhas, Philipp, Maxime, Jean-Luc, Richard, Kim, Marc, Demetris, Mateusz, Simon, Sophia, Ian Agenda: - Welcome, Intros - Jim: Director at Anaconda. Original author of many HoloViz projects and inolved in all of them. Here to build an open community independent of Anaconda. - Philipp: Author of many HoloViz tools. On the steering committee to increase community adoption, broader persepectives of priorities. Role is to help set agenda for several HoloViz projects. - Jean-Luc: Original author of HoloViews and involved in many HoloViz projects. Goal for steering committee is to get/give feedback on scope and vision of HoloViz projects. - Richard: Research oceanographer involved in Pangeo. Datashader was a big missing piece of workflow. Here to help address misconceptions and provide representation for the scientific research community. - Dharhas: Working at Quansight. User and supporter of Datashader, Panel. Here to help improve public face of Panel and drive adoption. - Marc: Background in math, finance. Power user of Panel. Representing enterprise perspective. Here to help drive Panel development, showcase use cases as a developer advocate, build a community. - Sophia: Data scientist at Anaconda recently moved to developer relations team. Helping a lot with marketing and building community. - Jim: Overview of HoloViz staffing and duties spreadsheet - Demetris: Governance, SC scope and responsibilities - https://holoviz.org/about.html#governance - Jim: NumFocus sponsorship application status - Application was submitted end of Dec 2022. Waiting to hear back. - Steering Committee will have to make the final decision about sponsorship. - Jim: CZI grant and other current financial support - Currently accepting funding through Anaconda for efforts that are good for HoloViz, client, Anaconda, and community. - CZI grant awarded to NF for work done by Anaconda (HoloViz, Bokeh). $~300k over 2 years. Gridded data for biosciences and any other domain with similar data type. - Pangeo grant. $~100k over 1 year. In the service of climate science. - Two large enterprise clients ($2m per year total) primarily for specific efforts that are aligned with HoloViz roadmap. Some general funds for the betterment of the HoloViz/Bokeh projects. Contracts have been renewed several times. - Demetris: SC communication channels, github team, meeting cadence (quarterly?) - Quick, one-off follow up meeting in ~2 weeks to address remaining topics. - All: Feedback on project health and status - Roadmap (to be discussed in part II of this meeting, in two weeks) * Bokeh 3 support * Docs and websites * Outreach, publicity, marketing * Inter-project coordination * Lumen strategy * Future funding and focus areas # 2023-01-18 HoloViz docs meeting Attendees: Demetris, Simon, Ian, Philipp, Sophia, Jean-Luc, Maxime, Jim Client-Feedback re APIs (Jean-Luc/Jim): - Client using holoviews (using hv.Dataset with .to API). They think there are too many API's and were getting confused. They weren't aware of the recommendation to start with hvPlot. - TODO (DR/ALL): Getting started guides should *show* one way of doing things, but link to other APIs/options. - TODO (DR): make short blog post on survey results examples.pyviz.org (Maxime): - Cleaning up the examples infrastructure and moving to examples.holoviz.org domain (see upcoming demo Friday) - TODO (ADMIN): rename pyviz-dev gh team to holoviz-dev - TODO (ADMIN): rename the pyviz-dev github org to holoviz-dev - TODO (JLS): move the Voila example and get it into the AE5 examples - What to do with the pyviz-topics org? Scope of how-to guides (Philipp): - Example: Lumen `title` is too granular for a how-to guide. It may make more sense as part of something like a 'how-to distinguish multiple table components in a layout'. Reference Gallery (Demetris): - Panel/HoloViews Reference Galleries are currently like Component-level User Guides - a format we are moving away from. They are only ‘reference’ in that there is a subset of parameters listed for each component (for Panel). They are only galleries in that the index is comprised of visible thumbnails. - I think the thumbnails should be a part of a general Reference page (for those objects that they are useful for), and then link to new pages that are generated primarily from docstrings. - Philipp/Jim/Jean-Luc discussion: Philipp has a vision for creating a better structured Reference section that includes scraping from docstrings and some self-contained examples. # 2023-01-16 HoloViz Triaging Meeting Attendees: Ian, Simon, Demetris, Jean-Luc, Philipp, Maxime Releases: - Spatialpandas released - GeoViews (waiting on PR review) - HoloViews (waiting on PR review) - Param (waiting on reviews) - Panel (0.14.3 this week) Triaging: - Param (Demetris, Philipp & Maxime) - HoloViews/GeoViews (Simon & Jean-Luc) # 2023-01-12 HoloViz developer instructions working group Attendees: Maxime, Philipp, Ian, Jim Issue: How shared should developer instructions be across HoloViz projects. Options: 1. Fully independent: Copy all instructions to all projects to maintain independently * Jim: All sites will always be out of date and different, often for no good reason * Jim: Unclear how to support the people in this group who work on multiple projects, and working on e.g. hvPlot means also working on HoloViews and sometimes Panel and Param; the result will be that none of the HoloViz developers will actually use the instructions for any given project, leaving them untested and uncurated 2. Basic independent: Each project has some minimal instructions for basic development, then points to shared site for details or options or advanced usage 3. Fully shared: All sites point to a single shared set of instructions * Would require separate sections for special requirements: - nodejs and building JS in general (shared between Panel and GeoViews) - geo dependencies (shared between GeoViews and hvPlot (with geo=True)) Issue: Broken/out of date instructions - Should test on CI - How will CI match our instructions? - Jim: will only ever be true if the instructions are simple enough so we can remember them, use them ourselves, and will notice such differences - Jim: Complex human-centered instructions can be arbitrarily different from complex CI instructions without anyone noticing. - Jim: It's fine for CI to include *additional* workflows or tests not in the human instructions, as long as it does include what the humans are told to do Resolved: - We agree that most projects should use similar instructions. - We agree that we should develop a PR at holoviz.org with common instructions covering three cases: * Basic pip/conda instructions for most projcts * Special instructions for building Bokeh extensions (Panel and GeoViews) * Special conda-only instructions for geo stack and other binary dependencies (GeoViews, hvPlot geo=True, other special cases) - Once we have that, we can decide on the above issues (how much can be shared between projects and how to share it if any) - We agree that it's important for user-level instructions and CI instructions should be reasonably simple so that users (and we) will actually use them, and so that they will remain in sync. We also agree that pyctdev's approach to achieving that goal unnecessarily obscures what the actual command is and doesn't let people edit them as needed for their own immediate workflow needs. * We agreed to move away from pyctdev's level of indirection, and instead move towards having command invocations be simple ("flake" or "pytest ui") but with options and definitions read from a config file that's available equally to both CI and individual developers. This requires separate work per tool, and may not work fully for every tool, but we agreed to work towards it. # 2023-01-09 HoloViz triaging New policy: Triage PRs first, before triaging issues Releases: - GeoViews - SpatialPandas - HoloViews Triaging: - Param: Jim, Philipp, and Demetris - GeoViews + HoloViews: Jean-Luc, Simon, Ian - examples.pyviz: Maxime, Sophia # 2023-01-06 HoloViz meeting Present: Demetris, Jim, Sophia, Maxime, Simon, Jean-Luc Stevens, Ian, Philipp, Mateusz Agenda: - Numpy 1.24 - Ragged array warning became a ValueError - Need fixed releases for GeoViews, HoloViews, SpatialPandas, and (maybe) Datashader ASAP before Numba is released with Numpy 1.24 support - GeoViews release - Numpy and Shapely updates plus annotations - Simon to prepare release - HoloViews docs - Need to document AdjointLayouts more prominently - ``<<`` API should be presented as useful only for single items - Other keyword-based API should be added for specifying location of the marginal plot - Docs should mention the word "marginal" - ACTION for Jean-Luc - Examples.holoviz.org - Maxime is trying to streamline how environments are handled so that they can be more maintainable - Now supports having executed notebooks in git that aren't reexecuted because of a declaration in the .yml - labels: maintainers, labels, orphans, created all moved to a sub-section - Main site build moving towards the standard holoviz theme and layout - main vs master - adding authors, dates # 2023-01-04 HoloViz docs meeting Present: Demetris, Jim, Sophia, Maxime, Simon, Jean-Luc Stevens, Ian, Philipp - Demetris - Links to meetings are now public on HoloViz.org. During a google meeting, the meeting organizer will receive a request to admit any new attendees who are not already on the event's guest list. - Steering committee slack channel has been created. Target date for inaugural SC meeting is Jan 20 during the normal HoloViz slot. We are waiting on Rich to join the channel and confirm his availability. Dharhas has already confirmed. Initial cadence target is quarterly. - An example of how to adopt the default project governance docs is now a Param pull request (https://github.com/holoviz/param/pull/674). Maintainers of Param will need to review/approve, but anyone can chime in since this will inform how other projects do it. One question being discussed is whether to use a tagged-commit-link to the holoviz repo. - Demetris will start working on HoloViz.org getting started experience, as described here: https://github.com/holoviz/holoviz/issues/351 - Philipp - Migrating Panel User Guides into How To's here: https://github.com/holoviz/panel/pull/4251 - Some of the How-To pages still contain a lot of explanation - Discussion about How-To titles needing to coherently complete the phrase "how to ..." - There is still decisions to be made about the reference sections - Jim - What do we do with examples.pyviz and how will that interact with the bioscience oriented material that will be created soon. - Group leaning towards maintaining examples.pyviz (as examples.holoviz) and use tags and sections for different domain materials. We could still create additional explaner pages or even another site to provide context/report for particular funding initiative, but this is not urgent. # Older minutes 2021-2022 https://hackmd.io/wp8PI9AjQFesMh31NebQLA Pre-2020 https://hackmd.io/@holoviz/holoviz2020