# How to get the most out of HackMD 7th anniversary event [toc] ## How to apply HBD2HACKMD promo code By applying this promo code, you get the full power of HackMD for 30 days. This promo applies to My workspace, or you can create a team workspace and invite as many members as you wish to try HackMD together. Please copy the promo code if you haven't done so: `HBD2HACKMD` **Note** 1. Applying the promo code will require your credit card credentials. They are needed to ward off bots and other abuses. 2. We don't store your credit card credentials. 3. If you choose to pay monthly, you will not be charged until the first free billing cycle ends. 4. This promo code does not apply to yearly payment. 5. You can cancel any time. However, you will be charged if you failed to cancel before the first (the one you are applying the promo code to) billing cycle ends. 6. We have the final say on how the promo code works and when the event ends. ### If you don't have a HackMD account or not logged in 1. Sign up for HackMD [here ↗](https://hackmd.io/join) 2. Go to the [billing page ↗](https://hackmd.io/?nav=billing). You may like to apply the promo code to My Workspace for personal use or click `Get Team plan` to create a team and apply the promo code to it. You can do both. ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HJVS1bZHi.png =600x) #### Apply to a team workspace If you click `Get Team plan`, please paste the promo code into where the arrow points. ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HkiQwbZrj.png =600x) You'd also have to name your team and set a handle. ### If you have already logged in 1. By clicking `Try HackMD for free` or `Upgrade for free`, you will be led to the [pricing page ↗](https://hackmd.io/pricing). Please click `Upgrade`. ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/Hyo6kbbri.png) 2. Paste the promo code to where the arrow points. ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HkhpPbWrj.png) # How to get mission rewards HackMD 7th anniversary has got you three-fold rewards. First, you may want to try the full power of HackMD for 30 days with the promo code `HBD2HACKMD`. Moreover, exporting notes to Arweave earns you free $AR. Lastly, you may want to share how you have used HackMD with the community. These three rewards do not block each other. You can go for all three of them. ## Export to Arweave for $AR [How to import from/export to Arweave](/dqF4VQn5Tm-Dzxd-ogbV4Q) ### Provisions 1. This event ends at 2023-01-20. 2. You will get $AR within 14 days after the event ends. ## Community documentaries If you'd like to share how you use HackMD with the community, please send it to us via [this form ↗](https://forms.gle/iQ4bcWAGSh9Vhj6v6) We will select good pieces and share them on the event page and the social media. ### Provisions 1. By submitting [this form ↗](https://forms.gle/iQ4bcWAGSh9Vhj6v6), you guarantee that you have the copyright to the post submitted and agree to allow HackMD to share and adapt it with appropriate credit to you. # FAQ ## Can I apply the promo code to the same workspace again? No. The promo code applies to the same workspace once. ## Can I apply the same promo code to different workspaces? Yes, you can. ## Can I apply the promo code to a paid workspace? No. The promo code applies to workspaces that are not in a billing cycle. ## If I choose to pay yearly when applying the promo code to a workspace, how will it work? Unfortunately, it will not work. This promo code only works with monthly payment. ## Do I have to subscribe to HackMD to get the reward of exporting to Arweave? No. But you have to sign in when exporting to Arweave to qualify for receiving the reward. ## What kind of article do you expect for Community Documentaries? It'd be great if you would share *how* do you and/or your team use HackMD.