# Gyroscope Lead Frontend Engineer Job Description Gyroscope is an all-weather stablecoin. It's backed by a reserve portfolio that diversifies all DeFi risks - such as regulatory and governance risks - not just price risk. A Gyro Dollar can be minted for a price near $1 and can be redeemed for an amount near $1 in reserve assets, as determined through a new Automated Market Maker (AMM) design that balances risk in the system and concentrates liquidity around the $1 peg. More information about the protocol is available [here](https://gyro.finance), with the documentation [here](https://docs.gyro.finance). After a very successful testnet we are now looking forward to launching on mainnet. We're a team of around 6 and most of us are finishing or have completed PhDs in Computer Science and Mathematics. We are looking for a passionate front-end engineer to join us. You will be leading front-end development and will work closely with our smart contract engineers and design team to build and improve the Gyroscope frontend. We're planning to release V1 in Q4 2021. ## Role * Implement the first mainnet Gyroscope frontend in Typescript using React with Redux * Work closely with the design team to improve and refine the user experience * Design and implement user feedback loops to ensure a smooth UX ## Skills * Over 3 years of frontend development experience * Experience using JavaScript to interact with Ethereum (web3.js or ethers.js) * Experience with React and Redux * Experience with TypeScript * Experience with Solidity is a plus ## How to apply Email us at [jobs@gyro.finance](mailto:jobs@gyro.finance) telling us why you want to work on Gyroscope. Please also attach your CV and a link to the project you're the most proud of (preferably to the source code).