# Cleanup for core/3.25 in file and certguard 1. [X] Wait for github to be not-broken 2. [X] Experiment w/ removing the core-0106 migration-dep and see if it works w/ lowerbounds (or at all) * [X] it works! 4. [X] Merge missing migration ~~and lowerbound >= 3.25~~ into file and certguard main * https://github.com/pulp/pulp_file/pull/959 * https://github.com/pulp/pulp-certguard/pull/259 ~~4. Release file/1.5 and certguard/1.7~~ ~~5. In file/1.14 and certguard/1.6, set upperbound to core<3.25~~ 6. [x] backport missing migration to certguard/file 7. [ ] release new 1.14 and 1.6 8. **pull older** 1.14 and 1.6 from pypi/rubygem (I'd still like to do this? maybe?)