ShapeShift DAO has been decentralized for a couple of years. Since then, we **continue to maintain basically the same socials exposure**. Discord users have increased steadily but we have never had explosive growth. New protocols have **evolved to roles**. Most of new and upcoming protocols have onchain missions. This leads to having 400 to 500k followers before protocol launches. The most valuable input of platforms such as Zealy and Galxe is **user retention**. These roles can be granted through FOXatars, there is **no additional engineering lift** to implement such strategy. ### Updating marketing is crucial for several reasons: 1. **Emerging Technologies**: Web3 incorporates emerging technologies like blockchain, decentralized finance, and NFTs. To stay relevant and competitive, businesses need to update their marketing strategies to reflect these new technologies and trends. 2. **User Education**: Many users are still unfamiliar with Web3 and its benefits. Updated marketing can help educate users about these technologies and their advantages, promoting adoption. 3. **Building Trust**: Web3 technologies are often associated with transparency and security. Effective marketing can help build trust by highlighting these features. 4. **Community Engagement**: Web3 is all about decentralization and community participation. Updated marketing strategies can involve the community more, turning users into advocates. 5. **Competitive Advantage**: As more businesses enter the Web3 space, having an updated marketing strategy can provide a competitive edge. Remember, marketing in the Web3 space is different from traditional marketing and requires a deep understanding of the technology and its users. ## Zealy and Galxe Stat in the past month ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ## Idea Create a system based on **#roles** for user engagement ## Specific tasks **Examples** Daily connection to Zealy Daily connection on our Web APP Daily and weekly transactions on web app Bridging Mint a Foxatar Push protocol notifications On chain tasks ## System of points This level of points is automatically created by Zealy ![]( ## Rewards Users who complete Level 3 **Beginner FOX** Users who complete Level 7 **Experience FOX** Users who complete level 10 **Master FOX** Users who complete level 15 **Legendary FOXatar** ## Promotions Future promotions will be reserved for different levels ## Limitations Training and setting a bounty to implement Zealy campaign maintenance New missions created Some tasks have to be reviewed Additional stress for moderation for bots and new users asking random questions Bounties payment should come from workstreams budget 1 - 2 hour daily work ## Community examples ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ## Strategy Create a **bounty of $100 to $200** **First week** to decide structure, missions, quests, goals **Second week** Get on a call with Moderation, support and the whole DAO to explain our new straregy **Third week** Create hype on all of our marketing channels combined Schedule a Launch date, Set the countdown for the event **Fourth week**. Launch. Meeting with moderation and support to solve problems and questions. ## Metrics There are two different ways to measure success **User growth and successful transactions** We should focus on **user acquisition cost**. A general success definition incurs three times the success of what is invested. Since budget spent is lean our metrics should be lean as well. We should Focus success on two parameters: User growth and revenue. **User growth** If we manage to **grow 300-600 followers in the worst case scenario**, we would be **triplicating our bounty**. Cost for acquisition customer around 0.30$ **Revenue** This is the true metric. Simple tasks such as swapping, bridging, minting a FOXatar will be part of missions. In the **worst** case scenario **300** join the journey **70%** creates a swapping transaction spending **$0.1** donation we would earn **25%** of investment In the Best case scenario **600** followers, 70% means 42$, around **42%** of revenue back in the first month If program grows costs would be easily offset, planning our initial bounty doesn't change ## Conclusion I think it is feasible and should be tried