# Does American Airlines Compensate For Delayed Flight? Traveling is not always fun. At times, the flights get delayed. Frustration reaches its peak when we get to know that the flight has been delayed. If you booked with American airlines and need information on delay compensation, you are at the right place. Getting the compensation amount is not a hassle one knows the rules and regulations associated with it. Being one of the prominent airlines, it makes this situation for travelers easy. By reading the blog here, you will know all the important information associated with flight delay compensation. ## Delay Compensation policy of American airline Before one knows about **American Airlines Flight Delay Compensation**, it's important to know the policy associated with it. Furthermore, the policy laid down by the airline is passenger friendly. The rules and regulations mentioned below will let you know about the policy in detail. * Firstly, the travelers receive the voucher according to their fare type and the flight. * Furthermore, if the delay happens due to bad weather conditions, the airline will offer you a refund. In some cases, a refund for an unused portion of the ticket is provided. * The reason for the delay plays an important part in deciding the amount of compensation. Moreover, you can go ahead to learn more about the **[flight delay compensation American airlines](https://www.flightyo.com/blog/american-airlines-flight-delay-compensation/)** by talking to the team of this airline. ### American Airlines Delay Compensation Amount The American Airlines' delay compensation amount depends on various factors. Refer to the points below and know about the amount one gets as per the varied situation. 1. When the flights get delayed for two or more hours, then the flyers are eligible for compensation of $1,300. 2. In case the delay happens due to mechanical or air traffic control, the compensation amount is $800. 3. Furthermore, when the delay takes place from the EU airport, then the delay compensation is $600. 4. Moreover, American airlines provide compensation according to the flight distance also. * For the distance less than 2500 Kilometers- €250 * For the distance between 1500 to 3500- €400 * For the distance over 3500 Kilometers- €600 ### What to do in case of flight delay? Most of the passengers start worrying when they get to know about the flight delay situation. However, there is nothing to worry about because the American Airlines team is always there for you. #### Talk to the representatives You can get in touch with the travel experts through phone call or via chat. Furthermore, the team will let you know what to do next. #### Ask for other flight options Once you talk to the American airline's team, the airline will let you know about the other flight options. The travel experts will let you know about the options, and then you can choose the one you find best for your trip. However, American Airlines flights get delayed very rarely; therefore, you can **book an American flight ticket** without any worries. Use the guide and ask for compensation without worrying. **Read Also:** [Changing American Airlines Flights on the Same Day (Step-by-Step)](https://www.flightyo.com/blog/american-airlines-same-day-flight-change/)