# Why is Allegiant airline phone number always busy? If you have ever experienced Allegiant phone number busy then do not worry about that because the reasons can be many that depend on the current scenario, like a covid situation that drastically affects the airline authority due to reduced staff. So it becomes difficult for the customer service representative to take each and every call, because of which you experience a delay while connecting with the airline personnel. Please be patient while making a call to the airline staff. [Why is Allegiant Air phone busy](https://www.faresvalley.com/blog/why-is-allegiant-phone-number-busy)? There are other reasons, like you have dialed the wrong number. In case you have lost your baggage, and you have dialed the customer service number, which makes only reservations that can make you wait for long hours. Instead of that, there is a separate number for baggage lost and found, which is (866) 719-3910. And if you want to make a reservation, you can dial the contact number 702-430-3283, which is available 24 hours and seven day. In case you have dialed the wrong number, which is not according to your region, that causes a delay, and sometimes your phone call gets automatically disconnected as the number is incorrect. So before dialing the number, check whether you have pressed the correct digits. Sometimes you do not follow the IVR instruction properly, which makes a disruption in the process that can lead to a delay while making a call to the Allegiant airline authority. So please listen to the IVR instruction wisely to avoid any type of mistake. The IVR instruction is designed in such a way that you can resolve your particular query with a particular customer service professional. You can also experience busy phone lines because of the extremely high volume of callers looking to cancel their flights due to covid situation. So try to avoid making phone calls during busy schedules and connect with the airline authority in the given time duration by airline staff.