# Firebase Setup ### Chat SDK Firebase 1. Go to the [Firebase](http://firebase.com/) website and sign up or log in 2. Go to the [Firebase console](https://console.firebase.google.com/) and make a new project 3. Click **Add project** 4. Choose a name and a location 5. Click **Settings** (the gear icon). On the General tab, click **Add App -> Add Firebase to your Android app** 6. Enter your package name - found in your app's `build.gradle` file, app name and SHA-1 key (required for phone sign-in) 7. Download the **google-services.json** file and add it to your app project. It should be added inside the `app` folder. 8. In the Firebase Console click Database, scroll down and create a new **Realtime Database** -> **Start in test mode** 9. In the Firebase dashboard click **Authentication -> Sign-in method** and enable all the appropriate methods 10. Enable push notifications: [Push Notifications](https://github.com/chat-sdk/chat-sdk-firebase#enable-push-notifications) 11. Enable the security rules: [Enabling Security Rules](https://github.com/chat-sdk/chat-sdk-firebase#deploy-the-firebase-rules). 12. Setup storage rules: [Storage rules](https://github.com/chat-sdk/chat-sdk-firebase#deploy-the-storage-rules)