# Colabora outline To build an open, federated marketplace for collaborations; a social technology supported by digital tooling, a global community and a world-wide movement of local events. A kickstarter-meets-angellist for the new economy. A place where a person with a purpose can search and find valuable collaborators to make a shared dream a reality. They can form a crew, organise the collaboration, make good agreements, and work in concert towards shared goals. A system enabling crews to find each other and discover purposes, projects and teams to support through easy to use software tools based around open protocols. A software system and movement of local events enabling incentivised curation of people, crews and projects. A system for effective social discovery based on data sovereignty, open protocols and open software. A place where crews can form and organize, live and manage end-of-mission, too. Low opportunity and transaction costs. Where crews are supported, but not constrained, in making agreements around contribution, rights, risks and rewards with secure, legal organisational agreements.