# Rule three - Know what kind of music you're listening to It may sound funny, but lots of people, when they go to a concert, say they went "to see John" or, worse still, "to see a violin. ![kind of music](https://i.imgur.com/77grAwc.jpg) Imagine that you are reading a book without knowing the title, the author, the time it belongs to or the language in which it was originally written. Or that you go to an exhibition and look at pictures for a long time, not knowing who, when, in what country and under what circumstances they were painted. You'll be much more interesting to listen to if you understand the structure of the piece and remember who it was composed by. Look at a photograph or portrait of the composer and find out when he lived and his place in musical history. Sometimes this information is given in the program,booklet or in [Youtube converted mp3](https://mp3s.yt), but it is very easy to find out on your own. I don't think anyone would want to waste their time that way! Don't let this happen, if you find yourself at a concert. Be sure to clarify what is being performed, in what order, how many parts it consists of, and when it begins and ends. - [How to listen to music](https://hackmd.io/@delmer/listen-to-music) - [Rule 2 - Don't listen to music in the background](https://exchange.prx.org/playlists/384764)